The Media’s Shameless Shielding Of Joe Biden

By Frank Miele for RealClearPolitics

In 2019, I wrote a book called “The Media Matrix” and subtitled it pessimistically, “What If Everything You Know Is Fake?”

Now, two years later, we can remove the question mark. Everything you know is fake — if you depend on the mainstream media to educate you.

Everywhere you turn, you will encounter coverup, corruption and confusion in the media. If it isn’t an intentional disinformation campaign, then it’s the result of laziness and stupidity. Either way, the fourth estate has become a fifth column of provocateurs and saboteurs.

Examples abound. Two weeks ago, for instance, I wrote about how the supine media had to bear some responsibility for the disgraceful withdrawal of U.S. forces from Afghanistan. Reporters had the facts weeks before the Aug. 31 deadline, and they refused to pursue them, presumably out of concern that hard questioning would make the Biden administration look bad.

It got me thinking. Just how much does the media’s explicit bias against conservatives skew the public conversation on which the entire success of democracy depends?

The current disaster in Afghanistan remains a good place to start. Much mainstream reporting has covered up for Biden’s policy failures, paying little attention to the Americans left behind in the country or minimizing the risk to them. News outlets have also made a conscious choice to turn away from the fallen heroes who died in Kabul and the suffering of their grieving families.

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Take the case of Shana Chappell. She is the Gold Star mother of Marine Lance Cpl. Kareem Nikoui, who died in the suicide bombing at the Kabul airport. After meeting Biden during the dignified transfer of her son’s remains at Dover Air Force Base in Delaware, Chappell took to Facebook to write this:

“I got to have words face to face with that POS Biden! He’s a coward! My son Kareems body will be returned to norco [Calif.] in 7-10 days so i can lay him to rest! The day after i lay him to rest i will be leaving from Norco in my Blue Toyota Tundra to head to the White House. I will be going to the White House to demand that the traitor POS Biden resign and take his whole corrupt admin with him!”

The idea of a Gold Star mother confronting a president about the needless death of her son would seem to be news. We know it is news because back in 2005, Cindy Sheehan had the media spotlight cast on her when she became an outspoken critic of the Iraq War and the presidency of George W. Bush. Sheehan told reporters: “I want to ask the president, ‘Why did you kill my son? What did my son die for?’” In response to her attempt to shame a Republican president, the national media turned her into a celebrity.

By comparison, Chappell was barely noticed by the mainstream media when she accused Biden of killing her son. Her social media accounts were temporarily blocked, and if you watch CNN or MSNBC you would hardly even know she existed. Other than from conservative media outlets, there has been no interest in her plan to demand Biden’s resignation.

Nor, for that matter, did the Gold Star fathers receive any better treatment. What a difference five years makes! Remember how Gold Star father Khizr Khan was lionized by the press as a result of his appearance at the 2016 Democratic convention? His Muslim son had died fighting for the United States in Iraq in 2004, and Khan criticized then-candidate Donald Trump for his views on halting immigration from Islam-dominated countries that harbor terrorists. Mind you, this was just a political dispute. Trump had nothing to do with the death of Khan’s son, but the media seized on the proud father’s grief as a weapon to be used to stop Trump from reaching the White House.

How different was the treatment of Gold Star fathers Darin Hoover and Mark Schmitz, who accused Biden of disrespecting their sons during the ceremony at Dover Air Base by checking his watch every time a flag-draped coffin was removed from the hold of the Air Force C-17 Globemaster.

“They would release the salute and he looked down at his watch on every last one,” Hoover told Sean Hannity. “All 13, he looked down at his watch.”

Schmitz called it “the most disrespectful thing I’ve ever seen.”

When they and others publicized their claims about Biden’s callous behavior, USA Today decided to do a “fact check” and concluded that the survivors’ story was “partly false” and “misleading” because Biden had only checked his watch after the ceremony was over.

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That was a blatant lie, as footage shows him glancing at his watch multiple times during the transfer. So how do you account for a major newspaper doing such a totally misleading “fact check” — short of actual malice towards, if not the Gold Star fathers, then the truth? Equally insulting was the fact that USA Today — after receiving vigorous criticism — changed its fake fact check to “missing context” on the grounds that when Biden wasn’t being disrespectful, he was actually doing a pretty good job of looking like he cared about the dead service members.

Of course, most of the media couldn’t be bothered to cover this incident at all. To do so would raise questions about the character of their beloved president, the healer-in-chief. That would be unacceptable. Let’s face it. To the caretaker media who surround Joe Biden, the president is the equivalent of Harry Potter’s “Lord Voldemort,” with this slight variation: Biden is “He who must not be shamed.”

Does all this seem trivial? It’s not. Our information-drenched society receives its cues from the raised eyebrows and outraged tones in the voices of Rachel Maddow and Don Lemon. If they and others like them don’t talk about it, then it never happened, or it’s a right-wing conspiracy theory. Whether it’s election fraud, coronavirus cures, or Marxist infiltration of our social institutions, the media elites are the gatekeepers who determine what will be taken seriously and what will be dismissed with a smug laugh.

One final example from the Afghanistan debacle goes well beyond a mere matter of shaming Joe Biden, and raises questions about his fitness for office. That may explain the mainstream media’s near total lack of interest.

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I am referring, of course, to what we recently learned about Biden’s shocking July 23 phone call with Ashraf Ghani, who was then president of Afghanistan. We knew about that phone call way back when it happened. In fact, when you look at the White House’s official readout of the call, you get almost nostalgic for the good old days when the U.S. and Afghanistan were reaffirming their “enduring bilateral partnership” that lasted another three weeks till Ghani fled his palace and his nation.

But the official story, not unexpectedly, didn’t tell the whole story. For that, we had to wait until Aug. 31, the day after America’s military withdrawal was completed, when Reuters, the international press agency, released the transcript of the July 23 call. What we learned is that Biden did not really believe his own rosy picture that he was painting for the American people about the future of Afghanistan.

“Hey look, I want to make it clear that I am not a military man any more than you are,” he told Ghani (pictured, above, with Biden). “But I have been meeting with our Pentagon folks, and our national security people, as you have with ours and yours, and as you know and I need not tell you, the perception around the world and in parts of Afghanistan, I believe, is that things aren’t going well in terms of the fight against the Taliban. And there’s a need, whether it is true or not, there is a need to project a different picture.” (Italics added.)

Not only does this transcript raise questions about Biden’s misleading statements to the American people about the risks involved in getting all Americans out of Afghanistan, but it is followed up by Biden trying to pressure Ghani into accepting a quid pro quo — if you change how the world perceives the battle against the Taliban, we may be coaxed into continuing to provide military air support. Indeed, Biden’s repeated emphasis on “perception around the world” makes him sound more like a PR flack than a commander-in-chief.

Obviously, someone in the State Department or the White House was concerned about this exchange or they wouldn’t have leaked the transcript, but most of the media just yawned. Do a Google search for “Biden phone call with President Ghani,” as I did, and you will find all the major journalism outfits missing in the top results. Beyond Fox News and USA Today, most of the results are from small conservative websites or international outlets like India Today or the Hindustan Times. You won’t find any stories from major news outlets, including CNN or NBC, in the top 100 results, and I get the feeling you could scroll till doomsday without seeing any interest from the New York Times or Washington Post.

How extraordinarily different was the response when the transcript of a President Trump phone call with the president of Ukraine was leaked! That led to an impeachment trial, but of course that was a Republican president, and the rules are different for Republicans, aren’t they?

You can bet that any Democrat who has read this far in my column will dismiss the whole idea of impeaching Joe Biden over his phone call with the Afghani president as one more wild-eyed conspiracy theory.

Makes me wonder. If Biden, Ghani and U.S. military leaders conspired together to mislead the world — and in particular the American people — about the true conditions on the ground in Afghanistan, then it really isn’t a conspiracy “theory,” is it? I prefer to call it a conspiracy “fact.”

Too bad the unindicted co-conspirator in this, and in so many other crimes against the people, is none other than our faux friend — the mainstream media. Somehow the story of their involvement never gets told. What a racket!

Syndicated with permission from RealClearWire.

Frank Miele, the retired editor of the Daily Inter Lake in Kalispell Mont., is a columnist for RealClearPolitics. His new book, “What Matters Most: God, Country, Family and Friends.” 

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Monica Lewinsky: Bill Clinton Should ‘Want To Apologize’ For His Role In Affair

Monica Lewinsky, the political world’s most famous intern, said former President Bill Clinton “should want to apologize” for his role in their legendary affair, but indicated she’s moved on regardless.

Lewinsky and the scandal that rocked the political world in the 1990s will be the subject of a dramatization of those events for FX, called “American Crime Story: Impeachment.”

“Do you ever wish that you could speak to him?” asked ‘Today’ show host Savannah Guthrie. “Do you feel like he owes you an apology after all these years?”

Lewinsky, there to promote the new crime series, explained that she no longer has a need for “resolution,” something she’s “very grateful” for.

“I don’t need it,” she replied. “He should want to apologize, um, in the same way that I want to apologize any chance I get to people that I’ve hurt and my actions have hurt.”

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Lewinsky Discusses Upcoming TV Show

Monica Lewinsky, in discussing the ‘crime story’ project she is both a producer for and subject of, said the public will see some details of behavior she regrets and finds “cringeworthy.”

“I’ve really worn two hats in this project, as a producer, I’m very proud of the project. But as a subject, I’m nervous,” she explained to Guthrie.

“I’m nervous for people to see some of the worst moments of my life and a lot of behavior that I regret. If you remember your 20s, not that long ago, it’s pretty cringeworthy.”

If you’re too young to remember, Lewinsky had a politically earth-shattering affair with former President Clinton in the ’90s, a relationship which would lead to his impeachment for perjury and obstruction of justice.

The affair between Clinton and Lewinsky was widely seen as an abuse of power on the part of the then-President, due to their career positions and age difference.

Clinton was 49 at the time, Lewinsky just 22.

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Clinton: I Don’t Owe Her An Apology

Former President Bill Clinton has said he doesn’t owe Monica Lewsinky a personal apology over their affair because he has made his feelings clear through public statements.

On the same ‘Today’ show back in 2018, as the #MeToo movement was heating up, Clinton was asked if he owed her a direct apology for his actions.

“No, I do — I do not,” Clinton responded. “I’ve never talked to her. But I did say, publicly, on more than one occasion, that I was sorry. That’s very different. The apology was public.”

In an interview with CBS’s “Sunday Morning” a few months later, Clinton’s wife, Hillary, was asked if he should have stepped down amidst the scandal.

“Absolutely not,” she replied.

“It wasn’t an abuse of power?” a reporter asked, to which she replied: “No. No.”

The former President was also accused of multiple infidelities, sexual assaults, and even rape by Juanita Broaddrick, a former nursing home owner.

The series highlighting Monica Lewinsky and Clinton’s affair is set to premier Tuesday on FX.


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After Botched Afghanistan Withdrawal, Pro-Biden National Security Experts Conspicuously Quiet

By Susan Crabtree for RealClearPolitics

In the aftermath of any botched U.S. military operation, what inevitably follows are numerous news cycles of noisy recriminations across Washington’s national security and foreign policy establishment.

Republican lawmakers and some conservative military and diplomatic hands have blasted President Biden as the Afghanistan withdrawal spiraled out of control over the last two weeks, but there have been glaring exceptions.

Conspicuously absent from the after-action finger-pointing are nearly all of the 500 national security experts — both civilians and former senior uniformed officers — who endorsed Joe Biden for president last fall, while denouncing President Trump as an unfit commander-in-chief.

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A website set up to promote the Biden endorsement,, is now defunct while the group’s Twitter account hasn’t been tweeted from for more than nearly three months. As of Wednesday morning, the last two tweets, from early June and mid-May, were focused on climate change.

From those who openly backed Biden for president, only Leon Panetta, who served as defense secretary and CIA director under President Obama, has criticized Biden’s handling of the withdrawal.

Late last week, Panetta predicted that the U.S. would have to eventually send troops back into the country to confront a re-established al-Qaeda and ISIS threat there.

Over the least two days, RealClearPolitics reached out to more than two dozen of the highest-ranking military and civilian leaders on the list of nearly 500 of those publicly backing Biden in September of last year. Only a handful responded.

John Negroponte, who served as the first director of national intelligence during the George W. Bush administration and previously as its ambassador to Iraq, was one of just two contacted by RCP who came forward to stand by their endorsement of Biden.

The rest either did not respond to the inquiries or said they were too busy to weigh in, including Michele Flournoy, who served as undersecretary of defense in the administrations of Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

Flournoy was a top contender to become Biden’s defense secretary, but her connections to the defense industry ultimately sank her candidacy. A spokeswoman for Flournoy late Tuesday told RCP over email that the former senior Pentagon official is “tied up at this time and unable to comment.”

Negroponte, however, didn’t hesitate when asked whether, in retrospect, he has second thoughts about the Biden endorsement. Within 30 minutes of RCP’s inquiry, he emailed to say that he “definitely” stands by his decision, which he called a “choice between two candidates.”

The veteran diplomat and top intelligence official added that he never supported either Donald Trump’s or Biden’s withdrawal policy in Afghanistan. “I happen to disagree with both him and Mr. Trump on the issue of how we end our military involvement in Afghanistan,” he said.

Pressed on his views of how history will view Biden’s chaotic and deadly pullout form the country, Negroponte demurred for now. “Let’s let the dust settle and leave some time/space for those kind of judgments,” he replied.

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Of those national security leaders backing Biden last fall whom RCP reached out to, only one readily came forward to defend the president’s chaotic and deadly Afghanistan withdrawal.

Charles Adams Jr., the former ambassador to Finland and international arbitration expert who served as the co-chair of Americans Abroad for Obama, echoed Biden’s contention that the rapid collapse of the Afghan military and its government could not have been predicted.

He said the Taliban’s rapid takeover forced Biden’s hand and gave him no choice but to work with the Islamic terrorist group to evacuate both Americans and Afghans who helped the U.S. and/or coalition forces over the last two decades.

“The withdrawal was the correct decision,” said Adams, who is prolific Democratic Party fundraiser. “It was a necessary decision. I’m among those who for 20 years have questioned the purpose and the feasibility of what was at the time stated to be the mission of the American forces in Afghanistan. And so, I applauded the decision to withdraw, and I continue to applaud.”

Adams also dismissed assertions by Panetta and many other national security and intelligence experts that terrorist groups, such as al-Qaeda and ISIS, are reconstituting in Afghanistan and will pose a dangerous threat to the United States as a result.

“There’s actually no reason to believe that the Taliban are going to encourage or harbor or be in a position to execute from Afghanistan any terrorist activity aimed abroad,” he said. “I can assure you that over the horizon surveillance is going to be intense, and the hazard of terrorist attacks from the Taliban or any of its protegees is really not something that is overwhelmingly concerning.”

Adams’ comments directly contradict warnings from Panetta and dozens of conservative-leaning or independent military and intelligence experts.

On Monday, 90 retired generals and admirals called on Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Mark Milley to resign over what they said was the “disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan,” including the deaths of 13 American service members and some 180 Afghans in a terrorist bombing at Kabul airport last week.

The letter’s signatories include John Poindexter, who served as President Reagan’s national security adviser, and House Rep. Ronny Jackson, the former top White House physician to Presidents Obama and Trump.

Panetta on Tuesday warned that it’s a mistake to rely on the Taliban for cooperation because the militant Islamic group cannot be trusted and has provided a safe haven for terrorists in the past and “will continue to provide a safe haven for terrorists.”

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Al-Qaeda likely will re-establish itself in Afghanistan, he told CNBC’s Shepard Smith, citing an interview with a Taliban commander who argued there is “no proof” that Osama bin Laden was behind 9/11.

Anthony Zinni, who headed the U.S. Central Command from 1997 to 2000 and who also publicly backed Biden last fall, hasn’t publicly criticized Biden’s handling of the withdrawal. Still, Zinni has expressed deep concern about the fate of Afghans who worked closely with the U.S. military and thousands more who worked on civilian programs in support of the U.S. and coalition efforts.

Zinni last week sent a letter to the top leaders in Congress, both Democrats and Republicans, urging them to work closely with the administration to protect Afghans who worked with U.S. officials.

“These individuals who stood directly with America face grave danger now,” he wrote. “And we must stand with them and also prioritize them for U.S.-led evacuations.”

Yet, after the U.S. completed its withdrawal on Monday, countless Afghans who assisted the U.S. or coalition forces in some way were left behind. Many remain in hiding, worried that the Taliban is hunting them down, including an Afghan interpreter who helped rescue Biden and two other senators while visiting the country in 2008 when they were forced to land in a snowstorm.

Panetta compared the rapid fall of Afghanistan to the failed Bay of Pigs invasion in Cuba in 1961. “I think of John Kennedy and the Bay of Pigs,” Panetta told CNN. “It unfolded quickly, and the president thought that everything would be fine and that was not the case.”

Biden has a chance of overcoming the Afghanistan withdrawal debacle, Panetta argued, but only if his administration successfully evacuates all Americans and U.S. allies remaining in Afghanistan, makes it clear that the U.S. will pursue terrorists in the country, and pushes the Taliban to recognize human rights.

“Ultimately, he’s going to have to say that he has learned the lessons from his experience in Afghanistan and the mistakes that have been made,” Panetta said.

But Biden showed no contrition, responsibility, or remorse in the speech he delivered Tuesday declaring America’s longest war finally over. Instead, the president boasted of the “extraordinary success” of the evacuation mission, arguing that no other country in the world had ever airlifted so many people so quickly out of a dangerous situation.

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He also tried to turn the obvious hostage threat of leaving an estimated 100-200 Americans behind into an accomplishment. “Ninety percent of Americans in Afghanistan who wanted to leave were able to leave,” he said during his remarks, pledging to “make arrangement to get them out if they so choose.”

Biden also rejected any notion that the chaotic and deadly evacuation could have taken place in a more “orderly fashion” if U.S. military and diplomatic leaders had planned better for the Taliban takeover. “I respectfully disagree,” he asserted.

Syndicated with permission from RealClearWire.

Susan Crabtree is RealClearPolitics’ White House/national political correspondent.

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When Reporters Ask About Abandoned Americans, Secretary Of State Blinken Turns Back And Walks Away

Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s press briefing on Afghanistan on Monday ended with him turning his back and walking away when reporters began asking about the hundreds of American citizens that have been left behind in Afghanistan.

Blinken had given a nearly 20 minute speech about the status of the withdrawal.

As he left, a reporter said, “Did this administration break its word that no American would be left behind?”

Blinken didn’t answer any questions, instead he left the room.

Blinken: ‘We Will Hold The Taliban To Its Pledge To Let People Freely Depart Afghanistan’

During his speech, Blinken said that the Biden administration would “lead with our diplomacy” and work with the Taliban to get Americans still in the country home. 

“We will continue our relentless efforts to help Americans, foreign nationals and Afghans leave Afghanistan if they choose. Our commitment to them holds no deadline.”

The Secretary of State said, “We will hold the Taliban to its pledge to let people freely depart Afghanistan.”

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“The Taliban is committed to let anyone with proper documents leave the country in a safe and orderly manner,” Blinken said. “They said this privately and publicly many times.”

“On Friday, a senior Taliban official said it again on television and radio,” he added. “And I quote, ‘any Afghans may leave the country, including those who work for Americans if they want and for whatever reason there may be.’”

“Here, too, we will hold them accountable to that commitment,” he added. “But while we have expectations of the Taliban, that doesn’t mean we will rely on the Taliban.”

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Americans Left Behind

The Political Insider reported that although “President Joe Biden originally promised that the U.S. would ‘stay’ in Afghanistan until every American was evacuated,” many still remain in the country.

“On Monday, Marine Corps Gen. Kenneth F. McKenzie Jr. announced that the last of the U.S. troops stationed at the Kabul airport had left,” The Political Insider noted. “And hundreds of Americans were left behind.”

For what many consider a dereliction of duty, House Republicans filed articles of impeachment against Blinken on Thursday.

The Articles read, “Secretary Blinken has failed to faithfully uphold his oath and has instead presided over a reckless abandonment of our nation’s interests, security, and values in his role in the withdrawal of American forces and diplomatic assets from Afghanistan.”


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Psaki Responds To Calls For Biden’s Resignation: ‘Not A Day For Politics’

White House press secretary Jen Psaki responded to calls by two Republican senators for President Biden’s resignation over the catastrophe in Afghanistan by saying it is “not a day for politics.”

Senators Josh Hawley (MO) and Marsha Blackburn (TN) called on Biden to resign following a pair of suicide bombings around Kabul airport that killed at least 13 American soldiers and dozens of Afghans.

“This is the product of Joe Biden’s catastrophic failure of leadership,” Hawley said. “It is now painfully clear he has neither the will nor the capacity to lead. He must resign.”

“Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, Antony Blinken, Lloyd Austin and General Milley should all resign or face impeachment and removal from office,” added Blackburn in a tweet.

The Defense Department confirms that 13 U.S. military personnel were killed in the attack – 10 Marines, 2 Army soldiers, and one Navy corpsman – and an additional 72 Afghans lost their lives in the attack.

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Psaki Dismisses Calls For Biden’s Resignation

When questioned by a reporter over calls for Biden’s resignation, Psaki indicated the somberness of the moment should have led Republicans to rally around the President rather than question his ability to lead.

“This is a day where U.S. service members, 12 of them, lost their lives at the hands of terrorists,” Psaki sternly replied during a Thursday briefing. “It is not a day for politics.”

“We would expect that any American, whether they are elected or not, would stand with us in our commitment to going after and fighting and killing those terrorists wherever they live and to honoring the lives of service members, that’s what this day is for.”

The problem is, it never works that way for Psaki’s side. Every day is a day for politics.

The left, of course, has never met a shooting that they didn’t immediately pounce on as a means to argue for strict gun control in America.

They mocked the idea of offering thoughts and prayers for victims.

And they certainly were willing to politicize every possible story as a means to call on former President Trump’s resignation since 2016.

Suddenly they’re demanding respect during a solemn and sad time for America.

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Should He Resign?

Calls for President Biden’s resignation have been amplified since the start of the botched withdrawal from Afghanistan, resulting in Taliban control of the country and the ensuing terror attack Americans witnessed yesterday.

His press conference to reassure the nation didn’t help matters.

Biden at alternate times seemed incoherent, detached, and projected weakness.

POLL: Do you think Biden should resign for his failure in Afghanistan?

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He again failed to take responsibility, and immediately blamed others for the botched handling of his withdrawal.

And Biden refused to admit any mistakes while doubling down on policies that have led to the deaths of Americans.

In addition, President Biden refused to deny reports that officials in his administration provided the Taliban with what one official referred to as a “kill list” of the names of Americans and Afghan allies.

Remember – President Trump was impeached for a phone call. 


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Nearly Half Of Americans Support Government Censoring Information Online 

A new Pew Research Center poll reveals that nearly half of Americans support the U.S. government censoring the internet. 

A clear majority supports Big Tech companies censoring information if its deemed “false information.” 

Concerns over misinformation online during the COVID-19 pandemic, especially concerning vaccines, is likely the reason for the shift in public attitudes.

The poll results do not portend well for the future of the First Amendment.

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‘Even If It Means Losing Some Freedom To Access And Publish Content’

About half of Americans, 48 percent, believe the government should take steps to censor ‘false information.’ In 2018, only 39 percent supported government intervention into free speech on social media.

At the same time, “the share of adults who say freedom of information should be protected – even if it means some misinformation is published online – has decreased from 58% to 50%.”

These U.S. adults support such action even if it means losing some freedom to access and publish content.

This survey was conducted among 11,178 adults from July 26-August 8, 2021.

Pew Research Center reported, “When it comes to whether technology companies should take steps to address misinformation online, more are in agreement. A majority of adults (59%) continue to say technology companies should take steps to restrict misinformation online, even if it puts some restrictions on Americans’ ability to access and publish content.”

“Around four-in-ten (39%) take the opposite view that protecting freedom of information should take precedence, even if it means false claims can spread,” Pew noted. “The balance of opinion on this question has changed little since 2018.”

Partisan sentiment has also played a role in public attitudes.

Over 75% of Democrats support government censoring information, and only 61% of Republicans oppose. 

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Women Support Censorship More Than Men

“Today, 70% of Republicans say those freedoms should be protected, even it if means some false information is published,” Pew noted. “Nearly as many Democrats (65%) instead say the government should take steps to restrict false information, even if it means limiting freedom of information.”

Pew Research Center also noticed a gender difference in these views.

“Women still tend to be more open than men to the idea of both the government and tech companies taking action to restrict false information online, though both groups have become a bit more supportive of the government taking such steps,” Pew noted.

Pew’s write-up of their poll results doesn’t cover how such views run afoul of the First Amendment, which prohibits the federal government from abridging the free speech of Americans. 

The plain words read clearly:

“Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”

POLL: Should government be able to censor information online?

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Biden Says He Doesn’t Know How Afghanistan Withdrawal Could Have Been Handled Better

President Joe Biden said on Wednesday that he doesn’t know how the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan could have been handled better than what his administration has done over the last week.

Biden made the shocking comments during an interview with ABC News’ George Stephanopoulos. 

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Biden: ‘I Don’t Know How That Happens’

As interviewer George Stephanopoulos begins to get into how the U.S. withdrew from Afghanistan, Biden said that he doesn’t think the exit from Afghanistan could have been handled better, and “the idea that somehow, there’s a way to have gotten out without chaos ensuing, I don’t know how that happens.”

Stephanopoulos then asked the president, “So, you don’t think this could have been handled — this exit could have been handled better in any way, no mistakes?”

Biden replied, “No. I don’t think it could have been handled in a way that — we’re going to go back in hindsight and look — but the idea that somehow, there’s a way to have gotten out without chaos ensuing, I don’t know how that happens.”

“I don’t know how that happened,” Biden replied.

Many Americans have been shocked by the complete disaster of the withdrawal – with as many as 15,000 Americans still stuck in the country, and billions worth of U.S. military equipment falling into the hands of the Taliban.

Biden’s comments are particularly notable given that the withdrawal doesn’t appear to be anywhere near completion – rather it has just begun. 

NBC News reported that the Biden administration told Americans who are a currently trapped in Afghanistan that the government cannot guarantee their safety in getting to the evacuation point at Kabul airport. 

Perhaps the most disturbing comments came from Biden’s Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin, who said that the United States doesn’t have the “capability” to “get large numbers of people out,” and that evacuations will run “until the clock runs out.”

Trump Blasts Biden’s ‘Humiliating’ Afghanistan Withdrawal Strategy

During an interview with Fox News’ Sean Hannity on Tuesday, former President Donald Trump criticized Biden’s withdrawal strategy or lack thereof.

“You are dealing with thousands and thousands of Americans and others that are stranded and very dangerously really stranded in Afghanistan,” Trump said. “So it’s something that you can’t even believe, a thing like this.”

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Trump added, “I looked at that big monster cargo plane yesterday with people grabbing the side and trying to get flown out of Afghanistan because of their incredible fear, and they’re blowing off of the plane from 2,000 feet up in the air, nobody has ever seen anything like that.”

“That blows the helicopters in Vietnam away,” Trump said. “That is not even a contest.”

“It has been the most humiliating period of time that I’ve ever seen,” Trump insisted.



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Dan Crenshaw Slams Biden For Being ‘Utterly Incompetent’ On Afghanistan – ‘Owes The American People A Lot Of Explanations’

Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-TX) went on Fox News on Wednesday to slam President Joe Biden for his handling of the U.S. troops’ withdrawal from Afghanistan.

The Navy SEAL and combat veteran is less than pleased with what is happening.

Crenshaw Wants An Explanation

Crenshaw went so far as to say that Biden has been “utterly incompetent” when it comes to Afghanistan, and that he has behaved the opposite of how President Donald Trump would have. The Republican also said that the “State Department really botched this” and the “Secretary of State owes the American people a lot of explanations.”

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“How Biden did this is so utterly incompetent, and my office has been in touch with sources who are very close to the operation. And this is a State Department-led operation. OK? The State Department overruled DoD,” Crenshaw said. “When DoD wanted to make Bagram the last place where we would have troops — the State Department overruled them. It was a foolish mistake because Bagram can hold a lot more aircraft, for instance, than Kabul.”

“They didn’t like how it would look to abandon Kabul before Bagram,” he added when asked why things were handled this way.

“And here’s another thing the State Department never did: They never even built a contingency plan to take people out of the embassy. They were planning on just staying even though conditions on the ground were getting worse and worse. … By Saturday they had no plans to leave. This is what we’re hearing from insiders. The Secretary of State owes the American people a lot of explanations for this. Of course, the buck stops with Biden. Biden made all of these decisions, and it’s reprehensible, but the State Department really botched this.”

Crenshaw: World More Dangerous

Crenshaw had said earlier in the week that Biden’s “incompetence” has led to the Taliban’s takeover, which means the world is now “a lot more dangerous.”

“It just blows my mind that this is where we’ve come to,” Crenshaw told Fox News. “I’ve been beating this drum for a long time trying to explain to people that you send people like me over there so that you fight them there instead of here.”

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“There’s a lot of intelligence that demonstrates that the people there do want to commit terrorist attacks here on the homeland. They always have,” he continued. “This is what they do. They hate Western civilization.”

This piece was written by James Samson on August 19, 2021. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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MCNBC’s Nicole Wallace Attacks Tucker Carlson And Laura Ingraham For ‘Racist Fear Mongering’ On Afghan Refugees

MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace, who previously worked for George W. Bush, attacked Fox News Channel hosts Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham for what she described as their “racist fear mongering” about Afghan refugees.

Wallace Ties Fox To ‘White Nationalism’

“Some members of the right-wing media including some of the same people who downplay or outright defend the white nationalists and domestic violent extremists who attacked the Capitol January 6 are using this moment, right now to spread misinformation and engage in what can only be described as racist fear mongering,” Wallace said, according to Mediaite.

“Take a listen to what two of Fox’s most watched host had to say on this topic.”

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Wallace then played a video in which Ingraham said, “Is it really our responsibility to welcome thousands of potentially unvetted refugees from Afghanistan? All day we’ve heard phrases like ‘we promise them.’ Who did? Did you?”

Carlson was then showed saying, “If history is any guide and it’s always a guide, we will see many refugees from Afghanistan resettle in our country in the coming months probably in your neighborhood and over the next decade that number may swell to the millions. First we invade and then we’re invaded.”

Wallace Attacks Fox News

Wallace chimed back in at that point to double down in her attack on the Fox News hosts.

“The opposite is true,” she said. “These are people that had to make a choice. So far away from here, so far away from the cozy climate-controlled studios at Fox News headquarters. In Afghanistan they had to choose between America and their country, and the Taliban, and they chose us, from all the way over there. The notion that their sort of horrific fear mongering and racism doesn’t carve out the men and women in Afghanistan who kept our soldiers alive for two decades is a new level of reprehensible.”

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Boston Globe senior opinion writer Kimberly Atkins Stohr responded by saying “vilifying Afghans, vilifying anybody who is Muslim” is not new, recalling “xenophobia and anti-Muslim sentiment” in America after 9/11.

This piece was written by James Samson on August 19, 2021. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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NY Lawmakers Suspend Impeachment Proceedings Against Cuomo

Days after New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo resigned in disgrace after an investigation concluded that he had sexually harassed multiple women, the state’s Assembly speaker announced that impeachment proceedings against him have been suspended.

Impeachment Proceedings Against Cuomo Suspended

Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie, a Democrat, explained that Cuomo resignation is what triggered the move to suspend the impeachment proceedings.

“There are two reasons for the decision,” Heastie said, according to Fox News. “First, the purpose of the Assembly Judiciary Committee’s impeachment investigation was to determine whether Governor Cuomo should remain in office.”

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“The governor’s resignation answers that directive. Second, we have been advised by Chair Lavine – with the assistance of counsel – of the belief that the constitution does not authorize the legislature to impeach and remove an elected official who is no longer in office,” he added. 

Republicans Fire Back

Cuomo resigned earlier this week, with him officially leaving office in two weeks. Some are not happy about the decision to suspend the impeachment proceedings.

“The decision from Assembly Democrats to suspend the impeachment investigation reeks of a shady deal to protect Andrew Cuomo,” said New York state Senate Republican leader Rob Ortt. “Resignation is not accountability.”

“The Democrats not only failed in their constitutional responsibilities – they failed the Governor’s countless victims in nursing homes, brave women who came forward to tell their stories, and those who believe in honest and transparent government,” he continued. 

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Cuomo resigned after New York attorney general Letitia James released a 165-page report based on allegations from 11 different complainants that concluded he sexually harassed women.

“New York tough means New York loving, and I love New York and I love you,” Cuomo said as he resigned. “I would never want to be unhelpful in any way, and I think given the circumstances, the best way I can help now is if I step aside and let government get back to governing, and therefore, that’s what I’ll do.”

Cuomo is set to be replaced by New York Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul on August 24, and she has already announced that she will be running for re-election next year.

This piece was written by James Samson on August 13, 2021. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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