Rep. Raskin on what the Jan. 6 committee accomplished in the first public hearing

For more takeaways from Thursday night's hearing, we turn to a member of the Jan. 6 select committee, who also served as the lead impeachment manager in President Trump's second impeachment trial. Maryland Rep. Jamie Raskin joins Judy Woodruff to discuss some of the revelations from the first public hearing on the Capitol insurrection.

Rep. Jamie Raskin discusses new book on his son’s suicide and the Capitol insurrection

Maryland's Democratic Rep. Jamie Raskin gained national attention when he was tapped to lead the second impeachment trial against then-President Trump. The appointment came soon after losing his son to suicide. In a deeply personal book, "Unthinkable: Trauma, Truth, and the Trials of American Democracy," he writes about his son's battle with depression, his death, as well as the Jan. 6 attack.

News Wrap: Rep. Swalwell files lawsuit against Trump and his allies over Capitol attack

In our news wrap Friday, House impeachment manager and California Democrat Rep. Eric Swalwell filed a lawsuit against former President Trump and several of his allies for inciting the Capitol insurrection, a new CDC study sheds light on how mask mandates and other rules have slowed COVID infections and deaths, and a Black woman will be officiating games for the first time in NFL history.

Former 9/11 investigator joins bipartisan calls for new commission to probe Capitol attack

Former President Trump's second impeachment trial has concluded, but questions still remain over the Jan. 6 insurrection. Now, former 9/11 Commission co-chairs Thomas Kean and Lee Hamilton are calling on President Biden to create an independent, bipartisan commission to investigate the assault at the U.S. Capitol. Kean, who is also the former New Jersey governor, joins Judy Woodruff to discuss.

Sen. Patty Murray recounts her narrow escape from a violent mob inside the U.S. Capitol

The impeachment trial this week has revealed a number of new, chilling details of the Jan. 6 U.S. Capitol attack. For the first time, Sen. Patty Murray from Washington state and the highest ranking female Democrat in the Senate, told Judy Woodruff Friday about the terror she experienced that day while hiding, just inches from the violent mob, who she says were looking to "kill."

Brooks and Capehart on Trump’s Senate trial and Biden’s pandemic response

New York Times columnist David Brooks and Washington Post columnist Jonathan Capehart join Judy Woodruff to discuss the week in politics, including the Senate impeachment trial of former President Trump and the Biden administration's response to the pandemic.

Assessing the strength of the legal arguments made against Trump

President Trump's defense team will make their argument Friday in his impeachment trial. Elizabeth Chryst, the Republican Senate secretary during President Bill Clinton's impeachment trial, and Melody Barnes, of the University of Virginia's Democracy Initiative, helped broker that trial's rules as chief counsel to Massachusetts Sen. Ted Kennedy. They join Judy Woodruff to discuss Trump's trial.

How the impeachment trial is being seen and heard across the country

To get a sense of how the impeachment trial is being seen and heard across the country outside Washington, D.C., we spoke with two political reporters about what they're hearing on the ground in Phoenix, Arizona and Ann Arbor, Michigan. Yvonne Wingett Sanchez, a national political reporter for The Arizona Republic, and Tim Alberta, of POLITICO, join Judy Woodruff to discuss.

Are Democrats connecting the dots on Trump’s role in the Capitol insurrection?

As former President Trump's impeachment trial moved into high gear Wednesday, we spoke with two people who worked in the Senate impeachment trial of President Bill Clinton. Elizabeth Chryst was the Republican Senate secretary during the trial, and Melody Barnes helped broker the trial's rules as chief counsel to the late Massachusetts Sen. Edward Kennedy, They join Judy Woodruff to discuss.