Durham’s FBI-Trump report fuels House GOP ‘weaponization’ attacks

House Republicans say the long-awaited report from special counsel John Durham bolsters their arguments that federal intelligence and law enforcement agencies have been “weaponized” against political enemies — a theme that has been a major defining belief of their new majority. 

“The long-awaited Durham Report confirmed what the American people already know; that individuals at the highest levels of government attempted to overthrow democracy when they illegally weaponized the federal government against Donald J. Trump,” House Republican Conference Chairwoman Elise Stefanik (R-N.Y.) said in a statement.

The report found that federal authorities did not have sufficient information to open their “Crossfire Hurricane” investigation into the 2016 Trump campaign’s ties to Russia. Durham did not recommend any charges to the FBI in his report but said that the agency was “seriously deficient” in how it handled some aspects of the investigation, including relying on “raw, unanalyzed, and uncorroborated intelligence.” 

House Majority Leader Steve Scalise (R-La.) quoted from the report in a press conference Tuesday, raising alarm about its assertion that “the FBI failed to uphold their mission of strict fidelity to the law” and that it identified an FBI agent who knowingly made misrepresentations to the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court.

“Where’s the accountability for this? Who’s going to be held accountable? These are the questions we’re going to continue to ask,” Scalise said.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) invited Durham to speak to his panel’s select subcommittee on government weaponization — created at the request of the right flank ahead of the tumultuous election of House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) — at the end of the month.

Many House GOP members, including those serving on the Intelligence and Judiciary committees, said that they had not yet read the more than 300-page report released Monday, when many were focused on the debt ceiling negotiations.

Yet several Republicans said that the report essentially confirmed their own biases.

“We all already believed or knew what was in there,” said Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.). “It's like, ‘Yeah, see? We told you so.’”

McCarthy told The Hill that Republicans already knew about the things that were “so appalling.”

“They took the entire country through this, impeachment, everything else, when we knew the FBI never should have done this from the very beginning,” McCarthy said.

Democrats, for their part, criticized the report for not offering enough new information.

House Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Jerry Nadler (D-N.Y.) said in a statement that the report amounted to “a political rehashing of what the Justice Department Inspector General already made public in 2019.” 

“Mr. Durham has, one last time, over promised and under delivered,” Nadler said before referencing special counsel Robert Mueller, who released a report in 2019 on his investigation of Russia’s meddling in the 2016 election.

“Nothing in this report changes the outcome of the Mueller investigation, which resulted in multiple convictions, found more than one hundred contacts between the 2016 Trump campaign and the Russian government, and substantial reason to believe that Donald Trump had committed obstruction of justice,” Nadler said.

The report from Durham is likely to affect how House Republicans legislate, and may also play a role in the GOP presidential primary.

“The report confirms that FBI personnel repeatedly disregarded critical protections established to protect the American people from unlawful surveillance,” House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Turner (R-Ohio) said in a statement. “Such actions should never have occurred, and it is essential that Congress codifies clear guardrails that prevent future FBI abuses and restores the public’s trust in our law enforcement institutions.”

The FBI is getting ahead of calls for change, releasing a five-page letter responding to Durham that details recent reforms.

“The conduct in 2016 and 2017 that Special Counsel Durham examined was the reason that current FBI leadership already implemented dozens of corrective actions, which have now been in place for some time,” the FBI said in a statement. “Had those reforms been in place in 2016, the missteps identified in the report could have been prevented. This report reinforces the importance of ensuring the FBI continues to do its work with the rigor, objectivity, and professionalism the American people deserve and rightly expect.”

One area likely to be affected by the politics of the Durham report is Congress’s reauthorization of Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA), which allows for warrantless surveillance of foreigners outside the United States, even as they communicate with U.S. citizens within the U.S. — thus allowing intelligence agencies to pick up citizen communications without a warrant.

“I can assure you, 702 — that is not going to get rubber-stamped,” said Rep. Chip Roy (R-Texas), a member of the House Judiciary Committee. “We’ve got to have a serious reboot or elimination of what we're seeing through FISA 702.”

Rep. Dan Crenshaw (R-Texas), a member of the House Intelligence Committee, also said that the Durham report will probably affect FISA reauthorization.

In a Twitter thread, Crenshaw said there “must be consequences” based on the findings of the report.

“This report demonstrates how unelected, subversive actors within the highest levels of our government sought to destroy a duly-elected president they hated. They weaponized a lie – knowing the media would breathlessly regurgitate that lie – in order to take Donald Trump out of the White House,” Crenshaw said.

Top Dem Nadler Knew Trump Impeachment Process Was ‘Unconstitutional’ But Schiff and Pelosi Dismissed Him

Powerful Democrat Representative Jerry Nadler was reportedly convinced the process behind the first impeachment trial of Donald Trump was “unconstitutional” and tried warning House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and fellow Rep. Adam Schiff, only to be rebuffed.

The extraordinary accounting comes from excerpts of a new book titled, “Unchecked: The Untold Story Behind Congress’s Botched Impeachments of Donald Trump​.”

Fox News, which obtained the excerpts, reports that Nadler had issues with how Schiff (D-CA) was planning to run impeachment proceedings, particularly concerned that the then-President was not being afforded due process.

The New York Democrat was so concerned, the book’s authors reveal, that he told Schiff the process is “unfair, and it’s unprecedented, and it’s unconstitutional.”

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Nadler: Trump Impeachment is Unconstitutional

Despite Nadler’s initial concerns, House Democrats impeached former President Trump on the basis of a July 25, 2019, phone call between he and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Trump, according to transcripts of the call, asked Zelensky to “look into” Joe Biden and his son Hunter.

Trump maintained that nothing untoward took place during the conversation.

Schiff, who seemed unconcerned about potential constitutional violations of Trump’s rights during the impeachment proceedings, responded to Nadler’s concerns by saying, “I don’t appreciate your tone.”

He also said, “I worry you’re putting us in a box for our investigation.”

Nadler’s warnings persisted.

“If we’re going to impeach, we need to show the country that we gave the president ample opportunity to defend himself,” he demanded.

The Fox News report indicates again that Pelosi and Schiff were less concerned with due process and more concerned that Trump’s lawyers, if allowed to convey their own messages during the proceedings, would hurt Biden’s chances of being elected.

“F*** Donald Trump,” Schiff’s team is accused of saying.

Pelosi, meanwhile, was arguing that Americans weren’t going to understand the complexity of the impeachment charges and that they’d have to carefully construct the narrative.

“We need to make the case more strongly that this is a national security issue,” Pelosi said, according to the book.

“Eighty percent plus say it’s not okay for the president to ask for foreign assistance [in an election] — despite Trump asserting that he can do it,” she added. “I just think we need to make this case to rural voters, evangelicals, and Republicans.”

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Pelosi: If Trump Complains About Due Process, We’ll Ignore Him

The authors of the book contend that Pelosi’s strategy to combat concerns of due process were to simply ignore them.

“Let’s not give them any attention,” she allegedly said adding, “Democrats are giving Trump more rights than the Democrats had under the Clinton impeachment.”

Anybody who witnessed the show that was the impeachment proceedings knows Democrats were more concerned about stopping Trump from being re-elected than anything else.

Schiff, you may recall, argued that impeachment couldn’t wait at that time because Trump cheated in the 2016 presidential election and Democrats couldn’t afford for that to happen again.

“The argument, ‘why don’t you just wait?’ comes down to this,” Schiff claimed. “‘Why don’t you just let him cheat in just one more election? Why not let him have foreign help one more time?'”

Whoa. You heard that correctly. Schiff, very clearly denying the results of the 2016 presidential election.

Some would call that ‘insurrection.’

Schiff also completely fabricated quotes by President Trump during a congressional whistleblower hearing on the Ukraine controversy. Something so absurd even George Stephanopoulus called him out.

And while the proceedings were so “unfair” that Jerry Nadler had to call them out, Senator Mitt Romney (R-UT) came to the defense of Pelosi at the time.

“She’s able to do what she feels is right. That’s up to her,” Romney said in defending Pelosi. “At this stage, the process is to continue to gather information but clearly what we’ve seen from the transcript itself is deeply troubling.”

Of course, the narrative from that “deeply troubling” transcript was manipulated by anti-Trump lawmakers and media members from the start.

Nadler, somewhere along the line, went from accusing Schiff of conducting things unconstitutionally, to saying Senate Republicans, by not going along with the sham, were behaving in the same manner.

“If the Senate doesn’t permit the introduction of all relevant witnesses and of all documents that the House wants to introduce, because the House is the prosecutor here, then the Senate is — is engaging in an unconstitutional and disgusting cover-up,” he claimed.

He said that knowing what Democrats had just done in the House was ‘unconstitutional and disgusting.’

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) responded to those comments by alluding to what Nadler had previously argued about the process.

“We’re not going to do a kangaroo court, like they did in the House,” Paul fired back. “The House only produced witnesses that Adam Schiff agreed to.”

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It’s Starting: Democrats Introduce Bill To Limit Supreme Court Terms

Amid calls for significant changes to the Supreme Court and Senate, Democrats are set to introduce a bill next week that would set Supreme Court term limits at 18 years.

Term Limits For SCOTUS

The Supreme Court Term Limits and Regular Appointments Act, according to Reuters, will be introduced by Democrats next Tuesday.

It would set term limits for the Supreme Court at 18 years, and allow every President to appoint to nominate two justices per term.

“It would save the country a lot of agony and help lower the temperature over fights for the court that go to the fault lines of cultural issues and is one of the primary things tearing at our social fabric,” said Democrat Representative Ro Khanna.

Khanna will introduce the bill along with Representatives Joe Kennedy III and Don Beyer.

The bill would exempt current justices from the rules. Justices who finish their term would retire from the Supreme Court and then rotate to lower courts.

“That’s perfectly consistent with their judicial independence and having a lifetime salary and a lifetime appointment,” Khanna argued.

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Democrats Demand Court Packing

This is not the only thing that Democrats have been demanding regarding the Supreme Court.

Representative Kennedy wrote on Twitter that if President Trump and the Republicans held a vote for his Supreme Court nominee this year, they would simply pack the court in 2021.

This sentiment has been echoed by other Democrats. “Mitch McConnell set the precedent,” Senate candidate Ed Markey tweeted.

“No Supreme Court vacancies filled in an election year. If he violates it… we must abolish the filibuster and expand the Supreme Court.”

Representative Jerry Nadler joined the calls.

If McConnell “were to force through a nominee during the lame duck session—before a new Senate and President can take office—then the incoming Senate should immediately move to expand the Supreme Court,” Nadler wrote.

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Schumer: “Nothing Is Off The Table”

Democrats are fuming that President Trump and Mitch McConnell have the gall to use their constitutional powers to nominate and confirm a replacement for Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

It’s not the first time that there has been a nominee in an election year, and it won’t be the last.

They forget that Merrick Garland was not voted on because the Senate and Presidency were split. That is not the case this time.

Some legal scholars argue that a constitutional amendment is needed to set term limits for Supreme Court justices.

It is unclear from the Reuters article whether or not Representative Khanna has been challenged about the issue.

Senator Chuck Schumer said that “nothing was off the table.” I believe him.

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Trey Gowdy Dares Jerry Nadler To Tell Murder Victims’ Families ‘That The Violence Is Manufactured’

Former Republican congressman and Fox News contributor Trey Gowdy told Sean Hannity Tuesday night that the tense House Judiciary Committee hearing with Attorney General William Barr testifying showed the contrast between Republicans and Democrats ahead of the 2020 election.

“Do you want the anarchy that you see in Portland and Seattle?” Gowdy rhetorically asked. “Or do you want a country where everyone is safe and secure?”

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Trey Gowdy Absolutely Torches Jerry Nadler

“What you … saw today is what a serious, grown-up attorney general could do for this country and it makes me wish and wonder where we would be if he had been the AG from day one, if Bill Barr had been the president’s first AG,” Gowdy said.

Gowdy is the former chairman of the House Oversight Committee. Gowdy went on to portray Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler as “crazy Uncle Jerry.”

Gowdy on Nadler: ‘Now you know, Sean, why the Democrats kept him hidden in the attic during impeachment’

“Now you know, Sean, why the Democrats kept him hidden in the attic during impeachment,” Gowdy said. “They didn’t want him anywhere near impeachment, and for anybody who wondered why the chairman of Judiciary had no role in impeachment, today you figured it out.”

Nadler accused Barr of sending federal agents to tamp down rioting in Portland just to provide Trump with footage for campaign commercials during Tuesday’s hearing. When Barr tried to reply and deny the charge, Nadler just spoke over him.

Nadler also refused Barr’s request for a five-minute break, to which the AG responded by calling Nadler – with tongue in cheek – a “class act.”

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Gowdy: ‘Go find all the homicide victims, Jerry… and tell them that the violence is manufactured’

Gowdy defended the deployment of federal agents to Portland, saying “the number one obligation of government is public safety.”

“What I wish Nadler would do,” Gowdy continued, “is go find all the homicide victims and their family members in New York, go find the parents of that one-year-old who got killed and tell them that the violence is manufactured.”

“Go find all the homicide victims, Jerry, in your own backyard and tell them that the violence is manufactured,” Gowdy finished.

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House Democrat Submits Resolution To Impeach Attorney General Barr

House Democrat Steve Cohen (TN) on Tuesday submitted a resolution calling for the impeachment of Attorney General William Barr.

Cohen has been calling for Barr’s impeachment for over a week saying “he is reigning terror on the rule of law.”

Now, he’s formally submitted a resolution.

“Today, I introduced #HRes1032, which would authorize an impeachment inquiry into Attorney General Barr,” Cohen tweeted.

“He has politicized the DOJ, undermined the rule of law, abused his power, obstructed justice [and] violated the first amendment,” the Democrat added. “He is not fit to be Attorney General.”

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No Support

Perhaps this clown should concentrate on serving the people of Tennessee rather than wielding impeachment as a political weapon every time something happens that he disagrees with.

Cohen’s main points of contention lie in Barr’s reduction of sentencing for Roger Stone, something he calls a “travesty,” and the attorney General’s alleged role in a decision to remove rioters from Lafayette Square during a protest last month.

But Cohen has little to no support for the effort from more prominent Democrats.

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler (D-NY) called any effort to impeach Barr a “waste of time,” while House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) dismissed it by saying “let’s solve our problems by going to the polls and voting on Election Day.”

But then, she said that prior to the last election as well.

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For Show

Cohen’s actions, just like those taken by Democrats who tried to reverse the election of 2016 by impeaching the President, is all for show. He’s a nut, who likes to dance to please his radical base.

This is, after all, the same clown who attempted to insult Attorney General Barr last May when he refused to show up to a sham House Judiciary Committee hearing.

Cohen, you see, wanted to mock Barr as a chicken, and he did so very, very subtly …

Cohen previously butted heads with Pelosi over Trump’s impeachment, pushing her by saying it was the ‘patriotic’ thing to do.

He introduced articles of impeachment in 2017 over the President’s reaction to violence in Charlottesville, Virginia, which has been proven to be a media-generated hoax.

You’d think the people of Tennessee would be embarrassed by this man.

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New Trump Impeachment Push For Democrats Over Roger Stone Affair?

By David Kamioner | February 12, 2020

In the desire of Democrats to put the country last and their own pathological quests for power at the forefront, the Jerry Nadler-led House Judiciary Committee will bring Attorney General Bill Barr to testify in front of them on March 31st. Why?

As part of a story they will embellish between now and then. Democrats will make the case that President Trump pressured his Justice Department and Barr to lower the amount of time in jail federal prosecutors recommended for former Trump associate Roger Stone.


These are the same guys who put the nation through a quickdraw impeachment over a phone call. Now going into an election year with no cudgel to bash Trump with they have hit upon this to start the hysteria all over again.

MORE NEWS: Disturbing new report reveals FBI had multiple informants in Trump’s presidential campaign

The feds sought between 87-108 months in prison for the 67 year old Stone, who was convicted on seven counts of obstruction, witness tampering, and making false statements to Congress during the Mueller investigation. Normal federal sentencing guidelines in such cases call for 15-21 months. The federal prosecutors in the case contend that Stone’s actions post indictment, including violating a social media gag imposed by the judge, warrant the much harsher sentence.

AG Bill Barr and other top Justice Department officials did not agree and reversed the call of their own lawyers for the tougher penalty. At that, four of the federal prosecutors handling the case resigned. President Trump is said to be considering giving Stone a pardon.

The Dems may feature those four former feds as star witnesses. The lawyers know that national publicity like this will enhance their professional careers now that they have left federal service. So they, much like the witnesses in the last impeachment drama, would insinuate, but have no proof, that the president intervened to help Stone.

But lack of facts don’t ever stop Democrats.

They will make up stories of a cabal of Trump loyalists in the DOJ that conspired to pervert the course of justice to spare a Trump loyalist. As for the loyalist, Stone has a show pony reputation in DC. He goes out of his way to gain the spotlight every chance he gets.

MORE NEWS: Biden stuns New Hampshire voter by calling her a ‘lying, dog-faced pony soldier’

All this will be timed around the GOP convention and the fall campaign.

Is this a lock? Will it happen for sure? No.

But the chance of the U.S. having to endure another Democratic misadventure is enough to get ready for it.

Oh joy.

This piece originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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Meghan McCain Eviscerates Joy Behar After She Expresses Hopes Trump Will Go ‘Completely Nuts’ During State Of The Union

By PopZette Staff | February 4, 2020

Yet another argument broke out between Joy Behar and Meghan McCain on the ABC talk show “The View” this morning as the two went at it over President Donald Trump’s State of the Union tonight.

As the women talked about Trump’s upcoming speech, Behar fantasized about how it would go, expressing her hopes that the president would “go off-script and be completely nuts. That’s what I’m praying for.” Unfortunate for her, however, McCain was also on the panel to give her a nice dose of reality.

“Tonight is the State of the Union and I’m hoping people will watch because we have to talk about it tomorrow. It’s like a homework assignment,” Behar said at the beginning of the segment.

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“I’m just hoping, you know, let’s watch the body language, you know?” she later continued. “Nancy Pelosi’s going to be sitting behind him, and I’m hoping she’ll have a sign that says ‘impeach.’ Nadler and Schiff and those guys are going to be right in front which will freak him out.”

McCain was not having any of Behar’s liberal fantasy.

“It’s not going to freak him out,” she told her.

Behar took a brief pause to say that Trump needs to be “presidential,” but she quickly went back to her radical side to add there was no way this would happen.

“Like he’s going to be presidential,” she scoffed. “There’s no way this guy knows how to be presidential, and I’m hoping he’ll just get freaked out, go off script and be completely nuts. That’s what I’m praying for.”

Behar and her liberal cohost Sunny Hostin proceeded to fantasize about the things they’d like to hear Trump talk about, from impeachment to their favorite “kids in cages” narrative. Finally, McCain stepped in to shut them both down.

“This is a pipe dream, and I love you, but this is a pipe dream,” McCain said. “He’s going to take a victory lap over the impeachment, he’s going to take a victory lap over the cluster that just happened in Iowa, and now he has the State of the Union which is this huge audience in front of all of America, and in this moment he’s doing pretty well. I mean, I just don’t think the idea he’s going to decombust in front of the State of the Union is logical.”

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McCain could not be more right. Despite what crazed leftists in the media like Behar say, Trump’s numbers are good right now, so he has no reason to have a meltdown. Behar can keep fantasizing about Trump’s down fall, but a fantasy is all that is. With America thriving under Trump, Behar should get used to the fact that he’s going to be in the White House for another four years.

This piece originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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Democrats Show Frustration at Losing to Trump, Again

By David Kamioner | January 31, 2020

Two moments on Thursday were indicative of reality slowly, finally, grabbing hold of the Democrats and bringing them face to face with their impending defeat in the impeachment trial of President Trump.

The first was when Senator Elizabeth Warren called the credibility of Chief Justice John Roberts into disrepute in a question she posed from the floor of the Senate.

The question he had to read from his perch as presiding officer was, “At a time when large majorities of Americans have lost faith in government, does the fact that the chief justice is presiding over an impeachment trial in which Republican senators have thus far refused to allow witnesses or evidence contribute to the loss of legitimacy of the chief justice, the Supreme Court, and the Constitution?”

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Roberts sighed and was visibly peeved. He must have thought: Really?! From her?!

For a lying race hustler like Warren to impugn this guy was too much even for some Democrats, many of whom who looked thunderstruck from the floor of the Senate.

Adam Schiff quickly took the podium and complimented the Chief Justice. Why did she do it? Pure bitterness. She’s in her own little fuhrerbunker as her campaign and this impeachment collapse around her.

So she does the only thing she has proven adept at, she opens her yap and, this time indirectly, says something crashingly dumb.

The second incident was even better, schadenfreude wise.

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The last question of the night was upon the Democrats and Schiff was preening and getting ready to answer it. Just after Roberts reads it and Schiff starts to rise, Nadler jumps up and rushes the podium.

Schiff calls, “Jerry, Jerry, Jerry,” trying to call him back and take the closing moment for himself. But no. Nadler holds fast and, with GOP open laughter permeating the Senate and Schiff sitting there like a gutted fish, Nadler throws a tantrum a second grader would be embarrassed to have engaged in.

And thus the night ends as Schiff is denied his final chance at lying.

Now, that’s entertainment!

This piece originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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Thursday Night, the Hour Grew Late For Democrats in More Ways than One

By David Kamioner | January 31, 2020

As news of the Bolton and Schiff videos, clips that destroyed their witness argument, closed in on the Democrats the president’s opponents got stranger and more rabid. They knew they were likely to lose the whole match on Friday and they began to lash out at the GOP legal team, themselves, and at their real enemies, the voters of the United States of America.

Developments included:

  • GOP attorney Pat Cipollone made the argument that if a partisan impeachment like this was to remove the president from office for the vague charge of “abuse of power” then all future presidents, GOP and Democrat, would be subject to the same type of witch hunt.

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  • Elizabeth Warren, in a question, tried to impugn the credibility of Chief Justice John Roberts. Roberts sighed after he read the question and even Adam Schiff defended Roberts during his response to the question.
  • The Democrats made repeated attempts to classify any negative information as “conspiracy theories”, even going as far as to label the legal record and established facts as such.When they didn’t do that, when repeatedly shown the record, they just merely punted the question and went back to their tired redundant talking points.
  • The GOP team made the point that numerous people, including Joe Biden, thought there was no need for witnesses in the 1998 Clinton impeachment trial.
  • Democrats consistently fell into GOP traps when it came to the CIA informer. When a GOP senator hinted at Ciaramella, a member of the Democrat legal team would whine about it, thus talking about the subject and using up their time. Which is exactly what the GOP team wanted them to do.
  • The Democrats began to insinuate that the American people are not fit to decide the presidency. Thus the Dems had the duty to it for them through impeachment. We’ll see those clips again.
  • As Schiff and his pals watched the day grow later, the pressure started to get to them in a very obvious manner. We heard more about “Russian propaganda” and “baseless smears.”The GOP legal team was hitting nerves and it was showing in the words and demeanor of all the Democrats in the room.

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  • In the last question, and we’ll have more on this later, Jerry Nadler bolted out of his seat and stole the podium from Adam Schiff. Schiff seemed stunned by the move and tried to call after Nadler, as Nadler made his way to the podium. Nadler ignored him and proceeded to throw a tantrum.

The trial resumes, perhaps for the last day, Friday afternoon.

This piece originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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GOP Trial Defense Team Wraps Up, Scores Big

By David Kamioner | January 28, 2020

Tuesday, the last day of the GOP case to the Senate in defense of President Trump, was marked by scholarly analysis and low key appeals to basic integrity by presidential attorneys Pat Cipollone, Patrick Philbin, and Jay Sekulow.

Philbin led off the day, after an intro by Cipollone, expounding on points made Monday by Alan Dershowitz. He specifically warned of the expansive nature and vague context of the “abuse of power” impeachment charge against the president, likening it to a Bill of Attainder.

That kind of bill, legislation targeting a single individual, was prohibited by the Founders in Article I, Section 9 of the Constitution.

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The podium was then taken by Jay Sekulow who, eschewing his usual tough manner, moderately emphasized that elections, not impeachments, are the proper way to change presidents in this nation.

He did castigate Democrat manager Jerry Nadler for referring to executive privilege as “other nonsense.” In warning of Nadler’s attitude and impeachment itself, Sekulow oddly channeled the robot from “Lost in Space” as he intoned “danger, danger, danger” more than once.

Will Robinson could not be reached for comment.

Pat Cipollone concluded the active defense case with a subtle, yet hard-hitting, strike against the Democrats by playing videos showcasing their own words from the Clinton impeachment against them.

Nadler, Lofgren, and even Chuck Schumer had to sit there mortified while their on-screen selves from over 20 years ago warned against partisan impeachment and the negative future effects of it on the nation and the presidency.

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Schumer even predicted then that Democrats would want “payback” in the future and would unfairly target a GOP president.

Upon seeing that, Cipollone simply responded, “You were right.”

Pat Cipollone closed with a sincere appeal to the Senate, “It is time for this to end here and now.” His manner and tone were agreeable, even gentle, as he asked the 100 members of the U.S. Senate to look to the better angels of their natures and defend the Constitution by rejecting these articles of impeachment. His pitch seemed to be convincing and effective, as opposed to the bombast of the Democrat legal team.

The Senate reconvenes Wednesday at 1pm to begin two days of senatorial questions to opposing legal teams. Chief Justice Roberts asked that responses be brief.

Whether the legal teams will act as such remains to be seen.

This piece originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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