White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany Just Buried Hypocrite Chris Cuomo

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany took it to CNN ‘journalist’ Chris Cuomo after the latter mocked President Donald Trump for taking hydroxychloroquine as a preventative measure against coronavirus.

It turns out, Cuomo actually took a form of the drug during his own treatment for the virus.

According to his wife’s blog posts regarding her husband’s treatment, Cuomo took “potentized quinine” a synthetic derivative of chloroquine according to CNN Health, and something she called a “natural antibiotic.”

McEnany called Cuomo out for actually taking a “less safe version.”

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McEnany in Beast Mode

At a White House press briefing Wednesday, McEnany addressed a question regarding the use of hydroxychloroquine and attempted to set the record straight on criticisms, particularly from Cuomo.

“You had Chris Cuomo saying the president knows that hydroxychloroquine is not supported by science, he knows it has been flagged by his own people and he’s using it,” McEnany railed.

“Cuomo mocked the president for this,” she continued. “It turns out that Chris Cuomo took a less safe version of it called quinine, which the FDA removed from the market in 2006 because it had serious side effects, including death. So really interesting to have that criticism of the president.”

That’s when she moved in for the kill, suggesting Cuomo speak to his brother Andrew, governor of New York, who had several on-the-record positive statements about hydroxychloroquine.

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Cuomo’s Own Hoax

This is an incredibly rewarding takedown by McEnany, especially in context with little Fredo’s ‘fake’ stunt he and CNN pulled showing him emerging from his basement quarantine following a coronavirus diagnosis.

Fox News host Tucker Carlson blasted Cuomo for the fake news story.

“CNN, shameless cheese balls that they are celebrated by filming Cuomo rising like a buff cable news Lazarus from the grave and back into ordinary life,” Carlson mocked.

Nobody should take this man seriously – whether it involves “cheesy” skits like this or what he considers fair criticism of the President.

Check out our exclusive interview with Kayleigh McEnany in 2018 in which she predicted the Trump impeachment!

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Trump Responds To Romney Having To Self-Quarantine: ‘Gee, That’s Too Bad’

President Trump couldn’t resist taking a jab at Mitt Romney after hearing the news that Utah’s Senator would have to self-quarantine.

Romney announced that he would have to take the responsible action upon learning that Senator Rand Paul had become the first of his colleagues to test positive for coronavirus.

He had been in close proximity to Paul recently.

“Since Senator Romney sat next to Senator Paul for extended periods in recent days and consistent with CDC guidance, the attending physician has ordered him to immediately self-quarantine and not to vote on the Senate floor,” Romney’s office said in a statement.

Trump’s Response

President Trump learned of Romney’s self-quarantine through a White House reporter who noted four senators in total had moved to isolate.

“Romney, Senator Lee, Senator Gardner and Senator Rick Scott, also,” the reporter conveyed. “Two of them were in contact …”

“Romney is in isolation?” Trump interrupted. “Gee, that’s too bad. Go ahead.”

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Media Will Blow It Out of Proportion

The reporter responded to Trump’s comment asking, “Do I detect sarcasm there, sir?”

“No, none whatsoever,” Trump replied.

While the media would like you to think that Trump’s alleged sarcasm is downplaying the seriousness of the virus, he isn’t.

He’s referring to the precautionary measures numerous Americans have taken when in proximity to somebody who has been exposed to coronavirus.

There is no indication Romney is suffering from any symptoms. In fact, his statement adds that “he has no symptoms.”

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Romney Criticized Trump

Late last month, Romney took a jab at President Trump claiming he was unprepared for the coronavirus crisis.

“I’m very disappointed in the degree to which we’ve prepared for a pandemic, both in terms of protective equipment and in terms of medical devices that would help people once they are infected,” Romney criticized.

In reality, the President was already taking action in trying to quell the spread of the virus.

He took those steps despite a looming impeachment trial.

Perhaps if Romney hadn’t joined his Democrat buddies in becoming the only Republican senator to break party lines and vote in favor of Trump being impeached, he could have focused his efforts on advising the President or working with the administration to solve this problem.

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Chinese Virus May Have Been Exposed to 21 Students in Virginia

By David Kamioner | January 23, 2020

Like a scene from a classic sci-fi thriller like “The Andromeda Strain,” a fatal Chinese coronavirus that has broken out in the city and province of Wuhan may be present in America.

Inadvertently causing this possible threat are 21 Chinese exchange students from the same province in China.

They were scheduled on Wednesday to attend classes in Falls Church, VA. Multiple media outlets confirm this information.

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Fairfax County Public Schools, the students are at Longfellow Middle School, last night decided to bar the students from attending class until February 3rd.

The just-arrived students will instead stay at hotels and visit tourist and cultural sites, which is odd because if they have the virus won’t the chance of contagion be greater at public venues?

At this point, there have not been signs of the virus amongst students or staff. The incubation period is three to 14 days.

The Chinese regime has restricted travel in several cities and suspended public transportation in the Wuhan epicenter of the virus. The government is trying to stop the spread of the pestilence that has killed 17 and sickened 500 and counting.

18 million people are thought to be potentially affected by the spread of the disease, 11 million in Wuhan immediately so.

In a nation like China, where hundreds of millions reside in the close quarters of its teeming cities, that number could grow exponentially to a level that would classify it as a pandemic readily able to surmount national boundaries in a single bound.

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Gauden Galea, of the World Health Organization, told The Associated Press, concerning the quarantine of Wuhan, “To my knowledge, trying to contain a city of 11 million people is new to science. It has not been tried before as a public health measure. We cannot at this stage say it will or it won’t work.”

If the peril were to spread outside of Wuhan, perhaps even outside of China and Asia, and successfully jump to the U.S., the public health threat could be grim.

If the virus goes airborne, spread by American travelers from China already back from that country, then a simple visit to a movie theater or a grocery store could act as the accelerant to a health brushfire that could turn into a conflagration making the plot of the film “Outbreak” seem gentle by comparison.

U.S. public health officials are closely monitoring the situation.

This piece originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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