Joe Rogan: Epstein Kept That Painting Of Bill Clinton In A Dress To Let Him Know ‘I Got You B****’

The popular podcaster Joe Rogan offered up a theory as to why the late convicted sex offender Jeffrey Epstein kept a disturbing painting depicting Bill Clinton wearing a dress in his possession.

The infamous portrait featured the former president wearing red high heels and a blue dress, and Epstein had it hanging in his Manhattan townhouse.

Rogan, in a recent episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience,” opined that the painting was used as some sort of leverage or even blackmail against Clinton.

“That painting is like: ‘I got you, b****,” Rogan said. “You know he knows about it.”

“Imagine if I knew some horrible dark secrets about you and you came over to my house and I have a giant painting of you,” he continued. “Right when you walk into the front door of you in a dress and I’m like, ‘Hey buddy.'”

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Clinton’s Alleged Epstein Ties

Travel logs indicate that Clinton traveled on Epstein’s jet – known as the “Lolita Express” – 26 separate times, according to a Fox News analysis.

Doug Band, a former top aide to Clinton, made shocking allegations in a 2020 interview with Vanity Fair, including claims that the former president took a trip in 2003 to Epstein’s famed private island.

Epstein was convicted of procuring for prostitution a girl below the age of 18 in 2008 and was facing sex trafficking charges until he died by alleged suicide, according to authorities, in a Manhattan jail cell in 2019.

Clinton, according to a 2020 Daily Beast report, invited Ghislaine Maxwell to a “cozy” dinner in 2014. Maxwell had, at that point, already been accused of procuring underage girls for Epstein.

Last year, a reporter confronted Clinton and asked about his relationship with Epstein, prompting an awkward response as the former President was ushered away by an aide.

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More on the Clinton Painting

The Epstein-owned painting of Clinton in a blue dress is called “Parsing Bill,” and is the work of New York-based Australian artist, Petrina Ryan-Kleid.

Ryan-Kleid told Artnet that the portrait was just “silly school artwork” and confirmed that the blue dress Clinton is wearing in the image is a reference to the famous Monica Lewinsky dress.

The model who posed for her in order to create the painting said he was “stunned to find out that Epstein” bought the artwork.

It’s not the first time Lewinsky’s famous blue dress somehow made it into a painting of Clinton.

In 2005, artist Nelson Shanks claimed a shadow in his official portrait of President Clinton was actually modeled after a blue dress on a mannequin and was meant to symbolize Clinton’s affair with Lewinsky.

If you’re too young to remember, Lewinsky had a politically earth-shattering affair with the then-President Clinton in the ’90s, a relationship which would lead to his impeachment for perjury and obstruction of justice.

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Conservative Actor Jon Voight Promises to Show Trump’s ‘Beautiful Side’ in Upcoming Documentary

Conservative actor Jon Voight, previewing an upcoming documentary and exclusive interview with Donald Trump, promises to reveal the former President’s “grace,” “humility,” and his “beautiful side.”

Voight, an Academy Award-winning actor, perennial favorite at The Political Insider, and staunch supporter of Trump, has produced an exclusive documentary highlighting the historic Abraham Accords achievement of the former President.

Viewers, according to the actor, will be surprised by how Trump comes across in some portions of the interview.

“You’ll see a side to him that you’ve never seen before — or most people haven’t seen before,” Voight said. “A side of patience, of grace, even humility, I must say. It was it’s a very beautiful side to him that is exposed here.”

“The Abraham Accords” is set to air on Newsmax this Sunday at 8 p.m.

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Jon Voight Promises a Whole New Side to Trump

The Abraham Accords, which then-President Donald Trump aptly described as “the dawn of a new Middle East,” were signed by former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and the leaders of several Arab and Muslim-majority nations.

UAE Foreign Minister Abdullah bin Zayed al-Nahyan and Bahrain Foreign Minister Khalid bin Ahmed Al Khalif initially signed the agreement, which involved establishing embassies, exchanging ambassadors, and instituting a process to work together as partners.

Morocco and Sudan soon followed.

Democrat Rep. Ted Deutch (FL) praised the Accords, noting bipartisan support.

“It provided a transformative, positive lens through which we can all now look at what is sometimes a challenging region,” Deutch said.

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An Unprecedented Movement Toward Peace

Trump’s efforts with the Abraham Accords earned him two Nobel Peace Prize nominations, something the media failed to promote even though peace in the Middle East had once been thought unheard of.

“It’s an unbelievable thing, a movement towards peace of this kind; it was unprecedented,” Voight told Newsmax host Eric Bolling.

“It’s really been quite a remarkable thing what happened — peace for the first time in that area was brought forth.”

And he accomplished something that former Democrat presidential candidate John Kerry completely dismissed as a possibility.

“There will be no separate peace between Israel and the Arab world,” Kerry said, indicating it couldn’t be done without including Palestinians in the negotiations. “I want to make that very clear with all of you.”

Then-White House senior adviser Jared Kushner explained the exact opposite approach is what led to The Abraham Accords.

“Faced with the same Palestinian rejectionism that had stymied previous negotiators, Kushner focused on accomplishing the possible rather than the impossible,” Newsweek wrote.

“When they signed the Accords, the mainstream media, of course, didn’t want to do anything to encourage any praise for Trump, so they kept it quiet,” Voight told Newsmax.

He posted a video this past summer calling for the impeachment of President Joe Biden.

“He must be impeached,” Voight said. “Don’t let this President Biden tear down every inch that was sacrificed with blood, sweat, and tears for his dictation of lies.”

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Hollywood Conservative Jon Voight Calls On Joe Biden To Be Impeached

Conservative actor Jon Voight posted a video to social media earlier this week calling for the impeachment of President Joe Biden.

The two-minute clip focuses mainly on crime issues and wonders if the “darkness” of the Biden years can “be lifted.”

“We have a troubled nation with much horror from these criminals that are ruining lives,” Voight states, “We must stop this now. We must bring back our nation’s safety.”

The Academy Award-winning actor pointed the finger at Biden for taking “down our morals, our true gift of the land of the free.”

“He must be impeached,” he added. “Don’t let this President Biden tear down every inch that was sacrificed with blood, sweat, and tears for his dictation of lies.”


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Jon Voight: Impeach President Joe Biden

Polling consistently shows the American people are fed up with President Biden and his party’s soft-on-crime policies.

In a CBS News poll, 61 percent of voters disapprove of Biden’s handling of crime. Likewise, a Washington Post-ABC poll found Republicans hold a 12-point advantage on the issue of crime.

“We must protect this nation and bring back safety. We’re all feeling very unsafe,” Voight said before calling on Joe Biden to be impeached.

Aside from crime, there are several areas in which a Republican House could impeach the President or at least investigate the Biden administration.

Top of that list would be open borders.

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) when asked if he believed similar to Jon Voight that Biden could be impeached said, “I do think there’s a chance of that.”

“Whether it’s justified or not, the Democrats weaponized impeachment,” Cruz continued. “They used it for partisan purposes to go after Trump because they disagreed with him.”

Cruz went on to explain that the border crisis and Biden’s “decision to just defy immigration laws” are the most likely grounds for impeachment.

Republican Representative Claudia Tenney of New York also demanded Joe Biden be impeached after police video surfaced showing illegal immigrants being flown by federal contractors into Westchester County Airport.

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Voight Calls Trump a ‘Hero’

Roughly one year prior to his video calling on Biden to be impeached, Midnight Cowboy actor Jon Voight appeared in another video defending President Donald Trump and his former lawyer Rudy Giuliani as “heroes of the United States.”

“We as a nation will stand up for these men, heroes of the United States of America because my friends God is our witness and he will show who’s boss,” he said. “Pray for justice and truth!”

Voight said Trump, while Democrats spent four years viciously attacking him and calling for his impeachment, is “the greatest president of this century.”

Aside from open borders, President Biden easily could have been impeached over the botched Afghanistan withdrawal.

The incompetence behind the withdrawal led to a suicide bombing killing 13 service members, a retaliatory drone strike by the United States that killed 10 civilians – including an aid worker and 7 children – and hundreds of Americans being left behind for a significant period of time in the Taliban-controlled country.

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The White House’s efforts to create a letter alongside the National School Boards Association (NSBA) that would spur an attempt to weaponize the FBI and DOJ against concerned parents whom they branded potential “domestic terrorists” also should have opened some eyes.

Biden’s bungling of the COVID response, where more Americans died under his watch with multiple vaccines and therapies available, should also prompt further scrutiny.

Democrats most certainly would have impeached Trump over it had he won in 2020.

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All The Biden Border Policies That Have Illegal Immigrants Heading North

By James Varney for RealClearInvestigations

While a federal court has stayed the Biden administration’s attempt to lift pandemic-prompted restrictions on immigrants pouring across the southern border, that is just one setback in a largely successful push by the president to make it easier for migrants to enter, live, and work in the U.S.

Since Joe Biden’s first day in office, when he signed seven executive orders on immigration that, among other things, suspended deportations and ended the Trump administration’s “Remain in Mexico” program that had eased the crush of those awaiting asylum hearings, the president has in word and deed sent signals that migrants have interpreted as welcoming.

The initiatives include reviving the Obama-era policy known as “catch and release,” “paroling” illegal border crossers so they can enter the country, resettling migrants through secret flights around the country, and ending the “no match” policy that had helped the government identify people who were using fraudulent credentials to find work.

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At the same time, the administration has deflected responsibility for the surge of immigrants. Initially, Biden’s team claimed there was no significant spike in immigration, later attributing it to “cyclical” and seasonal trends. Even as a record number of migrants from around the world were streaming across the border, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki declared last year that “the border remains closed.”

Last week, Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas said the administration had “effectively managed” the border crisis while also blaming “a broken and dismantled system” the administration had inherited.

Many people on the front lines of the border – where a record 1.9 million people were apprehended during fiscal 2021, hundreds of thousands of whom were then released into the county – say the Biden administration’s policies have exacerbated the surge. 

“We’re stopping nobody coming into our country,” said Clint McDonald, the executive director of the Texas/Southwestern Texas Border Sheriffs’ Coalition, “and we have no idea who is in our country.”

McDonald and other critics blame what they see as an ideological crusade by Biden officials to dissolve or ignore various laws and regulations that once checked or limited the influx of illegal immigrants – whom the administration now refers to as “irregular migrants.”

“We don’t know how else to put it,” said Spencer Raley, the director of research for the Federation for American Immigration Reform, which favors curbs on illegal immigration. “Since the day he took office, Biden has not signed a policy that would enhance border security. Instead, everything that has been put into place was designed not just to undo policies of the Trump administration but to reflect an unending desire to bring more and more people into our country.” 

Biden’s presidential campaign was perhaps more transparent about his intentions than the official line since his inauguration. At several points in 2020, the campaign signaled that enforcement of the U.S. border would be significantly relaxed and opportunities for amnesty expanded. Criticism of the Trump administration’s allegedly harsh border policies were a staple of Biden and his fellow Democratic Party candidates throughout that election year.

Within hours of taking office Biden began to make good on his signals, moving aggressively against the existing infrastructure that dealt with illegal immigration at the southern border. In addition to temporarily suspending deportations and ending the “Remain in Mexico” program, he issued an executive order stopping work on Trump’s border wall.

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Policy memos from the Homeland Security also gave Border and Customs Protection and ICE agents more latitude in how they handle people encountered crossing the southern border without papers. These policy directives effectively ended ICE’s usual practice of taking custody of immigrants released from local or state jails, and placed more restrictions on the ability of federal authorities to arrest illegal immigrants.

During Trump’s last three months in office, apprehensions along the southern border held steady at an average of 75,000. In the first two months of Biden’s tenure, that number shot up by 120%, reaching a peak of 213,593 last July.

Despite those sharp increases, the Biden administration continued its relaxed border policies. Agreements the Trump administration had reached with Mexico and Central American countries, known as Asylum Cooperative Agreements, which were designed to constrict the flow of immigrants, were scrubbed so that immigrants no longer needed to request asylum in the first country they enter after leaving home. 

The administration also reinstituted an Obama-era policy known as “catch and release.” It moved in the opposite direction of the Trump administration by lifting travel bans on some countries – bans upheld by the Supreme Court. Biden’s team has also expanded the list of countries whose residents can be granted “Temporary Protected Status” – which prohibits deportation because those countries are deemed unsafe – and extended the safe harbor period for residents of nine covered countries.

The Pew Research Center estimated last year that at least 700,000 immigrants from 12 countries were covered by the program, including Haiti, El Salvador, Venezuela, and Yemen.

The Biden administration has once again expanded the ability of Border Patrol and ICE agents to grant illegal immigrants what is known as “parole.” Although the law granting this power is specific – it allows the government to temporarily admit people on a “case-by-case basis for urgent humanitarian or medical reasons” – various administrations have interpreted the law differently.

The Biden administration has reversed Trump’s strict interpretation of that language, reverting to the policy in place under President Obama that allows much wider discretion for granting of “parole” to accept hundreds of thousands of migrants. 

Some states have challenged the Biden administration’s expansion of parole, although those cases are still being litigated.

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In yet another policy change that facilitates illegal immigration, the Social Security Administration quietly announced on its website last May that it would cease to issue what are known as “no-match” letters, which informed employers of discrepancies between its records and information provided by employees. Critics of the system said it targeted immigrants and claimed the letters were often sent in error. The SSA reportedly sent 791,000 no-match letters in 2020

The Biden administration has even further euphemized liberals’ use of language regarding immigration. Advocates of more open border policies long preferred “undocumented aliens” to “illegal immigrants,” but now even that has been abandoned for the new phrase, “irregular migrants.” 

RealClearInvestigations reached out to the Department of Homeland Security, its subordinate organizations of Customs and Border Protection and ICE, and the SSA for comment on the overall impact of Biden administration policies, but did not receive a response. An ICE spokesperson responded that it would defer to CBP, which did not respond.

Most recently, the Biden administration insisted on ending Title 42, a clause from a 1944 public health law the Trump administration had used to limit illegal immigration during the COVID pandemic. Experts predicted its removal would lead to a tsunami of more illegal immigrants, and at least 10 congressional Democrats, including those up for reelection this year such as Georgia Sen. Raphael Warnock, have voiced reservations about lifting it.

When pressed last month on the reasoning behind the plan to do away with Title 42, White House spokesperson Vedant Patel said: “As always is the case, this administration is working every day to provide relief to immigrants, restore order, fairness and humanity to our immigration system and bring it into the 21st century.”

Critics such as Raley of the Federation for American Immigration Reform say such language shows that Biden’s team sees the issue from the perspective of migrants rather than that of American citizens. “They’re changing the terms because they want to conflate illegal immigrants at the southern border with legal immigration,” he said.

Although there have been rumblings that Republicans might move to impeach Mayorkas if they regain the House next year, most of the pushback to the administration’s immigration policies has come from the states. Various lawsuits filed by Texas, Louisiana, Ohio, Arizona, Alabama, and Montana have sought to check ICE’s refusal to take custody of immigrants released from prison, and another suit this week seeks to block the administration’s plan to give asylum granting powers to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services employees rather than immigration court judges.

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The administration claims the new rule would “streamline” the process and help unclog a huge backlog in immigration court of nearly 1.7 million cases, according to a recent study by a team at Syracuse University.

Lawyers for the state of Texas contend, however, that the rule violated the Administrative Procedures Act and unduly shifts power from immigration courts to UCIS workers. Their lawsuit argues that the proposed rule “upends the entire adjudicatory system to the benefit of aliens,” the lawsuit said.

In some instances, most recently with the effort to lift Title 42, the Biden administration has been rebuffed in court – as it was last year, when a federal appeals court rejected its effort to end the “Remain in Mexico” policy. The Supreme Court heard arguments on that case last month.

The impact of the administration’s policies is clear to would-be migrants around the world, Sheriffs’ Coalition leader McDonald said. “There is a widespread idea among them that the border is open,” he told RCI. “Last week, illegal immigrants on the Rio Grande wanted to take pictures with sheriff’s deputies they encountered. They were FaceTiming people back in their home countries shouting, ‘We’re here! You can come!’ They know our government is not going to do anything about it.”

McDonald spent 21 years as sheriff of Terrell County, Texas, and when he first won his badge he said that perhaps two corpses a year would be found along the border. Last year it was 22. “It’s just unreal,” McDonald said. “Some of these small counties can’t even cover their morgue bills anymore.”

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Report: Mitt Romney Wears A Disguise In Public To Avoid Trump Supporters

Senator Mitt Romney allegedly wears a disguise when venturing out into public as a means to avoid Trump supporters.

This, according to excerpts from a new book titled, “This Will Not Pass,” written by New York Times reporters Jonathan Martin and Alexander Burns.

Business Insider reports that Romney (R-UT) has been using an elaborate disguise when vacationing in Palm Beach, Florida where he owns a home.

And by ‘elaborate,’ we mean straight from the Marvel Universe school of disguises in which he’s been wearing hats while dining out in the wealthy town where former President Donald Trump also has a home.

“If he were recognized by Trump supporters there, there was a good chance he would be harassed,” a family friend told the authors.

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Mitt Romney’s Disguise

The Salt Lake Tribune provides other interesting revelations from the book regarding Mitt Romney, crafty disguises aside.

According to the newspaper, Ann Romney, the Republican senator’s wife, says Trump’s feud with him has created such hostility amongst supporters that she has “severe doubts about whether any of their five sons could ever run for elected office as Republicans.”

A horrific fate, to be sure.

Last spring, Mitt Romney had boos and catcalls cascaded down upon him from well over 2,000 Republican delegates at the Utah Republican State Convention.

The Republican Party in Weber County, Utah, issued a formal censure of Romney for his multiple votes to convict Trump during his impeachment trials.

Trump issued a statement around that time calling the Utah senator “a stone-cold loser!”

In recent news, Romney has …

  • Blamed the Russian invasion of Ukraine on the Trump-touted concept of ‘America First.’
  • Joined Democrats as the only Republican to vote against repealing the transportation mask mandate.
  • Accused decorated Iraq War veteran and former Representative Tulsi Gabbard of being a Russian asset and spreading “treasonous lies.”

Gabbard demanded Romney resign over his comments.

“Senator Romney, please provide evidence that what I said is untrue and treasonous,” demanded Gabbard. “If you cannot, you should do the honorable thing: apologize and resign from the Senate.”

She later sent him a cease-and-desist letter and insisted he retract his statement.

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Romney’s Alias

This isn’t the first time Mitt Romney has engaged in using disguises before.

The Senator also ran a fake Twitter account to attack Trump, using the name “Pierre Delecto.”

“As Delecto, Romney, who has become one of President Trump’s most vocal GOP critics, used the account to like critical tweets about the president, while also occasionally defending himself against detractors,” the Washington Post reported in 2019.

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Wearing disguises in public while sporting an online alter ego at home is not very becoming of a sitting U.S. senator.

In all fairness, Romney’s use of a disguise may be somewhat warranted considering last January, some supporters of President Trump confronted Romney as he sat quietly at an airport waiting area, with others chanting “traitor” later on the airplane.

If only he had been wearing a hat at the time, this never would have happened.

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Liberals Furious At Dr. Fauci After He Declares COVID-19 Pandemic Phase ‘Over’

As Americans and the rest of the world have passed the two-year mark since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Anthony Fauci, otherwise known as “Science Itself,” appeared with Judy Woodruff on the PBS New Hour on Tuesday to discuss the state of COVID in the U.S. 

In a rather surprising statement coming from Fauci/The Science, he declared the pandemic phase in the U.S. as being all but over. This of course sent liberals over the edge.

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Living With COVID

During the brief discussion of COVID, Woodruff asked Fauci, “Here we are. It’s the end of April. It’s the spring of 2022. How close are we to the end of this pandemic?” Fauci’s response,

“We are certainly right now in this country out of the pandemic phase. Namely, we don’t have 900,000 new infections a day and tens and tens and tens of thousands of hospitalizations and thousands of deaths. We are at a low level right now.”

He continued saying,

“So, if you’re saying, are we out of the pandemic phase in this country, we are. What we hope to do, I don’t believe — and I have spoken about this widely — we’re not going to eradicate this virus. If we can keep that level very low, and intermittently vaccinate people — and I don’t know how often that would have to be, Judy.”


Some had been saying such things for a long time, but nevertheless, to hear it finally come from Fauci should have brought a sigh of relief from hundreds of millions of people. 




Angry Lefties Question The Science

This announcement sent the left into an angry tailspin, shocked and saddened by the conclusion of Dr. Fauci.

Some had abandoned the Fauci cult following and were not buying what he’s selling.

Some wanted to make Dr. Fauci is aware that there is an election in six months and certain things need to be in place.

Some true believers were genuinely confused:

The ones who were not buying it also thought it high time they put Fauci in his place. 

The legions of people who now feel that it as allowed and acceptable to question Lord Fauci grew exponentially overnight:

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Most Americans Have Been Infected

According to a new Centers for Disease Control and Infections (CDC) study, most Americans, including the majority of children, have contracted COVID-19 at one point. The study also says that because so many people contracted the Omicron variant over the winter that currently, roughly 60% of Americans have virus antibodies in their blood.

The White House announced yesterday that Vice President Kamala Harris had tested positive for COVID-19.

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Tucker Rips GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy As Democrat ‘Puppet’ After Audio Surfaces of McCarthy Ripping Trump Supporters

Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson eviscerated Republican Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy as a “puppet of the Democratic Party” after audio surfaced of the House Minority Leader criticizing former President Trump and some of his staunchest allies in Congress.

McCarthy initially denied reports that he had a conversation with other GOP leaders about encouraging former President Donald Trump to resign over the Capitol riot, prompting two reporters for the New York Times to release audio to the contrary.

“The only discussion I would have with him is that, I think this will pass,” he told Representative Liz Cheney (R-WY), referencing the Senate impeachment trial. “And it will be my recommendation you should resign.”

The reporters followed that up by releasing subsequent clips of McCarthy speaking with House Minority Whip Steve Scalise regarding concern over fellow Republicans – particularly America First Representatives Matt Gaetz (R-FL), Lauren Boebert (R-CO), and Mo Brooks (R-AL) – ‘putting other lawmakers at risk’ with their comments about the 2020 election.

“Well, he’s putting people in jeopardy, and he doesn’t need to be doing this,” McCarthy said of Gaetz. “We saw what people would do in the Capitol, you know?”

McCarthy claimed that America First Reps. referring to other Republicans who weren’t going to fight the election results as “anti-Trump” was “serious stuff” that “has to stop.”

“Can’t they take their Twitter accounts away, too?” the California Republican would later ask.

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Tucker Carlson Slams McCarthy as Democrat Puppet

Tucker Carlson, in commentary on his Tuesday show, took Kevin McCarthy to task over the suggestion that big tech censorship was the way to go in dealing with fiery Trump supporters.

“Donald Trump, the sitting president, had already been silenced by those companies. But McCarthy wanted the tech oligarchs to do more, to force disobedient lawmakers off the internet,” a seething Carlson told viewers.

“Quote, ‘Can’t they take their Twitter accounts away too?’ Those are the tape-recorded words of Congressman Kevin McCarthy, a man who in private, turns out, sounds like an MSNBC contributor.”

Carlson went on to warn that unless something changes, McCarthy may very well be the House Speaker following the midterm elections. And how would that be any different than what we’re seeing now, he wondered?

“That would mean you would have a Republican Congress led by a puppet of the Democratic Party,” he contends.

“So, you wouldn’t know any of this list unless it was leaked. And you can start to see why the people in charge oppose transparency and fervently support censorship on both sides.”

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Gaetz Slams McCarthy as Weak, More Concerned About Protecting Liz Cheney

Gaetz also slammed Kevin McCarthy and Scalise regarding the conversation, describing them as “weak men” more concerned with protecting Never Trump Republicans Cheney and Representative Adam Kinzinger from criticism.

“Rep McCarthy and Rep. Scalise held views about President Trump and me that they shared on sniveling calls with Liz Cheney, not us,” Gaetz hammered. “This is the behavior of weak men, not leaders.”

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“While I was protecting President Trump from impeachment,” he continued, “they were protecting Liz Cheney from criticism.”

Gaetz referenced McCarthy’s objection to calling people who are anti-Trump ‘anti-Trump.’

“They deemed it incendiary or illegal to call Cheney and Kinzinger ‘Anti-Trump,’ a label both proudly advertise today,” he pointed out.

McCarthy’s call for Big Tech to rain down hellfire on Trump supporters stands in stark contrast to comments he made in May of 2021 when he vowed action against these social media platforms specifically referencing Facebook’s ban of Trump.

“If they can ban President Trump, all conservative voices could be next,” he said at the time. “A House Republican majority will rein in big tech power over our speech.”

Just maybe not the Trump supporters, especially when the heat gets turned up by the media.

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Democrats To Explore Impeachment Options For Conservative Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas

Impeachment-happy Democrats are expected to hold a hearing to explore the possibility of impeachment for Supreme Court justices in the wake of controversial messages surfacing from the wife of conservative Justice Clarence Thomas.

The hearing follow reports that Thomas’ wife, Virginia ‘Ginni’ Thomas, exchanged text messages with then-White House chief of staff Mark Meadows about alleged election fraud after the 2020 election.

Representative Hank Johnson (D-GA) distributed a memo to members of the House Judiciary courts subcommittee that seeks further inquiry into legislative proposals to impose ‘ethics requirements’ on Supreme Court justices.

The memo, obtained by The Hill, “discusses Congress’s impeachment authority” as a means to regulate “the conduct of Supreme Court justices.”

Johnson, famously known as the lawmaker who once asked if the island of Guam might capsize if too many people were on it, is the chairman of the subcommittee.

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Seeking Impeachment of Clarence Thomas

Clarence Thomas is the longest-serving justice, the second black justice, the only black justice until Ketanji Brown Jackson is confirmed over the summer, and the most conservative member currently serving on the Supreme Court.

That’s the true reason why he is being targeted.

Democrats have been seeking to get his recusal on cases involving the election and former President Donald Trump, suggesting his interpretation of laws is clouded by his wife’s beliefs.

The hearing exploring ethics and impeachment options involving the Supreme Court, titled “Building Confidence in the Supreme Court Through Ethics and Recusal Reforms,” will be held at 2 p.m. Wednesday.

A committee in Congress, which perpetually holds a favorability rating in the teens, wants to ‘build confidence’ in the Supreme Court, whose favorability rating recently sat at 54%.

Though she doesn’t serve on the committee, far-left Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) has been instrumental in the notion that the impeachment of Clarence Thomoas should be explored.

“Clarence Thomas should resign,” she tweeted last month.

“If not, his failure to disclose income from right-wing organizations, recuse himself from matters involving his wife, and his vote to block the Jan 6th commission from key information must be investigated and could serve as grounds for impeachment.”

Once again proving the Squad Queen tells her party to jump … and they sure do ask ‘How high?’

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The Impeachment Mob is Unwarranted

AOC went on to suggest the only sitting black Supreme Court justice must be ‘held accountable’ for the actions of his wife.

“Congress must understand that a failure to hold Clarence Thomas accountable sends a loud, dangerous signal to the full Court,” she said.

Mark Paoletta, former chief counsel and assistant to Vice President Mike Pence, argues that the case against the Thomases is thin and manufactured.

In a column for the Washington Examiner, Paoletta points out that Virginia Thomas’ involvement in the events of January 6 is minimal as she “attended the rally … but left before then-President Donald Trump addressed the crowd because she was cold.”

Paoletta also notes one of her private texts to Meadows points out the rioters themselves do not represent Trump supporters.

The National Review’s Andrew McCarthy concurs noting, “The smearing of Justice Thomas is transparently partisan politics, nothing more.”

A senior GOP aide tells The Hill, “Let’s be honest, this hearing is nothing more than step one in impeaching Justice Thomas.”

Thomas once famously declared his nomination process, turned into a smear campaign back in 1991, was “a high-tech lynching for uppity blacks who in any way deign to think for themselves, to do for themselves, to have different ideas.”

Then-Senator Joe Biden was instrumental in those shenanigans. 

With Democrats now pursuing the impeachment of Clarence Thomas, what exactly has changed in the party since that moment over 30 years ago?

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Report: Mitch McConnell Was ‘Exhilarated’ That Trump ‘Committed Political Suicide’ On January 6

Mitch McConnell reportedly said he was “exhilarated” that Donald Trump had “totally discredited himself” just hours after the Capitol riot on January 6th.

This, according to excerpts from a new book titled, “This Will Not Pass,” obtained by the Washington Post.

“I feel exhilarated by the fact that this fellow finally, totally discredited himself,” the anti-Trump Republican Minority Leader McConnell told New York Times reporter Jonathan Martin, one of the book’s authors.

“He put a gun to his head and pulled the trigger,” the Senate Minority Leader allegedly said at the time. “Couldn’t have happened at a better time.”

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Mitch McConnell ‘Exhilarated’ After Capitol Riot

Mitch McConnell’s reaction to the Capitol riot seems counter to everything we’ve been told about how serious the attack was.

How could somebody be ‘exhilarated’ on the worst day in American history since the Civil War? On the day AOC was literally almost murdered? A day that moved the ever-stoic Adam Kinzinger to tears?

McConnell was celebrating the political fallout? That’s simply reprehensible and something you’d expect from the Democrat Party.

Speaking of Democrats who never let a crisis go to waste …

McConnell, according to the same Washington Post report, was considering a joint statement with Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) warning the former President to stay away from Joe Biden’s inauguration.

It gets worse.

McConnell reportedly was “eager” to obtain information from Martin on the prospect of Cabinet members and then-Vice President Mike Pence invoking the 25th Amendment to remove Trump from office.

“What do you hear about the Twenty-Fifth Amendment?” he asked.

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McConnell Wanted to Rid GOP of Trump

The Political Insider wrote one week after the January 6 riot that Mitch McConnell had been “pleased” about Democrats drafting articles of impeachment.

Multiple sources had observed McConnell claiming he was “done” and “furious” with Trump.

The Kentucky Republican “told associates that impeachment will help rid the Republican Party of Trump and his movement.”

Trump’s “movement” being a record number of voters for a Republican president.

McConnell, along with a majority of Republicans, later voted that the impeachment trial of Donald Trump was unconstitutional.

Trump ravaged the GOP leader about a month afterward, issuing a statement saying McConnell is “a dour, sullen and unsmiling political hack.”

By the end of February, McConnell said he would “absolutely” support Trump if he were the Republican nominee for president in 2024.

Despite that ‘absolute’ support, McConnell and Trump have continued to be at odds over the severity of what happened during the Capitol riot.

Trump has indicated he would consider pardons for January 6 rioters should he run for and win the presidential election in 2024.

“If I run, and if I win, we will treat those people from January 6 fairly. We will treat them fairly,” he vowed. “If that requires pardons, we will give them pardons, because they are being treated so unfairly.”

The Senate Minority Leader vociferously objected to that plan.

“My view is, I would not be in favor of shortening any of the sentences for any of the people who pleaded guilty to crimes,” McConnell said.

The Washington Post goes on to note that McConnell had been gearing up for a fight with Trump and his supporters following the Capitol riot.

They claim he told staff members that the former President is a “despicable person” and that he would “take him on politically.”

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“We crushed the sons of b****es,” McConnell said of conservative candidates in the 2014 midterms. “And that’s what we’re going to do in the primary in ’22.”

Trump slammed McConnell in a statement saying he no longer represents the Republican Party.

“Mitch McConnell does not speak for the Republican Party and does not represent the views of the vast majority of its voters,” he wrote.

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Marjorie Taylor Greene Slams Democrats, Media After Lawsuit to Block Her Re-election is Allowed to Proceed

Marjorie Taylor Greene fired back at Democrats and the media following news that a lawsuit seeking to block her from running for re-election is being allowed to proceed.

The lawsuit alleging that she is unfit for office due to her supposed support for Capitol rioters was allowed to go forward by Judge Amy Totenberg of the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia.

You may recall media outrage over a Trump-appointed judge dropping the mask mandate earlier this week? There is little mention that Totenberg is an appointee of Barack Obama.

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Lawsuit Against Marjorie Taylor Greene Allowed to Proceed

The case, filed by a group of voters, claims Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) violated a provision of the U.S. Constitution passed after the U.S. Civil War known as the “Insurrectionist Disqualification Clause.”

The clause, under Section 3 of the Fourteenth Amendment to the Constitution, is a rarely cited Civil War-era provision that bars people from holding office if they “have engaged in insurrection or rebellion” or “given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof.”

Obviously, this clause was meant to punish Confederate soldiers, officers, and politicians who engaged in war.

Totenberg, in allowing the case to proceed, argued Greene had failed “to establish a substantial likelihood of success on the merits” of her legal claims and “failed to meet the burden of persuasion.”

Greene sought a temporary injunction in the case, arguing it was unlikely to be resolved before Georgia’s primary elections on May 24.

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Greene Upset That Media Will Distort Hearings

A similar legal challenge was filed against Representative Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) with the North Carolina State Board of Elections, but a federal judge blocked that effort noting that allowing such frivolous lawsuits to continue would open up similar retaliatory efforts by political opponents.

“The federal court is tasked with protecting the soapbox, the ballot box, and the jury box,” U.S. District Court Judge Richard Myers II said. “And when these fail, people proceed to the ammunition box.”

Greene has said she “never encouraged political violence and never will,” but will now be forced to testify in the case. And the media, she fears, will have a field day.

“It’s absurd what they are claiming and lying about,” said Greene in an interview with former Trump attorney Jenna Ellis.

“They’re going to allow the press in the courtroom,” she worried. “They’re going to allow the whole thing to be videoed live out to go anywhere in the world that they want to.”

“And you know what that’s going to look like — the Democrats and the nasty mainstream media … they’re going to be able to twist and turn, and clip out any little piece they want of the horrible things that these funded attorneys are going to try to say about me,” Greene continued.

Remember – Democrats objected to the election results in 2016 officially and during the proceedings certifying electoral votes 11 times:

  • Rep. Jim McGovern (D-MA) objected based on “the confirmed and illegal activities engaged by the government of Russia.”
  • Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-MD) argued Florida’s electoral votes “violated Florida’s prohibition against dual officeholders.”
  • Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) objected to Georgia’s vote certificate.
  • Rep. Barbara Lee (D-CA) objected due to “the overwhelming evidence of Russian interference in our election.”
  • Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee (D-TX) suggested the election saw “massive voter suppression.”
  • Rep. Raul Grijalva (D-AZ) objected on violations of the Voting Rights Act.
  • Jackson Lee tried to support Grijalva’s objection.
  • Jackson Lee again chimed in objecting to South Carolina’s electoral votes.
  • Barbara Lee again tried to raise an objection before having her microphone cut off.
  • Jackson Lee once again tried to make an objection on the grounds of Russian interference in the election.
  • Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) begged a Senator to join her own objection after the final state’s votes had been read.

And don’t for a minute let them cast doubt that their undermining of the election results in 2016 did not lead to violence in Washington, D.C.

They may not have swarmed the Capitol complex, but there was violence in the streets and Democrat lawmakers were most assuredly trying to “obstruct, influence, impede or delay” the certification of the presidential election, just as Republicans are accused of doing on January 6.

If Totenberg can allow the case to proceed against Marjorie Taylor Greene, Republican voters can surely launch at least seven of their own lawsuits against the aforementioned list of Democrats.

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