Journalists On Left-Wing Networks Say ‘Fairness Is Overrated’

Most Americans who were alive remember where they were when President John F. Kennedy was shot. Even if you were very young, you remember watching a visibly shaken and emotional Walter Cronkite struggle to hold back tears as he remained the professional that he was, and delivered the devastating news of Kennedy’s death.

Have we ever wondered aloud, how the events of that tragic day would play out in today’s media landscape with today’s “journalists?” It’s a pretty sure bet the coverage would be wildly different.

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No More Hiding

In Walter Cronkite’s day, you practiced the “5 W’s of journalism.” A reporter’s job was to report the who, what, where, when, why, and perhaps a how of the story. They did not offer up and unwanted opinion for viewers, and more importantly, you didn’t know Walter Cronkite was a liberal until long after he retired, happily ensconced on his boat.

Those days are definitely over. It is not clear what exactly the impetus was, the election of Donald Trump, the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, or something else entirely, but those who call themselves journalists on networks like CNN, MSNBC, and NBC have decided all bets are off, and have declared that well, Republicans and conservatives just don’t merit equal and fair coverage with their Democrat counterparts.

As Fox details, MSNBC Host Joy Reid discussed the coverage of Republicans with her guest, fellow lefty traveller Matthew Dowd. The two came to the conclusion that their job was warn that Republicans are a “threat to freedom.” (Since when do leftists care about freedom, anyway?)

But CNN’s Don Lemon beat Joy to the punch. The week before, he promptly dismissed the idea of objectivity, ironically arguing that the media no longer operate in a “Walter Cronkite society.” 

In March, NBC’s Lester Holt said this about “truth”:

Geez Lester, wouldn’t be easier to just volunteer to organize the next book burning?

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Justifiable Homicide Of Journalism

In August of 2016, New York Times media columnist Jim Rutenberg gave his fellow journalists license to break any journalistic rule they pleased. Perhaps Rutenberg was prophetic, and saw what could happen in just three short months, even when no one else did?

Did he see that it just might be possible for Donald Trump to be elected president over their precious Hillary, and therefore, the rules had to change? In his column, he implored his fellow writers to “to throw out the textbook of American journalism,” for a more “oppositional” approach when covering then-candidate Trump.

So Republicans and conservatives, we were duly warned what was coming our way. Oh sure, it didn’t just start with Jim Rutenberg and the rest of his friends at the New York Times. We have seen this coming down the pike. Donald Trump just gave them license to do it.

And rest assured, it will not get any better. The midterm election and 2024 are not looking good for them. But keep it up. Keep calling them on it. They are scared. 

Imagine, being scared of a different point of view. 

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CNN National Security Analyst Calls For End Of Immigration Enforcement In Response To Texas School Shooting

CNN national security analyst and former member of Barack Obama’s Homeland Security Advisory Council, Juliette Kayyem, called for a halt to immigration enforcement in the area of Uvalde, Texas in response to the tragic school shooting.

Uvalde High School student Salvador Ramos is accused of murdering 22 people yesterday, including 19 children and 3 adults.

Kayyem, commenting on the “political issues in Texas” in an appearance on Jake Tapper’s “The Lead,” suggested the critical thing for everyone in the area right now is to have sanctuary.

“The most important thing for the federal government to do right now is to say there will be no immigration enforcement during this period in that area,” she claimed.

Kayyem noted that the demographics of the school district are overwhelmingly Hispanic.

“It has a large immigration population,” she continued. “You want parents with their kids; you don’t want people hiding right now, and we need to make that clear ASAP because of the political issues in Texas.”

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CNN’s Response to School Shooting – Stop Enforcing Immigration Laws

CNN national security analyst Juliette Kayyem was so determined to make the point that suspension of immigration laws is the most important thing following the horrific shooting that she reiterated it moments later.

“We need the federal government to say right now, everyone is essentially safe harbor right now in terms of immigration status,” she declared, noting most illegal immigrants will avoid interaction with a heavy police presence in the area.

“We want to make sure that they know, despite all the politics going on in Texas right now, it’s the federal government that’s in charge of immigration enforcement,” she said.

“And people are safe. Get your kids, get your families together. Do not hide. The White House just needs to say that right now.”

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She Wanted Truckers Arrested

Kayyem sounded very different when talking about Canadian truckers earlier this year who were peacefully protesting against COVID mandates.

In fact, she wanted law enforcement to take drastic action.

“Slash the tires, empty gas tanks, arrest the drivers, and move the trucks,” Kayyem said.

Days after the Capitol riot, Kayyem referred to then-President Trump as the “leader of a terrorist organization.”

This is CNN.

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Report: Cuomo Being Investigated For Retaliating Against Sexual Harassment Accusers

State investigators are reportedly looking into whether Governor Andrew Cuomo and his aides committed a crime by retaliating against his sexual harassment accusers.

New York Attorney General Letitia James (D) is conducting a wide-ranging probe of Cuomo and his inner circle and their actions following the initial allegation.

“Several witnesses said state investigators were particularly focused on the question of retaliation and whether the governor or any of the aides around him broke any laws or state rules in response to women coming forward,” according to the Washington Post.

Of interest is whether or not Cuomo or his aides illegally released a personnel file of Lindsey Boylan, a former aide who was the first to accuse the Democrat governor of sexual misconduct.

Boylan has claimed that Cuomo forcibly kissed her on the lips and suggested “let’s play strip poker.”

A total of 10 women have accused Cuomo of some form of sexual misconduct, the most serious of which involved an unnamed female aide who said the governor groped her at the Executive Mansion in November.

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Did Cuomo Commit A Crime By Retaliating Against Accuser?

Following Boylan’s bombshell accusations which kicked off several other reports, Cuomo’s office released some of her personnel files to the media.

The Washington Post reports:

After Lindsey Boylan, a former state employee, first alleged harassment by the governor on Twitter late last year, he talked with advisers about how to handle the allegations, which he has denied, according to people familiar with the conversations. The governor’s office ultimately released to reporters some of Boylan’s personnel records, which showed complaints against her as a state employee, according to people familiar with the decision.

The newspaper cites sources familiar with the line of questioning by investigators as saying they are probing “planned or actual retaliation against other women who came forward or were considering coming forward.”

The file was released following a meeting with advisers – a meeting that Cuomo denies having – on how to handle the allegations leveled against him.

It shows Boylan being labeled a bully and accusing her of speaking to co-workers as if they were children.

Boylan claims the release was part of a smear campaign to discredit her claims.

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Cuomo Denies Committing A Crime

In a statement to the Washington Post, Governor Cuomo’s acting counsel denies that releasing the personnel file of his accuser amounted to a crime.

“With certain limited exceptions … it is within a government entity’s discretion to share redacted employment records, including in instances when members of the media ask for such public information and when it is for the purpose of correcting inaccurate or misleading statements,” the attorney said.

CNN anchor Chris Cuomo has also been embroiled in controversy for having advised his brother on how to deal with the sexual harassment allegations, an egregious breach of journalistic standards even for that network.

Cuomo, as per multiple sources for the Post, “joined a series of conference calls that included the Democratic governor, his top aide, his communications team, lawyers and a number of outside advisers” on “how to respond to sexual harassment allegations.”

The Washington Post report links to a separate article regarding Chris Cuomo’s involvement in strategy calls but does not specifically reference him as part of the effort to release Boylan’s personnel file.

Governor Cuomo has thus far survived the many investigations and impeachment inquiries he is currently facing, though his political future remains in question.

The scandals embroiling him are wide-ranging and numerous, including:

  • Forcing nursing homes to take on COVID-positive patients.
  • Hiding the data on those deaths and stripping numbers from DOH reports.
  • Numerous sexual misconduct allegations including a police report involving forcibly groping an aide.
  • Bullying and threatening fellow lawmakers and members of the media.
  • Under investigation for a $5.1 million book deal profiting off the pandemic by having aides write and edit portions using state resources.
  • Provided priority COVID-19 testing for his family and associates, also allegedly using state resources.

Still, the Washington Post report states that some in his inner circle believe “the attorney general’s office will release a report that does not include criminal charges” with respect to the sexual harassment scandal.

They do, however, fear being portrayed as “an unprofessional office where women were judged on their looks and subordinates were subjected to demeaning comments.”

James has interviewed at least a dozen current and former staff members as part of the sexual harassment probe.


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Liz Cheney Auditions For Her Next Gig

Many in the mainstream media believe that Rep. Liz Cheney’s problems began when she joined Democrats in voting to impeach President Donald J. Trump after January 6.

They paint Cheney as the victim, bravely speaking out about “the big lie” and say she is being targeted solely because of her opposition to Trump after January 6. This is, of course, a lie.

Back in July of last year, long before the election or the events of January 6, conservatives – myself included – were urging that Cheney be removed from House GOP leadership.

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After Cheney backed a challenger to Rep. Thomas Massie (R-KY), pushed a now debunked hoax about Trump having knowledge of Russian bounties being paid to the Taliban for killing Americans, and after Cheney joined with Democrats to attempt to stop President Trump from brining troops home from Afghanistan, I wrote:

Liz Cheney is not just another House member, however, she chose to run for leadership and currently serves as Conference Chair – the third-ranking Republican in House leadership. If she wants to serve in leadership, she has a responsibility to work on behalf of the majority of the Republican caucus.

That is a responsibility she has completed abdicated.

Cheney has never apologized for pushing the Russia bounties hoax nor has she ever apologized for supporting the challenger to Rep. Massie (though she did request he return her donation after it turned out he was a white supremacist!).

Cheney’s problems long pre-date January 6, and despite the unhappiness among the America First movement for Cheney’s role in leadership, she could have remained in leadership – if she had really wanted to.

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Alas, for the last few months Cheney has been focused on her next gig at the expense of her role as Conference Chair and Representative of the State of Wyoming.

Cheney initially survived a secret ballot vote over her role in House Republican leadership back in early February.

Despite the fact that she was one of only 10 House Republicans to join with Democrats in impeaching President Trump, her colleagues appeared willing to give her a pass and move on.

Cheney was having none of it. Because none of this has actually been about Cheney fighting for her leadership position. As Mollie Hemingway pointed out:

That anyone is talking about Cheney is proof of her failure. Her job is to raise $$ (she doesn’t), stay on message (HA!), and not undermine caucus (it’s all she does). If you’re pretending this is only about joining with media/Pelosi for impeachment, you’re not serious.

Cheney has continued to embarrass her colleagues and publicly divide the caucus – despite the fact that her job in leadership is literally to do the opposite – because the last few months have been a Cheney audition for her next gig (which has nothing to do with representing the people of Wyoming).

Taking a page from the Jeff Flake playbook, the last few months have been Cheney’s audition for a gig on CNN or MSNBC or one of the networks.

Cheney knows that the party of George W. Bush, Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, and Dick Cheney is dead. She knows that she has no future in this party. She knows that at best she will be a marginalized voice in the modern Republican Party.

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At worst, Cheney is facing a primary defeat at home in Wyoming and public humiliation.

Frankly, Cheney is barely even trying to hide her true motivations here. A conservative fighting for the future of the GOP would be making his or her case on Fox News or NewsMax or in the pages of the Washington Times or the Wall Street Journal.

Instead, Cheney has become a fixture on CNN and wrote her latest melodramatic screed in a place almost no Republican would see it – The Washington Post.

While Cheney talks about “history” and “our children” watching, the truth is that the only folks who are watching that Cheney cares about are executives in the legacy media.


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Trump Calls CNN Report About Denied Gaetz Meeting Fake News, Advises Them To Focus On Eric Swalwell

Donald Trump fired back at CNN over a report claiming Congressman Matt Gaetz asked for and was denied a meeting with the former President as he is currently engrossed in sexual misconduct allegations.

CNN anonymously cited “two people familiar with the matter” in their report indicating “Gaetz tried to schedule a visit with Trump after it was first revealed that he was being investigated.”

Trump fired back, labeling CNN “fake news” while claiming the report was “false.”

“Fake News CNN, relying on all anonymous sources, meaning they probably made the whole thing up, wrote a very dishonest story claiming Congressman Matt Gaetz asked for a meeting with me at Mar-a-Lago, in Palm Beach, Florida, and was denied,” he said in a statement.

“This is completely false.”

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Trump Advises CNN To Check Into Swalwell Instead Of Gaetz

The former President went on to suggest that CNN should consider covering the Eric Swalwell scandal involving his reported association with a Chinese spy.

A bombshell Axios report in December indicated that a woman by the name of Christine Fang (aka Fang Fang) “took part in fundraising activity for Rep. Swalwell’s 2014 re-election campaign” and interacted with the Congressman “at multiple events over the course of several years.”

Fang had allegedly served as a Chinese Intelligence operative with China’s Ministry of State Security.

“Why doesn’t CNN investigate and write about lightweight Democrat Congressman Eric Swalwell, who had a torrid and physical relationship with the Chinese spy Fang-Fang, but is somehow on the once-prestigious House Intelligence Committee,” Trump wondered.

Not only was he never asked to step down by his Democrat colleagues, but Swalwell was actually promoted as a House Impeachment Manager during the Senate trial against Trump.

According to Axios, Swalwell was notified by federal investigators about Fang in 2015, and has not been accused of any wrongdoing.

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Trump’s Fired Up

Trump couldn’t resist taking a jab at Swalwell by citing his “record-setting 0% in the polls” when he dropped out of the presidential race in 2020.

“[Swalwell] has been compromised and is a national security threat to the United States,” Trump added. “He should be removed from the Committee immediately!”

Gaetz also denied he requested a meeting with Trump.

He called the CNN report “a total lie” and added, “no such meeting was denied nor sought.”

Swalwell in March filed a lawsuit against Trump for his alleged role in the Capitol riot on January 6th.

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Journalist: Covering Trump Was ‘Our Omaha Beach,’ Compares Experience To D-Day

In a new piece in The Atlantic, author and national correspondent for Yahoo! News Alexander Nazaryan compared the thrill of covering the Trump administration to the thrill “storming Omaha Beach must have been for a 20-year old fresh from the plains of Kansas.” 

In the piece, titled, “I Was an Enemy of the People,” Nazaryan recounts how he misses the action of covering Trump. 

He accuses of Trump Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany of lying “relentlessly for months on end.”

Ominously, he reminds readers that frequently had to figure out whether or not Trump was on the verge of starting a “nuclear war.” 

Overall, the intrepid journalists of America, in their brave coverage of Trump, were “merely going where he led. This was our Omaha Beach.”

The liberal media, in its Trump-era way of portraying itself as the victim, has taken that self-proclaimed victimhood to a new level.

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Trump Is History Repeating Itself

So covering Trump was a thrill.

Take a look at Nazaryan’s full accounting of his feelings on covering Trump:

Covering the administration was thrilling for many journalists, in the way that I imagine storming Omaha Beach must have been for a 20-year-old fresh from the plains of Kansas. He hadn’t signed up for battle, but there he was, liberating France. France, by the way, is where Trump called American soldiers who’d fallen in combat “suckers” and “losers.” When this magazine first reported those comments, Trump’s supporters denounced the Atlantic story as preposterous and offensive, even as outlet after outlet confirmed the reporting. They failed to realize that the preposterous and the offensive were the twin beacons of the Trump presidency.

Who is this story about? Trump, or the media?

I wonder how many Millennial journalists have asked their older colleagues about how “thrilling” it was for them to cover Ronald Reagan. People of an age remember how Reagan was treated by the media. 

The media’s relationship with Republicans is nothing new – and might go as far back as 1968 when a book entitled, “News Twisters” by Edith Ephron, talked about liberal media bias.

The media would have you believe that this Trump-era was all a first for them, and that is why they all have some sort of weird post-Trump PTSD going on.

Oh no, the media has dated outside its group before, there have been other Republican presidents. They were merely the warm-up act for what would be done to Donald Trump.

Every Republican in recent memory, Bush 41, Bush 43, even presidential candidates, John McCain, Mitt Romney, and especially Sarah Palin, all dealt with media bias.

The difference was, the media wasn’t usually playing an active role. Look at some of the commentary from Democrats about these past figures:

In 2012, then Vice-Presidential candidate Joe Biden told a crowd that consisted of a large number of African-Americans that the Republican ticket led by Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney would, “put you all back in chains.” 

In 2008, the late Congressman John Lewis accused Republican presidential candidate John McCain and running mate Sarah Palin of “playing with fire.” He went on to say that,”Sen. McCain and Gov. Palin are sowing the seeds of hatred and division, and there is no need for this hostility in our political discourse.”

Billionaire Democrat contributor George Soros said of George W. Bush that, “(he displays the) supremacist ideology of Nazi Germany.”

Actor and Activist Harry Belafonte also called Bush a racist, and NAACP Chairman Julian Bond once said that, “The Republican party would have the American flag and the swastika flying side by side.”

The things that Democrats once said of Republicans, are now things the allegedly objective media now say of Trump.

That is a fundamental difference between how past presidents were covered, and how Trump was covered, in my view.

To even insinuate that covering politics is in any way comparable to storming the beach at Normandy tells you how comfortable the media had become in their role as Trump’s adversary.

Indeed, Nazaryan says, “Without quite meaning to, Trump reminded journalists that their relationship to power should be adversarial.”

They needed to be reminded? After eight years of kid gloves with “no scandals” Obama?

The media set its sights on Donald Trump from the time he hit the escalator in Trump Tower in 2015, and then promptly moved on to those that worked for him, specifically former press secretary Kayleigh McEnany. 

As a Journalism student, this writer is learning all the mechanics like the “inverted pyramid” process, but I am also learning about sources, checking and rechecking those sources, not making up “facts” of the story, or not making oneself the story.

I am learning that truth and integrity still matter. 

The problem is, I’m not seeing that out of those who are already in the profession.

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Everything That Is Wrong With The Media

Message to the media: the problem is, there is simply not enough room here to tell you all the ways your hubris and arrogance is on full display and is doing none of you any favors.

Can we all agree as adults that no one in American history is comparable to the Nazis, for God’s sake?

Can we at least pretend the talking points don’t go out first thing in the morning?

The media says that, “by far the most difficult challenge was reporting that Trump had gotten something right.” Can they point out for us uneducated boobs in flyover country when exactly that was?

How much coverage was given to all the peace deals made in the Middle East? 

Will Biden get any harsh scrutiny? Any scrutiny? Or will the media spend the next four years asking what his favorite flavor of milkshake is?

MSNBC’S Kasie Hunt gushed about how, “I’m just struck by the reality that we’ll now have a president who, as a rule, doesn’t lie, even when it might be easier.”

That kind of gives up the game, doesn’t it?

Alas, Mr. Nazaryan is absolutely right about one thing: journalists’ relationship to power should be adversarial.

But that only goes one way for the media. 

From my perspective, the reason for all this is clear.

Trump finally fought back.

They hate Donald Trump because he exposed the fact that the media lies on a consistent basis, and has decided that they are the arbiters of what the American people can and cannot know. 

Having the audacity to fight back is, in the final analysis, the ultimate crime.

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Hiding Biden: How Democrats Crafted First Impeachment, Helping Defeat Trump With Media Help

By Mark Hemingway for RealClearInvestigations

By the numbers, Joe Biden is president of the United States because he won the swing states of Arizona, Georgia and Wisconsin by a combined total of some 43,000 votes.

But he also owes his victory to the groundwork laid by Democrats and their media allies one year before, during the first impeachment of Donald Trump over his supposedly strings-attached demand that the Ukrainian government investigate alleged corruption involving Biden’s son, Hunter.

The first impeachment failed to oust Trump from office, but it helped secure the White House for Biden.

It shielded him from scrutiny, enabling him and his supporters to cast allegations during the campaign about dubious Biden family business ties as rehashed Trumpian conspiracy theories.

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Biden’s razor-thin swing state victories might not have materialized if the Trump campaign had been able to gain traction from its October Surprise – a series of articles it helped orchestrate in the New York Post that reported information from a laptop owned by Hunter Biden suggesting corrupt foreign business deals that may have involved his father.

As many as 45% of Biden voters said they were unaware of Hunter’s financial scandals before the election.

That’s likely because Democrats and much of the media discredited or did not report the accusations in the final weeks of the campaign – accusations that were bolstered after the election when Hunter admitted that he has been the subject of an ongoing federal corruption probe since 2018.

Once the Post ran its first laptop article on Oct. 14, Democrats and their allies immediately turned to the narrative they had long used against Trump: foreign interference.

Without evidence save for the claims of Democrat partisans and anonymous official sources — like those commonly relied upon during the debunked Trump-Russia affair — the New York TimesWashington Post, and Politico ran stories suggesting the laptop could be Russian disinformation.

Joe Biden said the laptop was a “Russian plan” at the first presidential debate.

The FBI, which was a main driver of the Trump-Russia collusion investigation, added to the narrative when word was leaked that the bureau was investigating whether the laptop emails were Russian disinformation.

Twitter and Facebook reacted by actively censoring the Hunter Biden story. Twitter went so far as to lock the New York Post out of its own account.

As the Senate prepares next week to take up a second impeachment of Trump, Republican objections to the Democrats’ handling of the first go-round loom large.

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The record of those proceedings shows that they were conducted in a highly unusual manner. In retrospect, it seems clear that they were designed not just to target Trump – but to protect Biden.

Taking Early Aim

Some Democrats were bent on impeaching Trump from the moment he took office, on Jan. 20, 2017. Just 19 minutes after Trump was sworn in, the Washington Post published a piece headlined, “The Campaign to Impeach President Trump Has Begun.”  

Those early efforts were spearheaded by Texas Rep. Al Green, who drew up articles of impeachment for alleged misdeeds ranging from Trump’s insulting kneeling professional football players to his firing of former FBI Director James Comey.

Green’s effort led to three different unsuccessful impeachment votes — one in 2017 and two more in 2019 after Democrats gained a House majority in the 2018 election.

Publicly, Nancy Pelosi and other Democratic leaders said they did not approve of Green’s efforts.

“Impeachment is so divisive to the country that unless there’s something so compelling and overwhelming and bipartisan, I don’t think we should go down that path, because it divides the country,” the House speaker told the Washington Post in March 2019.

Privately, Democratic leaders were betting Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Trump-Russia collusion would produce a clearly impeachable offense.  

They were wrong.

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After three years of thorough investigation – as well as thousands of breathless articles and untold hours of TV coverage keyed toward Trump’s prospective guilt – Mueller’s final report, issued in March 2019, concluded that the probe “[did] not establish that members of the Trump Campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian government in its election interference activities.”

Mueller did not make a determination of whether Trump had tried to obstruct his investigation. Looking at the evidence, Attorney General William Barr determined he had not.

Nevertheless, some powerful Democrats sought to use the Mueller report as the basis to impeach Trump, only to be rebuffed by Pelosi. 

The speed of what happened next blindsided Republicans. 

The Ukraine Affair

In early August, a CIA employee filed a formal whistleblower complaint against President Trump aimed at forcing Congress to address the matter.

He alleged that Trump had pressured Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky during a July 25 phone call to investigate the Bidens for political purposes, and subsequently made aid to Ukraine contingent on the probe.

Trump reportedly raised the issue because he believed there had never been any serious inquiry into why Hunter Biden, a lawyer with no experience in the energy sector, had been paid upwards of $80,000 a month to serve on the board of a Ukrainian gas company, Burisma.

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Hunter received the appointment in 2014, shortly after his father was asked to oversee Ukrainian affairs as Barack Obama’s vice president. In 2016, Biden threatened to withhold $1 billion in aid to Ukraine unless it fired a prosecutor widely considered to be ineffective.

The fired prosecutor, Viktor Shokin, testified that he was driven from office because he was investigating Burisma.

“There’s a lot of talk about Biden’s son,” Trump told Zelensky, “that Biden stopped the prosecution and a lot of people want to find out about that so whatever you can do with the attorney general would be great. Biden went around bragging that he stopped the prosecution so if you can look into it. … It sounds horrible to me.”

At the time of the whistleblower complaint, Biden was favored to win the Democratic nomination for president.

However, the allegations regarding the Trump phone call with Zelensky were problematic from the start. The man who brought the complaint was not really a whistleblower as the term is commonly understood.

He had no direct knowledge of the phone call but had been leaked details of it by one of the seven American officials who were on the call with the president.

The Department of Justice’s Office of Legal Counsel, whose legal opinions are normally binding on these matters, soon concluded the whistleblower complaint did not meet the requirements of an “urgent concern”  for it to be forwarded to Congress.

Meanwhile, Adam Schiff, the Democratic chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, worked to surface the details of the complaint publicly. He recast obstacles to legitimizing the whistleblower’s complaint as attempts to hide Trump’s malfeasance.

When the White House ultimately made a transcript of the call public, Trump’s rhetorical style, an odd combination of obliqueness and bluntness, made the idea of a quid pro quo – no Biden investigation, no aid — open to interpretation.

Officials from Ukraine, which did not open an investigation, said they never felt pressured by Trump

Despite the procedural problems with the whistleblower complaint, it provided a semblance of formal process to buttress an all-new impeachment attempt. 

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Progressives and much of the media cast the call as an abuse of power by Trump who, they claimed, tried to extort a foreign leader to kneecap a political rival. A formal House impeachment inquiry was launched on Sept. 24, 2019, with the full support of Democratic House leadership.

From the beginning, the impeachment inquiry was rife with episodes suggesting Democrats had a larger strategy. To begin with, they took an unprecedented amount of control over the process.

With the 2020 election and the prospect of a second Trump term looming, there would be no years-long special counsel or nonpartisan investigation of this matter.

While the Judiciary Committee, led by Rep. Jerrold Nadler of New York, was the traditional venue for impeachment, Democrats decided that Schiff would guide the impeachment inquiry through the Intelligence Committee.

Schiff, who had raised his national profile during the Mueller probe by repeatedly claiming that he had seen more than circumstantial evidence that Trump had colluded with Russia, had already acquired a reputation for fierce partisanship.

In early October, shortly after the impeachment inquiry began, the  New York Times reported that Schiff’s office had helped shepherd the alleged whistleblower’s complaint.

The Washington Post fact-checker gave Schiff “four Pinocchios” for repeatedly denying his office’s contact with the man. Nevertheless, Schiff received glowing press coverage for his impeachment efforts.

The mainstream press further enabled impeachment by refusing to publish the whistleblower’s name, in line with Democrat admonitions, even though he wasn’t formally protected by any whistleblower laws.

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News organizations disclosed no agreements of source confidentiality with the man, and his identity was common knowledge in Washington.  

When Paul Sperry of RealClearInvestigations reported the evidence that the whistleblower was a then-33-year-old CIA employee named Eric Ciaramella, this news blackout by major media allowed them to ignore his history of partisan ties and anti-Trump statements.

Sperry reported that Ciaramella had served as an adviser on Ukraine to Vice President Biden and had been overheard in 2017 discussing with another staffer how to “take out,” or remove, the new president from office.

That colleague was Sean Misko, who left the White House in the summer of 2019 to join House impeachment manager Schiff’s committee, where, sources say, he offered “guidance” to the whistleblower. 

Aside from Schiff’s backstage dealings with Ciaramella, the Intelligence Committee chairman publicly tried to spin Trump’s alleged wrongdoing.

On Sept. 26, the day after the Trump-Zelensky transcript was released, Schiff gave an opening statement before acting Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire testified before his committee.

During the statement, Schiff, who had once been an aspiring screenwriter, characterized the president’s behavior on the Zelensky call as being like “a classic organized crime shakedown.” Instead of reading the plain text of the call, Schiff paraphrased what happened in hyperbolic and lurid terms.

“I have a favor I want from you,” Schiff said while seeming to read from a transcript. “And I’m going to say this only seven times, so you better listen good. I want you to make up dirt on my political opponent, understand? Lots of it, on this and on that.”

Republicans were appalled.

“He makes up a conversation supposedly between the president and Ukraine which sounds like a script from a cheap comic book. Lies and innuendo. He was called out on it and said, well, I meant it as a parody. Geez, that’s great. The fun begins,” Utah Congressman Chris Stewart would record in his journal, as quoted in “Obsession,” Washington Examiner reporter Byron York’s book on Democrats’ years-long quest to remove Trump from office.

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Leaking Testimony

To make the case for impeachment, it was crucial for Democrats to demonstrate the existence of a quid pro quo between Trump and Zelensky, which was ambiguous because Trump never mentioned aid on the call.  

Schiff responded to the Volker testimony by taking even more unprecedented steps for Democrats to control the impeachment proceedings. Volker had sat for what was known as a “transcribed interview,” which allowed Republicans to speak about the testimony afterward.

After Volker, Schiff made sure all the witnesses in the impeachment inquiry were deposed, forbidding committee members from discussing what was said publicly.

But the secrecy rules had a convenient and glaring exception – the witnesses themselves could speak about what happened. “The sessions settled into a pattern of secret testimony accompanied by quick leaks of witnesses’ opening statements,” York observes in “Obsession.”

The leaked, one-sided testimonies allowed press speculation to run wild, while House Republicans who knew the particulars were subject to ethics charges if they told the public what had actually been said. 

The DNC-Ukraine Nexus

For Democrats, Biden was a fraught issue in the impeachment proceedings. One obvious defense of Trump was for Republicans to argue that the president’s questions about Biden family corruption in Ukraine were legitimate and necessary to protect national security.

Under questioning, multiple witnesses called by Democrats conceded that Hunter Biden’s role with Burisma was concerning, leading to calls for Hunter to testify in the proceedings. (During the subsequent Senate impeachment trial, one Democratic senator, West Virginia’s Joe Manchin, said Hunter Biden was a relevant witness.)

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Democrats rejected calls to question Hunter Biden, Ciaramella, and others.

“I think we really could have torpedoed impeachment by making the whistleblower detail all of his prior contacts with Schiff and also his prior contacts with Biden as well,” said a Republican House staffer with intimate knowledge of the proceedings who requested anonymity because he did not want to speak for elected officials.

Democrats also shut down Republican attempts to probe the Democratic Party’s own troubling connections to Ukraine during impeachment. 

A Politico investigation published in January 2017 “found evidence of Ukrainian government involvement in the [2016] race that appears to strain diplomatic protocol dictating that governments refrain from engaging in one another’s elections.”

The article, written by David Stern and Kenneth Vogel, the latter now at the New York Times, reported that Ukrainian officials had helped Hillary “Clinton’s allies research damaging information on Trump and his advisers,” including his campaign manager, Paul Manafort.

Key to this effort was a Democratic National Committee operative, Alexandra Chalupa, who met with Ukrainian officials and American journalists in Washington and was invited to the White House by Biden’s Ukraine pointman – the future “whistleblower” Ciaramella.

(Chalupa wasn’t the only Democratic operative pushing Manafort dirt originating in Ukraine at about the same time. So was Glenn Simpson of Fusion GPS, the Democratic contractor behind the discredited Steele dossier on Trump-Russia collusion. He has acknowledged feeding the media Ukraine tips in “Crime in Progress,” the book he co-wrote with his Fusion co-founder Peter Fritsch.) 

But even though Politico’s reporting on Ukraine and the DNC was largely unquestioned for three years, the media once again sprang to Democrats’ defense as Republicans sought to make an issue of it.

In the end, Schiff’s secrecy and tight control over who got to testify allowed House Democrats to sidestep any explosive questions about the chairman’s role in instigating impeachment, the DNC’s involvement with Ukraine, and Biden’s potential role in his son’s corruption.

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Ultimately, the Senate refused to convict Trump and many Republicans believed that it did little to harm him politically.

“Not a single Democrat speaker referenced impeachment during any of the convention, which is a really amazing thing,” the GOP staffer noted. “That just shows me they didn’t get a whole lot of political benefit out of it.”

Shielding Joe

But if impeachment failed to tarnish Trump as much as Democrats hoped, it appeared successful in delegitimizing valid questions about alleged Biden corruption.

After impeachment, the mainstream media showed almost no interest in investigating Biden family business ties, which were largely characterized as a series of unsubstantiated and debunked allegations.

Christiane Amanpour of PBS expressed the prevailing view in an interview with Republican National Committee spokesperson Liz Harrington when she said “there has never been any issues in terms of corruption” with the Bidens.

After Harrington disagreed and urged journalists to look into the story, Amanpour responded: “We’re not going to do your work for you.”

Some coverage transformed the potential scandals into a positive for Biden. At a campaign event in Iowa, a Democratic voter asked the candidate in December 2019 about allegations of his son’s corruption.

In response, Biden called the voter a “damn liar” and challenged him to an IQ test. CNN national political reporter Maeve Reston characterized the exchange this way: “In a human moment defending his son, Biden showed the authenticity, emotion and readiness for a fight that appeals to so many Democrats as they look for someone who can take on Trump.”

Last September, when a Senate intelligence panel report revealed that a firm co-founded by Hunter Biden received a $3.5-million wire transfer from the wife of a Russian politician, the New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, and MSNBC did not cover the story.

When Trump raised the issue at the first presidential debate, Biden claimed it had been “totally discredited” even though its existence was confirmed by Treasury Department documents.

This news blackout may have helped propel Biden to victory, but questions regarding the Bidens have not gone away.

There is the laptop, which, far from Russian disinformation, did indeed belong to Hunter Biden, who in December admitted he has been the subject of a federal corruption probe since 2018.

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Other evidence and testimony implicate President Biden. Tony Bobulinski, a former naval officer and business partner with Hunter Biden, asserted in October that he met with the senior Biden as part of a plan to secretly give the future president a 10% stake in a deal with a Chinese conglomerate with ties to the country’s communist government.

Bobulinski has provided documents to back up his account and news outlets such as the Wall Street Journal have confirmed they are authentic.

President Biden seems aware of the danger of family embarrassments, including from a January 2020 FBI raid involving allegations of financial fraud at a company where Biden’s brother James was listed as “principal.” 

Politico reported last week that the president had pulled his brother Frank aside last summer to tell him, “For Christ’s sake, watch yourself. Don’t get sucked into something that would, first of all, hurt you.”

On Inauguration Day, a law firm’s ad promoting Frank Biden’s relationship with the president caused a new stir.

Such Biden family matters, and Republicans’ awareness that their concealment may have helped seal Trump’s defeat, color Democrats’ long-shot efforts next week to convince at least 17 senators of the opposite party to join their legally and politically fraught effort to convict a president in an impeachment trial after he has left office.

Republicans think the Democrats’ handling of the first impeachment poisoned the well.

“Republican fence sitters are probably already on the record denouncing the unfairness of the House process last time around, since both GOP House members and senators were doing that,” says a GOP staffer who insisted on anonymity. “So if that process was unfair, how can you trust Democrats enough to sign off on impeachment 2.0, when there wasn’t even any process to speak of at all?”

A number of House Democrats involved in the first impeachment declined to comment on their Republican colleagues’ concerns.

In a recent vote, 45 Republican senators went on record saying they did not believe impeaching a former president was constitutional.

Even prominent Senate Democrats, such as 2016 vice presidential candidate Tim Kaine, are advocating censuring Donald Trump for fear that a bitter and drawn out impeachment trial is not only futile but will hamper Biden’s ability to get his administration up and running during the crucial early months of the presidency.  

Congressional Republicans, for their part, have shown no signs of dropping efforts begun in the first impeachment to investigate what they see as clear Biden family corruption – even after Trump’s second impeachment.

Prominent Republicans on the Senate Judiciary Committee, Lindsey Graham and Charles Grassley, recently told Fox News they plan to ask Joe Biden’s nominee for attorney general, Merrick Garland, about the Hunter Biden corruption probe during his nomination hearing. 

Syndicated with permission from RealClearWire.

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Reports Of Donald Trump’s Political Demise Are Greatly Exaggerated

In 1897, a newspaper in New York printed the obituary for American novelist Mark Twain. The only problem? Twain was in London on a speaking tour and very much alive.

When asked about the printing of the obituary by a reporter, Twain famously quipped, “the reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.”

For the last few weeks, the mainstream media and the Republican establishment have told us repeatedly that Donald Trump’s political career and his influence over the GOP is at an end.

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GOP Establishment, Media Want Trump Gone

Writing in the National Review this week, noted ‘NeverTrumper’ Dan McLaughlin said, “for the first time in five years, it is possible to propose or promote conservative ideas without having to go through or around Donald Trump.”

McLaughlin went on to note:

Trump’s influence will linger to an extent that is yet to be tested, but unless and until he returns to win another presidential nomination, his monopoly over the Republican Party — over its access to power, its communications with voters, its reputation and ideals — is broken.

This is far from the first time that the press has told us that Trump’s political future is at an end. Indeed, this is probably closer to the 100th time they have made this proclamation.

From the very first day he came down the escalator to announce his candidacy, to his attack on John McCain, to the floor fights at the convention, to the Access Hollywood tapes, to the Russia hoax, to the Ukraine hoax, to the first impeachment, and the list goes on and on and on and on.

The cycle of these stories is always the same. Event happens, event gets completely blown out of proportion by the media, establishment Republicans pile on Trump hoping to finally get rid of him, and in the end – Trump ends up just as popular, if not even more popular, with his base.

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Trump Supporters Can’t Be Tricked Or Browbeaten

This cycle of “the end of Trump” is no different than the first 99, and the outcome – much to the disappointment of Dan McLaughlin and the rest of the Trump Deranged – will be no different either.

Donald Trump will emerge from this “scandal” with an even stronger and more committed base.

Why? The answer, is actually not that difficult to discern. For Trump supporters, this isn’t about Trump, it’s about them. They rightfully see the attacks on Trump as attacks on them – and with good reason.

Since Hillary Clinton’s “basket of deplorables” comment back in 2016 up until today, the left, the mainstream media and the establishment GOP has orchestrated an unprecedented attack on the voters who support Trump.

Instead of focusing on policy differences with Trump, they have instead lobbed attack after attack on the people who elected Trump in the first place.

They have accused Trump supporters of being hillbillies, racists, xenophobes, bigots, and now seditionists.

CNN host Don Lemon recently went as far as to accuse all Trump supporters of being on the side of Nazis and the KKK:

“If you voted for Trump, you voted for the person who the Klan supported. You voted for the person who Nazis support. You voted for the person who the alt-right supports. You voted for the person who incited a crowd to go into the Capitol and potentially take the lives of lawmakers … You voted on that side, and the people in Washington are continuing to vote on that side.”

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It’s Not Trump They Hate – It’s YOU

By failing to focus their attacks solely on Trump, but instead choosing to attack his voters as well, every single one of these hyperbolic “scandals” fail to actually do long-term damage to Trump and to his brand.

Indeed, these “scandals” have quite the opposite effect, serving only to deepen and harden Trump’s support among his base.

The reports of Donald Trump’s political demise are greatly exaggerated, and the mainstream media, the left and the establishment of the Republican Party can thank themselves for keeping Trump’s brand and power intact.

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CNN Asks Biden Spokeswoman If Admin Will Deny Access To News Outlets That ‘Lie’ About Biden

On Wednesday night, Biden’s Communications Director Kate Bedingfield was asked by CNN’s Alisyn Camerota if the Biden administration would deny access to news outlets should they decide to “lie” about Biden.

Camerota referred to Biden’s inaugural speech, in which he stated, “Recent weeks and months have taught us a painful lesson. There is truth and there are lies. Lies told for power and for profit.”

Camerota made it clear who she was referring to: “They are right-wing companies, some are more fringe than others, at this point, or more extreme than others.”

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Will The Biden Administration Determine Who is ‘Lying?’

In response, Bedingfield said, “Now obviously, if media companies are willfully lying or are not carrying forth straightforward honest information from the president when we make him available, or from administration officials when we make them available, then, of course, that’s something we are going to think about and we’re going to factor in.”

Bedingfield also stated the commitment of her office to, “use all sorts of creative platforms, that we’re going to be able to reach out in all sorts of ways to meet people where they are. We love viewers who watch CNN, but we also love viewers who don’t watch CNN.”

Bedingfield didn’t elaborate what “factoring in” might mean for an outlet that “lies” about Biden.

CNN wasn’t the only outlet with commentary on the First Amendment.

MSNBC’s Nicole Wallace, a former Communications Director herself in the George W. Bush administration, offered up an idea that to avoid the dangers of “echo chambers.”

Under the Wallace plan, a “Republican must assert the truth before they’re allowed to share any other views.”

Wallace likened “fake news” to counterfeit currency, and added that, “If we can protect against counterfeit dollar bills, we should be able to protect against fake news that we now know has the potential to kill people as it did two weeks ago.”

Wallace referring to the violence that took place at the Capitol building on Jan. 6 as Congress prepared to count electoral votes and officially certify the election. 

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Field Day For The News Media

Also on Wednesday, Biden Press Secretary Jen Psaki held her first press conference.

The White House Press Corps proved their commitment for speaking truth to power and holding government officials accountable.,

One reporter asked what ‘measures’ the press ‘took to ensure that the President is safe’ from lingering Trump officials’ germs. 

Another tough question was, “Can you just give us some color about what it was like for him going into the Oval Office? He’s been waiting for this for so long. what was his reaction?”

Perhaps the best window into what’s to come came from this hard-hitting question: 

“Will Biden keep Donald Trump’s Air Force One color scheme change?”

Psaki was delighted to engage the question.

The toughest question went to Fox News’s Peter Doocy who posed the question,”So, President Biden wants a theme of his presidency to be unifying the country, does he think that Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer should drop a potentially divisive Senate impeachment trial?” 

Psaki made sure the American people knew exactly where Joe Biden stood by transparently responding, “His view is the way to bring the country together is to address the problems we’re facing.”

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ABC Quietly Edits Story That Claims Republican Movement Should Be ‘Cleansed’ Of Trump Supporters

An ABC News column written by Rick Klein and MaryAlice Parks was quietly edited after it originally argued for “cleansing” the movement of Trump supporters.

“Even aside from impeachment and 25th Amendment talk, Trump will be an ex-president in 13 days. The fact is that getting rid of Trump is the easy part,” they argued in a column for a section called ‘The Note.’

“Cleansing the movement he commands, or getting rid of what he represents to so many Americans, is going to be something else,” it continued.

Klein also tweeted a column with the original phrasing about Trump supporters quoted.

ABC quietly changed the verbiage in the column to “cleaning up,” while Klein simply deleted the tweet.

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ABC Reporter Wants Trump Supporters “Cleansed”

Nothing quite says ‘unity’ like the media suggesting that Republicans “cleanse” themselves of Trump supporters – 75 million strong.

The Media Research Center’s Nick Kangadis writes that Klein “can celebrate that Trump is leaving office all he wants.”

“But it is the height of hypocrisy for those in the media to condemn others for violent acts that are dwarfed in comparison to the consistent violence of the far-left — one act doesn’t justify the other — and then go out and call for something like a ‘cleansing’ of people and think there’s nothing wrong with a statement like that,” he added.

It wasn’t long before viewers were able to draw a link between past instances of ethnic cleansing and the call for a political cleansing.

ABC Suggested It, Big Tech Is Actually Doing It

Amid threats of the 25th Amendment being invoked and a second impeachment vote cleared the House, it seems there is a push to completely wipe out any memory of the Trump administration.

Big Tech has been dutifully following the demands of former First Lady Michelle Obama who insisted social media permanently ban President Trump from their platforms.

They did, but weren’t about to stop with the President. They’re going after Trump supporters too.

Thousands of conservatives have reportedly been ‘cleansed’ from Twitter’s platform since the Capitol riots took place.

“The radical left and their big tech allies cannot marginalize, censor, or silence the American people,” former White House press secretary Sarah Sanders said.

“This is not China, this is the United States of America, and we are a free country.”

They’re certainly trying their best to ‘cleanse’ America of the conservative moment. Communist China would be so proud.

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