What If Biden Were Seeking Recounts? We Know Exactly What Would Happen

By J Peder Zane for RealClearPolitics

Imagine if Joe Biden had enjoyed a healthy lead on election night only to see it evaporate as the numbers dripped in from Republican strongholds.

Does anyone believe the mainstream media would have rushed to anoint Donald Trump the winner?

Would the New York Times, Washington Post, NPR and other outlets have cast the inevitable Democrat demands for ballot reviews and recounts as a constitutional crisis or would they have run wall-to-wall coverage about the inherent problems associated with mail-in ballots?

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We don’t have to imagine the answer – just recall 2016 when the same liberal news organizations that are damning Trump as a tyrant and suggesting he might be planning a coup cheered and facilitated Democrat efforts to delegitimize Trump’s victory by claiming he was a crooked businessman who had colluded with Vladimir Putin to steal the election.

After early efforts failed to convince electors to defy the will of their states and cast their ballots for Hillary Clinton, talk turned to impeachment before Trump was even sworn in.

On the morning of his inauguration – which was boycotted by several dozen Democrat members of Congress because, as Rep. Jerrold Nadler said, he was not “legally elected” – a Washington Post article reported, “The campaign to impeach President Trump has begun.”

Democrats and their media allies fulfilled that promise, spending the next three years using salacious smears funded by the Clinton campaign to claim Trump was Putin’s puppet.

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When Special Counsel Robert Mueller dismissed that conspiracy theory in March 2019, Democrats impeached Trump on other grounds that did not include high crimes or misdemeanors.

At a May 2019 event, Biden agreed with a woman who said Trump was “an illegitimate president.” A month later, former President Jimmy Carter said the same.

Nothing in our history has done more to destroy norms and undercut the rule of law.

This history does not bolster Trump’s claims that massive voter irregularities caused his 2020 defeat – though we owe it to our country to review the results from this highly unusual election.

It does suggest that one reason millions of Americans are skeptical about Biden’s victory is the insistence of a highly partisan media that he won fair and square – no questions asked.

Presidents come and go, but the media is forever. The transformation of leading news outlets from liberal voices into propaganda arms of the left may be the most consequential legacy of the Trump era.

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It’s not surprising that the media so causally compares Trump to Hitler while branding Republicans as racists – these are now articles of faith among the leftists they support. This is apparently what they believe.

Gallup polls illustrate the partisan shift. During the Obama years about 55% of Democrats felt the “mass media” reported the news “fully, accurately, and fairly.” About 30% of Republicans agreed.

In 2017 the number of approving Democrats rose to 72% – where it has roughly stayed – while the number of approving Republicans dropped to just 14% in 2016 and is now at 10%.

No doubt many Democrats tell themselves they are reality-based while Republicans have been brainwashed by Trump’s “fake news” lies.

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But that position is hard to defend given the Trump/Russia fiction they perpetrated, the ugly accusations they launched against Brett Kavanaugh during his Supreme Court confirmation hearings, and the contempt with which they view those who disagree with them.

Free nations need an honest press. We no longer have one. Heaven help us.

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Comparing Trump To Biden On The Economy Is Like Comparing A Corvette To A Pinto

Anyone that thinks Joe Biden is going to bring back the economy or do better than the Trump economy is smoking that magical Latin lettuce.

First, Democrats do not build economies, they tear them down.

Second, Trump has been a businessman his entire adult life, while Biden has been a career politician with zero business sense for nearly half a century.

Asking Biden to manage anything above and beyond his personal bank account is already exceeding his limits.

For 47 years, lawmaker Biden stood by, did nothing, and watched as America’s wealth, business, technology, manufacturing, industry, intellectual property, and millions of jobs left the country in favor of the likes of countries like Mexico, China, and India.

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Suddenly he has a “plan” to reverse Trump’s tax cuts for the middle class, raise taxes on businesses again, and give foreign governments the advantage in every trade agreement once again.

Right, that will “fix” things.

It’s All About The Economy, Stupid

Businesses in the US are very vocal about why they began to expand and hire like wildfire when Trump was elected.

He cut regulations and cut taxes — the two most important factors a business looks at when planning an expansion.

I recall an interview I saw with the owner of a small factory (~100 employees).

In the last year alone of Obama’s reign, he said his business was hit with 300+ new regulations. How can anyone do business like that?

Trump has so far removed over 25,000 PAGES of federal regulations. That, along with the tax reform he passed, turbocharged the economy.

And once the lockdowns are over, we’ll go back to the lowest unemployment rates in history.

As long as Hiden Biden stays in his basement, that is.

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Democrat Agenda Is Quickest To Oblivion

If you listen to what the Democrats or the media say about the economy and jobs, you would think it’s a disaster everywhere.

There is a different reality for many Americans.

The speed of economic recovery is ordinarily directly proportional to the depth of the recession.

The 2009 recession should have rebounded very quickly due to its depth.

Obama’s policies interminably drew it out by influencing companies to offshore work and split full-time jobs into multiple no-benefit part-time jobs through over-taxation, over-regulation, and Obamacare.

This was not his intent, of course. It’s just the natural effect of Democrat policies.

The economy roared to life when Trump was elected because he reversed the crippling Democrat policies that had slowed the recovery to a crawl.

I Am Still Not Over This Yet

Call me a child if you like, but I never thought I would see what I see in my country.

Politicized branches of our government going after their political opponents.

One political party purchasing Russian misinformation from a former foreign spy to initiate impeachment proceedings against a duly elected POTUS.

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The former Vice President bragging on video about getting a foreign prosecutor fired by threatening to withhold $1,000,000,000 in aid.

A corporation that his son happens to be on the board of, with no qualifications outside of the V.P. being his father!

It’s on video, and the “corrupt media” tells us it’s not a story worthy of being investigated.

The media tells you this never happened: 

Who Really Supports Biden?

Nobody actually supports Biden. Biden himself is nothing more than a figurehead.

His supporters are not his supporters, but instead victims of the weaponization of psychology, mass propaganda, and gaslighting perpetrated most especially for the past 4 years – but it’s been a work of decades (Losing your job is good for us as a whole! Sending manufacturing abroad, which strengthens communist China, will benefit everyone!).

Globalization weakened the average person’s relevance and self-confidence within his own country.

Trump, the counter to Globalism, has been relentlessly attacked by formerly authoritative institutions, including the media, intelligence, and other government agencies.

This has divided the populace into those who see through the manipulation and those who have, due to internal weakness, been susceptible to it.

They have been driven insane through a combination of Social Media (designed to be addictive) and the MSM (who transitioned to outrage addiction as their profit model in the Internet age).

So, in short, who supports Biden? TDS loonies.


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Liberal Media Smears Keep Coming – President Trump Keeps Honoring His Oath

No politician in America has faced more unjustified criticism from the liberal-dominated “mainstream” media than President Donald Trump. But despite enduring a constant barrage of smears, baseless attacks, and blatant lies from the moment he entered the political arena, our president has never wavered.

According to the newly-disclosed footnotes from the Justice Department’s report on the FBI surveillance of the Trump campaign in 2016, the infamous Steele dossier —a document that was at the heart of the manufactured Russia collusion narrative— contained…Russian disinformation. To make matters worse, some FBI officials were concerned about the author’s ties to Russian oligarchs, but those concerns were never shared with the unit that was assigned to investigate Donald Trump’s associates.

It turns out that President Trump was right all along—there was a “witch hunt” conducted against him, both before and after the 2016 election. But you will never hear an apology from the liberal media who treated the Steele Dossier as the sacred scripture of the anti-Trump #resistance. And worse, we now know, because of the #resistance and their push of the false narratives, there is danger of permanent erosion of civil liberties and due process for all Americans.

What is truly remarkable is that President Trump never allowed the mainstream media to distract him from accomplishing his policy objectives, no matter how preposterous their smears became over time.

During his first year in office, the president passed historic tax cuts, saving American workers an average of $1,400 on their annual federal income taxes. The following year, he signed the most extensive bipartisan prison reform legislation in U.S. history, the FIRST STEP Act. Even the hyper-partisan Democrat impeachment campaign didn’t stop the president from fighting for American workers—Donald Trump whipped up bipartisan support for his groundbreaking United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement so effectively that it passed with negligible opposition just one day after the House of Representatives approved articles of impeachment without a single Republican vote.

That’s not even close to being an exhaustive list of this president’s extensive record of promises kept—his administration has also secured the border, deregulated the economy, fixed the VA, appointed reliably conservative justices to the Supreme Court and the rest of the federal judiciary, and much more. Throughout it all, he has had to aggressively defend his integrity in the public square, relentlessly pushing back against the fake news media’s assault on the truth.

We’ve have never seen a man who is as patient, determined, and focused under fire as President Trump—and that is exactly the kind of leadership that our country needs more than ever right now.

The sad thing is, our president probably could have achieved even greater things for the country if he didn’t have to deal with the slings and arrows of partisan media outlets. Liberal journalists have launched brand new attacks, often using Orwellian doublespeak, against the White House in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, treating this once-in-a-lifetime public health crisis as just another opportunity to advance their biased narrative in preparation for the November elections.

Their fabricated storyline is predictable and unimaginative, baselessly claiming the White House botched its response to the coronavirus outbreak, and the Trump administration is still not doing enough to curb the spread of the deadly disease.

The facts are clear and immutable. The White House acted swiftly and responsibly.

No matter how hard the media try, they will never be able to change history. The United States was one of the first countries in the world to implement robust international travel restrictions on coronavirus hot spots—something liberals excoriated President Trump for doing at the time.

While House Speaker Nancy Pelosi contemplated legislation called the “NO BAN” Act to keep borders open as vectors of infection, the president acted to protect the American people by shutting down travel from China and eventually with the EU, Africa, the Middle East and the United Kingdom.

While the Democrats paraded the ever more troubling incompetence of their presidential candidates during their January 29, February 7 and February 19 debates — where there was not a single mention of the Wuhan Coronavirus — the White House was establishing and coordinating a whole-of-government response integrating critical private/industrial sector support, moving material and personnel to meet the challenge head on.

Most significant, contrary to initial projections, our country has avoided a shortage of life-saving ventilators thanks to the president’s effective collaboration with the private sector, and the number of COVID-19 deaths is now expected to be much lower than public health experts first anticipated. And through it all, the Trump administration has made it a priority to support the millions of working families who have been impacted by the current economic lockdown.

Further, the president’s fundamental belief that America must increase manufacturing and self-reliance (especially in critical national security and medical sectors) to preclude foreign reliance during a national crisis has been proven correct, and must be a priority going forward into 2021.

The liberal media have thrown everything in their arsenal at Donald Trump, but they’ve never been able to distract him from fulfilling his obligation to the American people before. The president certainly isn’t going to flinch now as they try to distract him from the most important work of his entire presidency.

Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer is a retired senior intelligence operations officer and President of the London Center for Policy Research.

This piece was written by Lt Col Tony Shaffer on April 29, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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