I’m Just Going To Say This: Trump’s Endorsement Of Dr. Oz Is The Wrong Move

Former President Trump has issued a full-throated endorsement of Mehmet Oz – better known as Dr. Oz – in the Pennsylvania GOP primary for the U.S. Senate.

Trump issued a statement late last week which uncharacteristically did not simply contain the usual soundbites we’ve become accustomed to in his endorsements.

Rather, it’s a long-winded effort, seemingly designed to convince GOP voters of why they should support Oz even if he isn’t the perfect candidate.

“This is all about winning elections in order to stop the Radical Left maniacs from destroying our country,” Trump said.

“The Great Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has a tremendous opportunity to Save America by electing the brilliant and well-known Dr. Mehmet Oz for the United States Senate.”

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Trump Endorsement of Oz is a Bad Move

But this isn’t just about winning elections. It’s about winning elections with candidates that aren’t useless RINOs like Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger, and are, in fact, conservative, America-first politicians.

Here are just a few of Oz’s views that should have made Trump skeptical enough to never endorse the good doctor.

Oz’s comments on abortion alone are alarming. In a 2008 interview with the National Review of Medicine, Oz actually argued that his politics would be similar to that of Oprah Winfrey in many aspects.

“I’m not socially conservative,” he added. “I don’t believe that we should be intruding into the private lives of homosexuals and we should not be creating obstacles during the difficult time that women have when trying to terminate a pregnancy.”

In a 2019 interview on the Breakfast Club radio show, he noted that he dislikes abortion on a “personal level” but suggested he would not want to “interfere with everyone else’s stuff” because “it’s hard enough to get into life as it is.”

Dr. Oz On Abortion

Trump’s endorsement states that Oz is “pro-life,” something the Daily Beast claims is a “shameless flip-flop.”

“Not only was Oz supportive of abortion rights, he seemed puzzled that people would spend time fighting abortion rights—going so far as to say that, as a physician, he was ‘really worried’ about the anti-abortion movement and that eliminating Roe would have negative effects on women’s health,” they wrote.

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Dr. Oz On Guns

Trump, aside from lauding Dr. Oz for being pro-life, also claims the Pennsylvania Republican “will always fight for and support our under-siege Second Amendment.”

But will he?

Oz’s campaign site seems to confirm: “He opposes anti-gun measures like red flag laws and liberal gun grabs. Dr. Oz knows we cannot compromise our ability to protect ourselves.”

Interesting thing, those red flag laws. Here he is in a 2019 interview stating such laws “help protect you and your family” and have been shown to prevent mass shootings.

Go ahead and look at that clip again. In the same segment, Dr. Oz goes on to suggest he’d like to see an anonymous call-in system for people to report concerns over others’ social media posts.

“Part of the hope I gather is that we’ll make a system so that I can call in and say there’s evidence besides my testimony that this person is dangerous,” he states. “Look at their Facebook feed or social media postings or comments they’ve made to other co-workers.”

Government surveillance and infringing on God-given rights based on social media posts doesn’t seem like a warrior for conservatism.

Dr. Oz On Obamacare

Oz was a strong advocate during the Obama years of health insurance mandates and even bragged that he helped get Obamacare passed by serving on President Obama’s council.

CNN reports that while he doesn’t fully support Obamacare, “Many of Oz’s statements on health care align with some of the key tenets of the Affordable Care Act.”

Dr. Oz On Fracking

Oz, who is running in a state where fracking is of tantamount importance, often raised concerns about the practice in the past.

In multiple columns Oz co-authored with Dr. Mike Roizen, former chief medical officer at the Cleveland Clinic Wellness Institute, the two raised concerns about health risks involved in the practice.

Inside Climate News writes that “the two physicians cited the environmental and health risks associated with fracking on several occasions and, in one column, warned expecting mothers who live near natural gas wells against drinking the water and counseled them to keep three kilometers away from fracking fields.”

Now, he’s fracking’s number one fan.

We live in a time where too many Republicans try selling their conservative wares just to get elected only to start functioning like barely-disguised left-of-center RINOs once they get into office.

Trump should know better.

Trump Endorsements All Over Map

Trump has also thrown his support in Wyoming to Harriet Hageman, the attorney running against Liz Cheney in an upcoming primary.

Hageman vociferously supported Cheney during her 2016 congressional campaign, and strongly opposed President Trump at the time.

In fact, she tried to stop Trump from getting the Republican nomination in 2016, and called him “racist and xenophobic.”

The GOP Needs True Conservatives

Mr. Trump, to quote comedian Sebastian Maniscalco, “What are you doing?”

There’s little doubt one of the greatest failures of the Trump presidency was his inability to clear out the deep state riffraff within his own administration.

Too many faux conservatives kneecapped his presidency and continue to destroy his legacy to this day. Winning elections isn’t everything. Winning them with actual conservatives is. And the two don’t need to be mutually exclusive.

If Trump wins in 2024, what exactly will change if he continues to hire and support people that actively want to destroy him and conservative values along the way?

It’ll be the same stalled agenda. The same impeachment proceedings. The same effort to destroy America just so Democrats can get power back in 2028.

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WH Official: Trump To Visit Texas To See Border Wall Construction – A ‘Promise Kept’

President Donald Trump will spend part of his last full week in office in Alamo, Texas checking on the progress of the wall on the U.S. southern border. Roughly 450 miles of border wall have been completed thus far.

The border wall was the signature campaign promise issued by Trump and his administration. 

Trump’s Border Wall – “Promises Kept”

The President’s visit to observe the ongoing wall construction comes as Congress considers a vote of impeachment stemming from last week’s violent protests in Washington D.C. 

An unidentified Senior White House official announced the visit, which will happen on Tuesday.

“President Trump is expected to travel to Alamo, Texas, on Tuesday to mark the completion of more than 400 miles of border wall — a promise made, promise kept — and his Administration’s efforts to reform our broken immigration system,” the White House official told Fox News.

Building a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border was a mainstay topic during the 2016 presidential election as then candidate Trump traveled the country. “Build the wall!” was a common chant among Trump’s supporters at his rallies.

The idea behind building a border wall was to protect the roughly 1000 miles that does not have any natural barriers. Trump had promised to have 450 miles completed by the end of 2020.

Congress recently passed an omnibus spending bill that included $16 billion in funding.

However Acting Customs and Border Patrol Commissioner Mark Morgan said that the $1.375 billion included in that package was enough to complete at least 800 miles of border wall.

In addition to the completed 450 miles, there is another 350 miles ready with funding to go in the ground. The contracts for those parts of the wall have already been awarded.  

Biden May Halt Border Construction

Construction on the wall could halt within the next few weeks, however.

According to an article in the Dallas Morning News, Biden has stated that, while he would not tear down any existing wall, but he would cease construction of any future stretches of wall.

Biden says he favors a, “high-tech virtual wall to ensure border security.” 

In an article in the Washington Post, the Post claims it has reviewed estimates by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, and that if Biden were to discontinue construction, it would save the U.S. government $2.6 million. 

However, If Biden were to halt construction, that could leave the the U.S. government, and in turn, taxpayers on the hook for billions of dollars in settlement fees should those contracts be abandoned

CBP Commissioner Morgan also went on to say that, not only would walking away rom the project cost taxpayers in funds, it would also cost “thousands of jobs.”

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Pelosi Announces 25th Amendment Bill To Give Commission Power To Remove President

Nancy Pelosi announced a bill that would use the 25th Amendment to create a “bipartisan” commission that could remove the president from power.

“Bipartisan” Congressional Commission That Could Remove President From Power

The 25th Amendment states that a majority of “such other body as Congress may by law provide” may determine if the President is fit for office.

The bill, authored by Representative Jamie Raskin, would create a bipartisan “Commission on Presidential Capacity to Discharge the Powers and Duties of the Office.”

Made up of 17 “bipartisan” members, the commission could determine whether the president is “unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office” if they are physically or mentally incapacitated, and then decide that a transfer of power is needed.

“This is not about President Trump,” Pelosi said at a press conference on Friday, only a day after claiming President Trump is “in an altered state” following his COVID diagnosis.

“He will face the judgment of the voters. But he shows the need for us to create a process for future presidents.”

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Raskin: “We Need To Act”

“We need to act,” said Raskin, who joined Pelosi at the press conference.

“In times of chaos, we must hold fast to our Constitution. The 25th Amendment is all about the stability of the presidency and the continuity of the office.”

This is the second bill that Raskin has created to set up such a commission.

“For the security of our people and the safety of the Republic, we need to set up the ‘body’ called for in the 25th Amendment,” Raskin said in 2017.

“The president can fire his entire Cabinet for asking the same question tens of millions of Americans are asking at their dinner tables, but he cannot fire Congress or the expert body we set up under the Constitution,” he continued.

“Pelosi Is Just Embarrassing Herself”

The backlash to the bill from Republicans was fierce and immediate.

“Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats still have not accepted the results of the 2016 election,” Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) tweeted.

“Their talk of the 25th Amendment is just a continuation of that.”

Donald Trump Jr. got a good laugh out of it:

The Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee said that Pelosi was “just embarassing herself” with the 25th Amendment bill, and that the bill made Adam Schiff’s “conspiracy theories seem normal.”

Many others weighed in on the bill:

Trump Has A Totally Different View

President Trump had a different take.

Perhaps because Pelosi argued that the bill “isn’t about Trump,” the President saw something else:

Namely, removing Joe Biden from power, and replacing him with Kamala Harris.

It follows comments from the President on Thursday, where he described Senator Harris as “horrible,” “totally unlikeable,” and a “communist,” who would replace Biden as President “within months” if they won the presidential election in November.

Dan McLaughlin of the National Review agreed with Trump:

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President Trump: If Dems Use Impeachment To Block Supreme Court Nomination, “We Win”

President Donald Trump said on Monday that if the Democrats use an impeachment attempt to block his Supreme Court nomination, he will win the election.

Pelosi: “We Have Arrows In Our Quiver”

In an interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was challenged as to whether the Democrats would use impeachment as a method to stop the President from nominating somebody to replace Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the Supreme Court.

“We have our options. We have arrows in our quiver that I’m not about to discuss right now, but the fact is we have a big challenge in our country,” Pelosi told Stephanopoulos. “This president has threatened to not even accept the results of the election.”

“Our main goal would be to protect the integrity of the election as we protect the people from the coronavirus,” she added. Pelosi was questioned again as to whether she would use impeachment tactics. She replied that the Constitution requires that Congress “use every arrow in our quiver.”

“We have a responsibility,” she continued. “We take an oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. We have a responsibility to meet the needs of the American people.”

Trump: “If They Do That, We Win All Elections”

This did not impress President Trump, who shot back during an interview with Fox and Friends on Monday. “I heard if I [nominate someone for the Supreme Court], they’re going to impeach me,” President Trump said.

“So they’re impeaching me for doing what constitutionally I have to do,” he added. “If they do that, we win all elections.”

If they go ahead with impeachment in retaliation for the Supreme Court, President Trump thinks that his “numbers will go up.”

“I think we’ll win the entire election,” he concluded. “I think we’re going to win back the House, I think we’re going to win the House anyway.”

He’s On The Up Already – Impeachment Will Only Assist His Numbers!

I have to agree with the President’s analysis. Why? His numbers are already on the up, all across the board. He’s closing the gap on the overall polling average between him and Joe Biden to 6 points overall, down from 9 in August.

He’s 8 points more trusted on the economy than Biden, which is one of the most important issues in this election, especially during these uncertain times. Both Hispanic and black voters are turning on Biden, with the President seeing a rise in support in both of those demographics.

A second impeachment attempt would only gain him more support. The American people are tired of Democrat politicians wasting time on meaningless politicing, ESPECIALLY now that this country is going through the coronavirus pandemic.

They’d be fools to go through impeachment again.

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Liberal Media Smears Keep Coming – President Trump Keeps Honoring His Oath

No politician in America has faced more unjustified criticism from the liberal-dominated “mainstream” media than President Donald Trump. But despite enduring a constant barrage of smears, baseless attacks, and blatant lies from the moment he entered the political arena, our president has never wavered.

According to the newly-disclosed footnotes from the Justice Department’s report on the FBI surveillance of the Trump campaign in 2016, the infamous Steele dossier —a document that was at the heart of the manufactured Russia collusion narrative— contained…Russian disinformation. To make matters worse, some FBI officials were concerned about the author’s ties to Russian oligarchs, but those concerns were never shared with the unit that was assigned to investigate Donald Trump’s associates.

It turns out that President Trump was right all along—there was a “witch hunt” conducted against him, both before and after the 2016 election. But you will never hear an apology from the liberal media who treated the Steele Dossier as the sacred scripture of the anti-Trump #resistance. And worse, we now know, because of the #resistance and their push of the false narratives, there is danger of permanent erosion of civil liberties and due process for all Americans.

What is truly remarkable is that President Trump never allowed the mainstream media to distract him from accomplishing his policy objectives, no matter how preposterous their smears became over time.

During his first year in office, the president passed historic tax cuts, saving American workers an average of $1,400 on their annual federal income taxes. The following year, he signed the most extensive bipartisan prison reform legislation in U.S. history, the FIRST STEP Act. Even the hyper-partisan Democrat impeachment campaign didn’t stop the president from fighting for American workers—Donald Trump whipped up bipartisan support for his groundbreaking United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement so effectively that it passed with negligible opposition just one day after the House of Representatives approved articles of impeachment without a single Republican vote.

That’s not even close to being an exhaustive list of this president’s extensive record of promises kept—his administration has also secured the border, deregulated the economy, fixed the VA, appointed reliably conservative justices to the Supreme Court and the rest of the federal judiciary, and much more. Throughout it all, he has had to aggressively defend his integrity in the public square, relentlessly pushing back against the fake news media’s assault on the truth.

We’ve have never seen a man who is as patient, determined, and focused under fire as President Trump—and that is exactly the kind of leadership that our country needs more than ever right now.

The sad thing is, our president probably could have achieved even greater things for the country if he didn’t have to deal with the slings and arrows of partisan media outlets. Liberal journalists have launched brand new attacks, often using Orwellian doublespeak, against the White House in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, treating this once-in-a-lifetime public health crisis as just another opportunity to advance their biased narrative in preparation for the November elections.

Their fabricated storyline is predictable and unimaginative, baselessly claiming the White House botched its response to the coronavirus outbreak, and the Trump administration is still not doing enough to curb the spread of the deadly disease.

The facts are clear and immutable. The White House acted swiftly and responsibly.

No matter how hard the media try, they will never be able to change history. The United States was one of the first countries in the world to implement robust international travel restrictions on coronavirus hot spots—something liberals excoriated President Trump for doing at the time.

While House Speaker Nancy Pelosi contemplated legislation called the “NO BAN” Act to keep borders open as vectors of infection, the president acted to protect the American people by shutting down travel from China and eventually with the EU, Africa, the Middle East and the United Kingdom.

While the Democrats paraded the ever more troubling incompetence of their presidential candidates during their January 29, February 7 and February 19 debates — where there was not a single mention of the Wuhan Coronavirus — the White House was establishing and coordinating a whole-of-government response integrating critical private/industrial sector support, moving material and personnel to meet the challenge head on.

Most significant, contrary to initial projections, our country has avoided a shortage of life-saving ventilators thanks to the president’s effective collaboration with the private sector, and the number of COVID-19 deaths is now expected to be much lower than public health experts first anticipated. And through it all, the Trump administration has made it a priority to support the millions of working families who have been impacted by the current economic lockdown.

Further, the president’s fundamental belief that America must increase manufacturing and self-reliance (especially in critical national security and medical sectors) to preclude foreign reliance during a national crisis has been proven correct, and must be a priority going forward into 2021.

The liberal media have thrown everything in their arsenal at Donald Trump, but they’ve never been able to distract him from fulfilling his obligation to the American people before. The president certainly isn’t going to flinch now as they try to distract him from the most important work of his entire presidency.

Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer is a retired senior intelligence operations officer and President of the London Center for Policy Research.

This piece was written by Lt Col Tony Shaffer on April 29, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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Democrats And TV Hosts Blaming Trump, Not China, For Pandemic Are Spreading Misinformation And Creating Division

Senators, television hosts, and prominent Democratic leaders are blaming President Trump for mishandling the spread of the virus that has taken the world to its knees.

Presidential nominee Joe Biden is among the group, appearing on CNN with Host Anderson Cooper, claiming Trump’s plan to ease back into normal life doesn’t have “hard guidelines.” As the former Vice President embarks on what one can assume was supposed to be an example of previous leadership, he loses grip of the topic as he speaks.

Watch Joe Biden try to describe the poignant moment in American History during WWII… when President Roosevelt “came up with a thing.”

It’s easy to criticize from the sidelines Joe.

Senator Chris Murphy (D-Conn.), just to give insight into his modus operandi, attended the State of the Union address given by President Trump back in February, then swiftly put out a statement (that reeked of prior-planning) on the same day as the address, about how much he regretted attending the State of the Union Address.

In order to get attention from leftist media outlets, Democrat Chris Murphy will take every opportunity to attack President Trump.

But during this time, when Senators and leaders should not be politicizing the virus, Chris Murphy has lashed out yet again against Trump. His Twitter page looks like an anti-Trump rally on steroids.

Here’s Chris Murphy on CNN with Host Anderson Cooper:

Murphy, arguably the most shameless liar on the anti-Trump stage, claims the current administration was cavalier about the virus in February. Anyone can leave a meeting and make up a lie, but perhaps he should consider that on January 31st, Trump decided to restrict travel from China, showing early signs of concern.

And guess what Senator Murphy was talking about on January 31st, the day the President decided to limit travel from China because of the coronavirus? You guessed it, he was focused on impeaching the President.

Chris “Say Anything” Murphy has proved ad nauseam that he would all but dive in front of a bus to get national media attention. Actually, he likes to board city buses as part of an ill-advised campaign to connect with voters.

Chris Murphy using public transportation doesn’t prove that he cares about blue collar Americans – just like his bashing the American President doesn’t mean he knows about the origins or complications surrounding the coronavirus outbreak.

More reporting is coming out by the day about how China has mishandled the outbreak. How China allowed international travel from Wuhan, but would not allow travel from Wuhan to other parts of China. New sources say that China knew early on about human to human transmission of the coronavirus and hid this information from other nations, who otherwise would have been more equipped to protect their own citizens.

Geraldo Rivera on Fox News told primetime Host Sean Hannity on Friday that China has “made prostitutes out of half of Washington.”

Senator Chris Murphy is silent about investigations into the Chinese Communist Party, but eager to manipulate the public into thinking the American response is the problem.

Maybe Elizabeth Warren can help Chris Murphy connect with everyday Americans and grab him one of those elusive ‘working class beer bottles’ from her fridge.

Then they can get on a Zoom call with Speaker Pelosi and pick ice cream flavors out of the freezer.

Nancy Pelosi stays true to form during this crisis and blames Trump for mishandling the pandemic. Lacking self-awareness as always, Pelosi blames Trump for “dismantling” our infrastructure which led to a lack of preparedness, then continues to assert that weak people blame others. Look in the mirror, Nancy.

While Trump was working on protecting our borders from COVID-19, Nancy Pelosi was frothing over impeachment. Wasting our time is what these prominent Democrats are doing, relentlessly since 2016.

Of course, no world event has been properly examined until it’s run through the panel on ABC’s daytime talk show, The View.

Joy Behar, co-host of ‘The View’ tried to blame the President for not acting to fight the virus appropriately, with her usual condescension, beginning her question to Senator Lindsey Graham (R – S.C.) by inferring Trump’s “massive ego” makes him delusional, until Graham gives her a run for her money in support of the President’s handling of the virus.

MSNBC Anchor Stephanie Ruhle suggested that Biden should open up a shadow government, as “counter-programming” for Trump’s Press Briefings.

What exactly would a counter-programming campaign from Joe Biden look like? The man couldn’t get through a teleprompter reading of “See Spot Run.”

These Democrats need to drop their agenda-driven misinformation campaigns at the door and do their jobs. Americans need information and guidance, not political war.

But if that’s what they want, they’re fighting the wrong administration.

This piece was written by Robyn Kenney on April 18, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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President Trump Has Done The Right Things To Combat Coronavirus From Day One

President Donald Trump’s critics keep trying to downplay his extraordinary measures to curtail the spread of the coronavirus in the United States, but the fact is that he has been thinking ahead of everybody when it comes to the pandemic response.

I can’t overstate how important it was that President Trump shut down travel from China, and then Europe, as soon as he did. Without those travel restrictions, we would have had a much larger, much more widespread problem to deal with. As we’ve seen in countries such as Italy and Iran who failed on this measure, limiting exposure to infected individuals in the early stages is crucial to minimizing the eventual extent of the outbreak.

Yet, rather than commending the president for his foresight, the news media attack him as a “racist” for publicly acknowledging that the pandemic originated in China. What is next? Are we to rename Chinese restaurants because it’s “racist” to the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and its communist government?

In January, President Trump also assembled a top-notch coronavirus task force composed of world-class health and public policy experts who have patiently guided the public through the crisis and are working closely with businesses and the leaders of state and local governments to devise both mitigation strategies and long-term solutions. This complex tapestry of private/corporate/government/military cooperation has never been done before—we will see it pay off for the American people.

Yes, there was intelligence being provided to the White House and the administration in January and February—many of us, inside and outside of the administration, were reviewing and evaluating this information as national security professionals while the mainstream media and political Left focused on impeachment. We were trying to ascertain the facts and realities regarding the Chinese coronavirus threat to prepare —not panic— the nation.

Unfortunately, as some of those very experts have pointed out, our country’s efforts to combat the coronavirus have been hampered by the poor decisions of previous administrations, which left us ill-equipped to respond to the type of threat we face today.

There was a critical blind spot in our initial assessment, a blind spot that exists to this very day—the Chinese government. Because of the Chinese Communist Party’s stonewalling and deception regarding Wuhan and the scope of the outbreak, and our lack of independent “biological surveillance” capabilities, the assessment was hampered.

The Obama administration was similarly short-sighted when it came to employing big data techniques to conduct global disease surveillance. While the White House did make some half-hearted efforts to develop a domestic biological surveillance program, Obama’s team ultimately deferred to the World Health Organization’s system, which has repeatedly fallen short due to inadequate reporting compliance on the part of countries such as China. This lack of independent biological surveillance by the U.S. intelligence community is an issue that must be fixed to detect new outbreaks early.

Our ability to conduct an aggressive response was also hampered by another Obama administration neglect. In response to the first outbreaks of Ebola virus in the late-1970s, the U.S. government created the Aeromedical Isolation and Special Medical Augmentation Response Team (AIT-SMART) in 1978 to safely evacuate highly contagious U.S. patients out of outbreak areas. The transport team would take the patients to a Medical Containment Suite, where they could receive intensive care while remaining under the most stringent biosafety protocols, known as Biosafety Level 4. Through comprehensive planning and intensive training, the AIT-SMART teams became adept at repatriating infected Americans without exposing other citizens to the risk of contagion.

In 2010, however, this critical capability was lost when AIT-SMART fell victim to the Obama-era “sequestration” cuts. It almost felt like nature was warning us of our folly four years later, when a new outbreak of Ebola nearly spread to American communities because we lacked the expertise to safely repatriate infected Americans from the hot zone.

Another key fact that has been lost by the U.S. media is this: President Trump realized shortly after his election that the country’s ability to rapidly produce a vaccine was a critical part of national defense neglected by the Obama administration. He consequently launched a multi-year effort to develop the latest cell culture-based technology for vaccine manufacturing on U.S. soil, most particularly for influenza and emerging disease agents like the coronavirus. This capacity continues to grow after years of neglect.

President Trump’s calm and confident demeanor when he updates the country about our effort to fight the coronavirus is only possible because he took the threat seriously from the very beginning. As a leader, he has to take practical steps to stop the virus and mitigate the damage it causes to our economy, but he also has to offer moral leadership to sustain morale as he asks the American people to make necessary sacrifices for the common good.

Indeed, the president’s message becomes more positive with each press briefing he gives—and with good reason. With each passing day, we increase the arsenal of weapons available to fight the coronavirus, and understand better how to deploy them.

Even some of Donald Trump’s most stalwart critics, such as Democrat Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar, have gushed about how “incredible” his response to the pandemic has been.

To quote the president, when this is all over, “we’re gonna say, well, we won. I think we’re gonna win faster than people think. I hope.” So do I, Mr. President; and so, I’m sure, does every American. If we do prevail rapidly, it will be due entirely to President Trump’s ability to overcome the institutional handicaps left for him to overcome.

Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer is a retired senior intelligence operations officer and President of the London Center for Policy Research.

This piece was written by Lt Col Tony Shaffer on March 30, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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What U.S. senators said on day before vote to acquit or convict Trump

It is the eve of the final day of President Trump's Senate impeachment trial. Senators are scheduled to vote Wednesday whether to convict Trump of the two impeachment charges brought against him: abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. Although acquittal is all but certain, the lawmakers still seemed to take very seriously the opportunity to share their own views. Lisa Desjardins reports.

White House Issues Threat to Bolton Over New Book

Donald Trump’s White House has issued a threat to former National Security Advisor John Bolton, ordering him to remove “classified information” from his new book.

“Significant Amounts of Classified Information”

On Sunday, the New York Times reported that Bolton’s new book will help the Democrats push their case for the impeachment of President Trump. In the book, Bolton claims that the President did, in fact, delay military aid to Ukraine to pressure them into investigating former Vice President Joe Biden, and his son, Hunter Biden, and their business dealings in the country.

In an email to Bolton’s lawyer, the National Security Council said that from their preliminary review, the manuscript of Bolton’s new book “appears to contain significant amounts of classified information,” with some of this classified information,” being “at the TOP SECRET level.” This is defined by Executive Order 13526 as information that could be “reasonably expected to cause exceptionally grave harm to the national security” of the U.S. if it was released without authorization.

The letter goes onto note that Bolton had signed numerous nondisclosure agreements (NDAs) to be able to gain access to classified information.

“Under federal law and the nondisclosure agreements your client signed… the manuscript may not be published or otherwise disclosed without this classifed information,” the letter argues.

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The manuscript is being kept under review, in order to “identify the classified information within” and ensure the “publication does not harm the national security of the United States.” It concludes by saying that the NSC will do their best to ensure Bolton’s “ability to tell his story in a manner that protects U.S. national security.”

“Nasty & Untrue Book”

The President also attacked Bolton on Twitter, saying that he was fired because, “frankly, if I listened to him, we would be in World War Six by now,” and wondering why he would write such a “nasty & untrue” book directly after he had been fired.

RELATED: Tucker Carlson Rips Into Bolton, Compares Him to Snake from Trump’s Parable

The President is spot on. John Bolton is simply mad that he couldn’t start more foreign wars overseas and spill the blood of thousands of American soldiers to make a nice profit for his buddies. This book is nothing more than an expanded temper tantrum, designed to annoy the President and others who hate endless foreign conflict.

If Bolton is found to have broken his NDAs by writing this book, he should be punished to the full extent of the law.

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