‘Moderate’ Democrat Rep. Dina Titus Goes On Foul Mouth Rant: Impeach ‘Right Now’

Rep. Dina Titus, a Nevada Democrat described by mainstream outlets as a ‘moderate,’ declared she’d like to impeach President Trump ‘right now.’

Except, she didn’t refer to him as the President. She referred to him as “the b****rd.”

Titus went with a full-on unhinged rant whilst making remarks at a Democratic presidential primary forum at the Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas.

She initially made note of the importance of the 2020 election in removing President Trump.

“We’ve accomplished a lot, but we can’t just rest on our laurels. We know we have a lot to do for 2020,” she stated. “You have heard me say how many times this is the most important election of your lifetime. Well this time I really, really, really, mean it because it is. The heart and soul of our nation are on the ballot.”

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Impeach the B****rd

It didn’t take long for Rep. Dina Titus to go with her best Rashida Tlaib impersonation, using vulgarities to discuss the impeachment process and how she’d like to speed it up.

In fact, she made it quite clear that despite her belief that the House will, in fact, impeach Trump, she’d like to do it post-haste.

“It’s the first step to getting this con artist out of ‎the White House,” she said of the House caucus before pivoting to impeachment.

“You know, frankly, I think the House is going to do it and I’d like to impeach the bastard right now,” she foamed at the mouth. “But wait we’re not sure what the Senate’s going to do, so it’s up to us to be ready to take him out in November.”

She seems charming.

Naturally, being at a Democrat forum, she was wildly cheered.

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She’s a Moderate

Titus essentially just did the same exact screeching lunatic act that Rep. Rashida Tlaib did on her first day in Congress when she told supporters that on behalf of her little boy, she was going to “impeach the mother f*****.”

Tlaib has since raised money for her campaign by selling t-shirts saying “Impeach the MF,” and recently incited a crowd by shouting “impeach the …” while her unhinged supporters shouted back, “mother ******!”

Tlaib, of course, is a kook. Titus, by contrast, has been described by mainstream outlets as a ‘moderate Democrat.’

She recently told the Las Vegas Journal-Review about just how serious she takes these impeachment proceedings.

“You really feel it when you walk in the room. “The sense of responsibility, the level of the testimony, just the gravity of the situation,” she said. “It’s a historic moment.”

Titus recently called Republican colleagues “childish” for their behavior in demanding to be involved in the closed-door hearings being led by Adam Schiff and the Democrats.

Who’s acting childish now?

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Congressman Jeff Van Drew: My Democrat Colleagues Are Privately Concerned About Impeachment Proceedings

Democrat congressman Jeff Van Drew claimed this weekend that his colleagues are privately concerned over impeachment proceedings and simply want to “move on.”

Van Drew, one of only two Democrats to vote against the impeachment inquiry, said that members of his own party are voicing concerns over the circus behind closed doors.

Van Drew made the comments during an interview with Fox News host, Maria Bartiromo.

“There is some discussion among some of them [colleagues], quietly, privately, of concern certainly,” he admitted. “I mean, what I’m hearing out in the street is they’re kind of tired.”

“They’re kind of worn out. They’re kind of bored, most folks,” Van Drew added. “And they really want to move on unless there’s something new and amazing. We know the end game here.”

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Fracturing the Nation

Congressman Jeff Van Drew didn’t hold back much of anything when it came to criticizing the impeachment proceedings being spearheaded by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff.

His view is that the American people should have the say in President Trump’s fate and that Democrat leadership is actually splitting the country apart even further.

“We’re going to have an election next year, let’s have the election, let’s fight through the election, let’s do what Republicans and Democrats and whomever else does, but this is going to get us nowhere,” he concluded.

“We’ve spent millions of dollars, in my opinion, tons of money, tons of time, tons of hurt, fracturing the nation apart. I haven’t seen this to be a good thing.”

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Accuses Them of Disenfranchising Voters

Van Drew also noted something that Democrats used to believe about impeachment once upon a time – without tangible high crimes and misdemeanors, their effort to undo the election is a slap in the face of voters.

“You don’t disenfranchise voters, millions upon millions of voters. Voters choose their leaders in America,” the New Jersey Democrat chided.

It’s funny, top House Democrats would have agreed wholeheartedly with that notion if it were a fellow party member being impeached.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler, a driving force behind the impeachment of Donald Trump, once echoed the very same sentiments when Bill Clinton was the target.

“They knew quite properly that an impeachment of a president is an undoing of a national election,” Nadler argued.

“And one of the reasons we all feel so angry about what they are doing is that they are ripping from us, they are ripping our votes,” he added. “They are telling us that our votes don’t count and that the election must be set aside.”

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Democrat Chris Murphy: We Have to Stop Trump from Trying to ‘Rig’ 2020 Election

Democratic Senator Chris Murphy defended his party’s impeachment inquiry on Sunday by accusing President Donald Trump of trying to ‘rig’ the upcoming 2020 election.

‘The conduct that I have seen has to be impeachable in a democracy’

Murphy made his comments on NBC News “Meet the Press, saying, “The president was trying to use the power of his office to influence the upcoming election. He was attempting to get a foreign power to destroy a candidate for office who was running against him in 2020. So this is directly relevant tore the sanctity of American elections.”

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“If you don’t stop a president from trying to rig an upcoming election, I don’t know how you live in a democracy,” Murphy said. “That’s why you had to use this means right now.”

“I think if this isn’t impeachable, I not sure what is,” Murphy added.

The senator concluded, “The conduct that I have seen has to be impeachable in a democracy.”

His comments beg the question: Since when did Sen. Murphy or his party care about democracy?


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Since When Have Democrats Cared About Democracy?

If there’s one thing Murphy and the Democrats have made abundantly clear, it’s that they have zero respect or interest in democratic elections. The American people voted Donald Trump into the White House in 2016 and Democrats have been doing everything they can to undo that vote ever since.

The impeachment inquiry is merely their latest tactic.

If anyone is trying to manipulate elections, its Democrats constantly trying to reverse the last one. Murphy and his liberal colleagues can’t try to pretend they are on high moral ground, as more Americans continue to see through that charade too.

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From Russian collusion to the Ukraine phone call–and even 2016 Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton is accusing people of being in secret cahoots with the Russians–Democrats will try every trick in the book to undermine this President.

It isn’t working. In fact, Democrats like Chris Murphy and his his entire party are just contining to make themselves look worse.

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AOC and Bernie Have Billion Dollar Plan To Upgrade Public Housing To Green Compliancy

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Bernie Sanders introduced legislation Thursday to make public housing more energy efficient, at the cost of over $100 billion.

No doubt that figure is the low-end, the minimum. They want to make all public housing “green compliant.” This sounds like some cockamamie thing that Barack Obama would do. Remember, Solyndra?

This venture by the Democrat Bolsheviks will be called “Green New Deal for Public Housing Act.” Again, the idea is to renovate public housing units to install community gardens and organic grocery stores along with on-site childcare services, according to the Washington Post. A progressive think tank, Data for Progress, estimated the cost of the program between $119-$172 billion over the next ten years.

AOC as Judge and Jury: Impeachment an ‘Open and Shut Case’

Sen. Bernard Sanders and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Thursday are introducing legislation that calls for a guaranteed right to housing and would put up to $180 billion over 10 years toward retrofitting and cutting carbon emissions in federal public housing.

The legislation would amend federal law to say it’s the policy of the U.S. to use federal funds and the credit of the country “to guarantee the right to housing for every individual” – an expansive view of government reach reflected in their “Green New Deal” to combat climate change.

The bill provides money for solar panels and renewable energy resources to power public housing, and calls for a federal-state partnership for new grant programs to transition public housing into more energy-efficient units.

Ocasio-Cortez’s Chief Of Staff Admits What The Green New Deal Is Really About — And It’s Not The Climate

“This bill shows that we can address our climate and affordable housing crises by making public housing a model of efficiency, sustainability and resiliency,” said Mr. Sanders, a Vermont Independent who is seeking the 2020 Democratic presidential nomination.

The legislation is intended to transition the “entire public housing stock” in the country “as swiftly and seamlessly as possible” into “zero-carbon, highly energy-efficient developments,” according to a summary of the bill. [Washington Times]


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Here are some critical questions. Who does something like this benefit, and who does it harm? What is the end game of a plan like this? Is it possible this is a deflection to keep you from seeing what the real agenda is?

Ask questions and research for yourself, don’t take what is posted on sites like this as fact.

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Pelosi Mocks Reporter For Asking About Trump’s Due Process During Impeachment

Rep. Nancy Pelosi had another of her Thursday press conferences with the media, but this one took a different tact than she regular gives.

David Rosen, a former Fox News reporter, now with Sinclair, asked Pelosi about the legal rights of the “whistleblower” and how they were more important than the President who has a right to face his accuser.

Pelosi responded with a name attack against a member of the press. The press is not safe from Democrats. They are all against freedom of the press and are endangering the lives of reporters as well as inhibiting their First Amendment rights. Funny thing is, I’m not being 100% sarcastic.

If Rosen receives any death threats after Pelosi’s briefing today because he dared question the Speaker about Trump’s rights – shouldn’t she have to face charges?


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Rosen: Thank you, Madame Speaker. We hear it said routinely and of course, it’s true, that impeachment is a political process and not a legal one. And yet, as we can all observe many things surrounding the legal process are inherent in this political process. We have counsels, depositions, subpoenas, threats of perjury and so forth. This was made slightly clear yesterday by Chairman Schiff, he reminded the minority that he would do everything necessary to ensure the legal rights of the whistleblower to preserve anonymity.

Pelosi: Right.

Rosen: And so, I wonder if you can explain to the American people why the legal rights of a whistleblower should prevail in this political setting over those of President Trump who should normally enjoy a right to confront his accuser?

Pelosi: Well, let me just say this–I will say to you Mr. Republican talking points, what I said to the president of the United States–when you talk about the whistleblower you are coming into my wheelhouse. I have more experience in intelligence than anybody in the Congress, anybody who has ever served. 25 years on the committee as a top democrat, ex officio, as leader and speaker. I was there when we wrote the whistleblower rules.

The whistleblower is there to speak truth to power and have protection for doing that and any retribution or retribution or harm coming to the whistleblower undermines our ability to hear truth about power. So, I will defend the rights of the whistleblower vehemently, vehemently.

Rosen: But why should the prevail over the president’s legal rights?

Pelosi: Well, the president can come and–if he has a case to make does he want to come speak? Does he want to consent in writing or speak to the Committee about his what might be a–a exculpatory for him? He has that right to do. But nobody, nobody–president–president is not above the law. President will be held accountable and nobody should have the right to endanger whistleblowers. And that is a system that I will defend and the American people, American people understand that. Yes?

And what, pray tell, happens when the whistleblower is speaking smears to the press? Does that give the whistleblower unlimited legal power to smear with impunity? Don’t bother answering Nancy. You Democrats are part of the smear.

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Watch the video above, via YouTube


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House Dem Claims Trump Can Still Be Reelected After Being Impeached

So far, you have heard many Democrats say that President Donald Trump could be reelected again if he isn’t impeached–and they are telling you the truth!

Representatives Al Green, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and now Debbie Dingell have all said this. The entire impeachment inquiry is about getting the President anyway they can since they have their doubts about beating Trump in the 2020 election.

The Democrats are trying to overturn the election of 2016 with the impeachment of the president and trying to win the 2020 election with the impeachment of the president. That is all this impeachment is about–the fact the Democrats know they can not win the election with the policies they are promoting and the record they have in the House of Representatives since they have taken over the House.

Here’s What To Know About The Second Impeachment Hearing

What have they done for the country or the people since they haven’t even passed the new trade bill with Mexico and Canada which was done nine months ago? If they think what they are doing is going to get a Democrat elected in 2020 then they aren’t watching the Trump rallies. They aren’t paying attention to the Trump donations. They aren’t seeing all the is citizen support for Trump.

Democrats, your strategy is not working and it will not give you the 2020 election. The people are wise to you since you said you were going to do certain things if you won the House in 2018 and you haven’t done anything.

“I think, yes, people have dug in and they’ve made up their minds,” said Rep. Debbie Dingell of Michigan in an interview on the Yahoo News “Skullduggery” podcast, when asked what voters in her sprawling district west of Detroit think about the president.

“But I do think Donald Trump could win reelection right now,” Dingell said, quickly adding, “I don’t think it’s a given,” since the outcome depends on whom Democrats select as their 2020 nominee.

But asked if Trump could again carry her home state of Michigan, she replied: “I think he could.”

Dingell’s comments are notable given that she was one of the few leading Democrats in 2016 who warned that Hillary Clinton’s campaign was in danger of losing Michigan.

Politicians, Pundits Accuse Trump Of Witness Tampering By Tweeting At Yovanovitch During Impeachment Hearings

“I knew we were in trouble when I was going into communities and there were Trump signs in every front yard,” she said. “You’d see 20 of them down a street. But Ypsilanti, which is next to Ann Arbor in Washtenaw County, is not a city that you would traditionally think of as supporting a Republican candidate. And I was seeing Trump signs in Ypsilanti.” [Yahoo News]


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Impeachment is such a mistake. Congress has been consumed with it for the last several weeks. This is not what voters elected them for and it is definitely a turnoff for many. The people want their representatives to work on policies that affect their life instead of working on theatrics.

Many voters will vote for Trump for this very reason. How sad.

Most working-class voters are very happy with President Trump’s economic victories so far. We have the best economy in decades. People won’t vote against that unless they are just hardcore liberals.

Ocasio-Cortez Says Impeachment ‘About Preventing a Potentially Disastrous Outcome from Occurring Next Year’

Trump beat out all Republican candidates in 2016 with nothing but illegal immigration and foreign trade while promoting national patriotism. The Republican candidates avoided that discussion and all of them lost. Less than years later, Democrats are still avoiding those issues while Trump goes unchallenged with those topics. No one learned the lessons from 2016.

I really like the Trump economy, his work on China, his support of immigration laws, and his support of veterans. I don’t care for some of his tweets and some personality traits but the actions he has taken for the good of the USA far outweigh the negatives for me.

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