White House Official Sues Politico, Alleging Collusion With Adam Schiff

Chuck Ross on November 18, 2019

  • Kash Patel, an official on the National Security Council, is suing Politico for defamation, and accusing the news outlet of colluding with Rep. Adam Schiff. 
  • Patel alleged in a lawsuit filed Monday that Politico published two defamatory articles about him that were based on leaks of inaccurate information provided during the Trump impeachment inquiry in October. 
  • Two witnesses testified that Patel provided documents to Trump regarding Ukraine, Politico reported.

A National Security Council official who has long been a target of Democrats is accusing Rep. Adam Schiff of colluding with Politico to publish what he said is a false story about his contacts with President Donald Trump, according to a lawsuit filed Monday.

Kash Patel, who serves as a senior counterterrorism official on the NSC, is suing the Virginia-based Politico for $25 million for defamation over two articles published in October alleging he served as a back-channel to Trump on Ukraine-related issues.

“Defendants’ reporting was categorically and knowingly false,” Patel stated in the lawsuit, which was filed against Politico and its owner, Robert Allbritton.

“Defendants intentionally employed a scheme or artifice to defame Kash with the intent to undermine the President’s confidence in Kash and to further Schiff’s impeachment inquisition,” Patel stated in the lawsuit, which was first reported by Fox News.

Patel said Politico and its reporter, Natasha Bertrand, “colluded, collaborated and conspired with Schiff to defame” him in articles published Oct. 23 and Oct. 30.

Bertrand’s stories were based on alleged leaks of testimony that two NSC officials, Fiona Hill and Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, gave in October as part of the Democrat-led Trump impeachment inquiry.

Bertrand reported that Patel was involved in “passing negative information” to Trump about Ukraine on Oct. 23. She reported Oct. 30 that Vindman, who serves as the NSC director on Ukraine, testified that Patel “misrepresented” himself to Trump.

But Patel is vehemently denying having contact with Trump regarding Ukraine.

“At no time prior to October 30, 2019 had Kash ever communicated with the President on any matters involving Ukraine. Kash never supplied any Ukraine ‘materials’ to the President,” the lawsuit stated.

Patel has long been a target of House Democrats, thanks in large part to his previous work for House Intelligence Committee Republicans looking into the origins of the Trump-Russia investigation. Patel led the push to uncover documents related to the Steele dossier, which the FBI used to obtain spy warrants against a Trump campaign adviser.

Patel was also an author of the so-called Nunes memo, which accused the FBI of withholding information about dossier author Christopher Steele in applications to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court.

Transcripts of Hill and Vindman’s testimony, which Democrats released earlier in November, were far less definitive about whether Patel actually met with Trump or provided anyone information about Ukraine.

Hill said she came to suspect Patel might be meeting with Trump about Ukraine after having a change encounter with someone at the White House’s Executive Secretariat. Hill, who left the White House in July, said someone in the office of the Executive Secretariat said Trump wanted to meet with the director of Ukraine policy.

The staffer then said, “Yeah, so, I mean, we might be reaching out to Kash,” Hill testified.

Hill said she was confused because Ukraine was not one of Patel’s areas of focus at the NSC. She testified that she instructed her staff to keep an eye on Patel. She also raised the issue with Charles Kupperman, who served as deputy national security adviser.

But Hill also testified that she had no direct insight into whether Patel met with Trump or provided him with Ukraine-related documents. She said she did not ever see the material that Patel was supposedly handling.

She said only that she “was led to believe” from her “very brief” interaction with the Executive Secretariat that Patel handled materials that were given to Trump.

Vindman’s claim that Patel “misrepresented” himself to Trump is based solely on information from Hill.

“Outside of what Dr. Hill relayed to me, I had no other basis on which to make that assessment,” he said when asked what he knew about Patel allegedly misrepresenting himself as Ukraine director.

“That was a single I guess data point,” he added.

Schiff’s office did not respond to questions about Patel’s allegations. Politico did not immediately respond to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.

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‘Moderate’ Democrat Rep. Dina Titus Goes On Foul Mouth Rant: Impeach ‘Right Now’

Rep. Dina Titus, a Nevada Democrat described by mainstream outlets as a ‘moderate,’ declared she’d like to impeach President Trump ‘right now.’

Except, she didn’t refer to him as the President. She referred to him as “the b****rd.”

Titus went with a full-on unhinged rant whilst making remarks at a Democratic presidential primary forum at the Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas.

She initially made note of the importance of the 2020 election in removing President Trump.

“We’ve accomplished a lot, but we can’t just rest on our laurels. We know we have a lot to do for 2020,” she stated. “You have heard me say how many times this is the most important election of your lifetime. Well this time I really, really, really, mean it because it is. The heart and soul of our nation are on the ballot.”

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Impeach the B****rd

It didn’t take long for Rep. Dina Titus to go with her best Rashida Tlaib impersonation, using vulgarities to discuss the impeachment process and how she’d like to speed it up.

In fact, she made it quite clear that despite her belief that the House will, in fact, impeach Trump, she’d like to do it post-haste.

“It’s the first step to getting this con artist out of ‎the White House,” she said of the House caucus before pivoting to impeachment.

“You know, frankly, I think the House is going to do it and I’d like to impeach the bastard right now,” she foamed at the mouth. “But wait we’re not sure what the Senate’s going to do, so it’s up to us to be ready to take him out in November.”

She seems charming.

Naturally, being at a Democrat forum, she was wildly cheered.

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She’s a Moderate

Titus essentially just did the same exact screeching lunatic act that Rep. Rashida Tlaib did on her first day in Congress when she told supporters that on behalf of her little boy, she was going to “impeach the mother f*****.”

Tlaib has since raised money for her campaign by selling t-shirts saying “Impeach the MF,” and recently incited a crowd by shouting “impeach the …” while her unhinged supporters shouted back, “mother ******!”

Tlaib, of course, is a kook. Titus, by contrast, has been described by mainstream outlets as a ‘moderate Democrat.’

She recently told the Las Vegas Journal-Review about just how serious she takes these impeachment proceedings.

“You really feel it when you walk in the room. “The sense of responsibility, the level of the testimony, just the gravity of the situation,” she said. “It’s a historic moment.”

Titus recently called Republican colleagues “childish” for their behavior in demanding to be involved in the closed-door hearings being led by Adam Schiff and the Democrats.

Who’s acting childish now?

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