Pelosi Has A Case Of The Sads: Claims Kevin McCarthy Plan To Expunge Trump Impeachments Is ‘Playing Politics’

Nancy Pelosi really, really doesn’t think House Speaker Kevin McCarthy’s plan to expunge Donald Trump’s impeachments is a good idea.

Speaking with CNN’s Dana Bash on “State of the Union,” Pelosi repeatedly criticized the plan and even resorted to personal insults, referring to McCarthy as a Trump puppet and denouncing GOP hearings on government censorship as a “clown show.”

Reports claim that McCarthy told Trump that he would have the House vote on expunging the Democrat-led impeachments. There is no vote currently scheduled and the reports indicate he is simply trying to gauge support for the idea.

When asked about the idea, the Republican House Speaker said it would have to “go through committee like anything else.”

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Pelosi Doesn’t Want McCarthy To Expunge Trump Impeachment

In the eyes of the public, those impeachments are already expunged. An honest person can’t say that impeaching Trump for asking Ukraine to investigate corruption was a worthy and bipartisan endeavor.

Nor can anybody who understands what actually happened on January 6th think that these clowns in Congress were putting forth a serious effort in impeaching Trump over his speech.

McCarthy’s efforts, while symbolic and a definite slap in the face to Democrats, seem unnecessary. Trump was acquitted twice, incidentally, proving those impeachments to be little more than a perpetual witch hunt.

That said, Pelosi is clearly upset by the idea, meaning it’s probably a good thing for the country.

“Kevin is, you know, playing politics. It is not even clear if he constitutionally can expunge those things,” she told Bash. “If he wants to put his members on the spot, his members in difficult races on the spot, that is a decision he has to make. But this is not responsible.”

“Go ahead, you’ll be sorry” is usually the last resort for somebody who is trying to use reverse psychology to stop something.

Pelosi wasn’t finished, however, and was clearly riled up.

“This is about being afraid. As I have said before, Donald Trump is the puppeteer. And what does he do all the time but shine the light on the strings?” she said. “These people look pathetic.”

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Pelosi: Efforts To Stop Censorship Are A ‘Clown Show’

Oof. Just watch that video again. You can even put it on mute and tell that Pelosi seems a little worried. The eyebrows almost sailed clear off her grill.

It’s almost as if McCarthy’s plan to expunge Trump’s impeachments would negate the only thing she ever accomplished as House Speaker from 2016 to 2021.

And by “accomplished,” we mean for the Democrat party, not for America. Both of Trump’s impeachments were designed to protect Joe Biden, nothing more.

Pelosi also took umbrage with House hearings on censorship. Censorship that interfered in the 2020 presidential election which, according to Democrats’ own comments, is a threat to democracy, an insurrection.

But because the censorship again protected President Biden, Pelosi isn’t a big fan of trying to expose it.

“What a ridiculous clown show, again, on the part of the Republicans, she said while misidentifying Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Back in 2020, Pelosi seemed to think her impeachment dreams would last forever.

“This president is impeached for life, regardless of any gamesmanship on the part of Mitch McConnell,” she bragged. “He will be impeached forever.”

We’ll just have to see about that, Nancy!

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CNN Gives Schiff, Swalwell, and Omar an Entire Panel to Continue Their Committee Removal Whining Tour

CNN offered Ilhan Omar, Eric Swalwell, and Adam Schiff an entire panel segment so they could continue whining about being removed from House committees by Speaker Kevin McCarthy.

By now, you all know the background. Swalwell has engaged in a reported relationship with a Chinese spy while Schiff has been accused of leaking classified information in order to propagate the Russia collusion hoax.

As such, he has rejected a bid to keep Schiff and Swalwell on the House Intelligence Committee and is seeking to do the same with Omar on the Foreign Affairs Committee due to a career’s worth of anti-Semitic comments.

CNN swooped in and offered all three a panel on “State of the Union” with host Dana Bash – not a single dissenting voice – to express their outrage for being removed from their committee assignments.

Because the press conference they held on the matter, Swalwell’s statements accusing the Speaker of trying to have them murdered, Schiff’s TikTok video, and the trio’s incessant tweeting on the perceived miscarriage of justice wasn’t enough publicity.

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Claim They’re Being Targeted Because They’re Really Good at What They Do

All three Democrats took a swipe at McCarthy for removing or seeking to remove them from various committee assignments.

Swalwell called the Speaker’s actions “BS” and suggested he targeted them because he perceives all three to be “effective political opponent(s).”

Swalwell, aside from having an affair with a Chinese spy – allegedly – is best known for riding a camel shirtless in Qatar during the pandemic and blaming a mug for an extremely embarrassing live interview moment.

But yea, he’s effective.

Schiff suggested the whole thing was some sort of effort by McCarthy to protect former President Donald Trump and secure support from MAGA Republicans.

“The only real explanation is he needs Marjorie Taylor Greene’s vote, he needs Paul Gosar’s vote,” Schiff stated.

“He wants to retaliate for their removal from the committee, and apparently, he believes I was very effective in exposing … Donald Trump’s misconduct, and that’s what they’re trying to stop.”

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Schiff, Swalwell, and Omar Run Into Some Trouble Explaining Behavior That Led to Loss of Committee Assignments

Perhaps the triumvirate of weak Democrats thought an interview with CNN would go off without a hitch, but each congress member had to do some level of explaining as to the real reasons for the committee controversy.

Bash brought up Swalwell’s Chinese spy affair.

“Did you put yourself in a vulnerable position in any way, so that this alleged Chinese spy could have benefited or even learn American secrets?”

“Absolutely not,” Swalwell fired back adding that the FBI claimed, “All I did was help them, and also, I was never under any suspicion of wrongdoing.”

Bash pivoted to Schiff and pointed out he lied about not knowing who the whistleblower involved with the first Trump impeachment was.

“Ahead of the first Trump impeachment, you said the committee had not spoken to a whistle-blower,” Bash challenged. “In fact, that turned out not to be true. The Washington Post said so in their fact check.”

Schiff responded that he “should have been more clear in my answer.”

That’s an incredibly strange way of saying, ‘I lied and got caught doing so.’

The former chairman of the House Intelligence Committee also continued pushing the Russia collusion hoax, the very thing he’s accused of using classified information to help spread in an effort to take down Trump.

“To most Americans, that is collusion,” Schiff said referencing the famed Mueller report. “Now, whether it’s proof beyond a reasonable doubt of the crime of conspiracy … I have always distinguished between the two.”

Then it was Omar’s turn.

Bash brought up her history of anti-Semitic comments to which the Minnesota Democrat insisted she had no idea that suggesting pro-Israel politicians were “all about the Benjamins” and that Israel had “hypnotized” the world would be controversial.

“I might have used words at the time that I didn’t understand were trafficking in anti-semitism,” Omar asserted. “When that was brought to my attention, I apologized. I owned up to it.”

Where will the whining tour head next? Swalwell has insisted they are “not going away” and McCarthy will “regret giving all three of us more time on our hands.”

It’s clear the attention-starved Democrats will continue soaking up the media spotlight as long as they can.

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CNN’s Jake Tapper: GOP Needs ‘Political Exorcist,’ Republicans ‘Clearly Have Lost Their Minds’

After the House voted to impeach President Donald Trump for a second time on Wednesday, CNN anchor Jake Tapper said that Republicans “are in a state of denial about the fact that he incited this riot” and believes the GOP needs a political ‘exorcism.’

Of the impeachment, Tapper said, “It is the most bipartisan impeachment in American history, far exceeding the number of people in the opposing party who voted to impeach Clinton or Johnson. So I do think it is significant.”

Tapper has been very outspoken about his views lately.

Tapper Blasts Republicans Who ‘Believe All Of His Lies’

“On the other hand, it is still a vast minority of the House Republican Caucus, most of whom are still devoted to President Trump,” Tapper continued.

Tapper added, “Most of whom are in a state of denial about the fact that he incited this riot, this terrorist attack on the Capitol that put their own lives at risk, which is stunning in and of itself.”

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He continued, “You know, I know a number of people, and I know there are a lot of Americans out there who have seen, are friends with or married to or related to people who have drunk the Trump Kool-aid, who have become radicalized by this president, who believe all of his lies, despite the evidence in front of their faces.”

Then Tapper told CNN Chief Political Correspondent Dana Bash that Republicans are losing their minds.

“Dana, it’s just —it’s a shocking thing to behold when you know people like this. And it’s also shocking, like I don’t know about you, but there are Republican members of Congress I know who clearly have lost their minds, who just will not accept reality when it comes to the facts about Donald Trump.”

Bash replied, “We have seen people like Liz Cheney and Mitch McConnell try to show the people who respect them where to go and lead them there.”

It’s interesting to note who CNN thinks the “good” Republicans are – Establishment neoconservatives Liz Cheney and Mitch McConnell. 

“Then there are so many others who are following the pack,” Bash said. “Even though the pack is going in the wrong direction. The pack is following the lies.”

Tapper chimed in, “Like Kevin McCarthy.”

Tapper continued, “Marjorie Taylor Greene, the crazy congresswoman from Georgia, who is anti-Semitic and supports QAnon and said a plane didn’t hit the Pentagon on 9/11, she actually tweeted during this, a week after the terrorist attack, that Democrats are the enemy of the people.”

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Tapper: GOP Needs ‘Political Exorcist’

That’s when Tapper said maybe an “exorcist” needed to intervene.

“I don’t know if there’s such a job as a political exorcist but they need to do something to fix the Republican Party to get this demon out,” Tapper said.

It is doubtful that Republican voters are going to take CNN’s advice on who to support going forward.

It’s also interesting to note that anti-Trump journalists haven’t figured out that the more they hysterically demonize Donald Trump, the more Republicans are going to support him. 

Conservatives view how the media treats different Republicans as a test. If CNN loves Liz Cheney, for example, chances are, she’s not someone who conservatives can trust to fight for their interests.

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Dem Representative Jerry Nadler’s Impeachment Hypocrisy Exposed

Representative Jerry Nadler’s hypocrisy on impeachment is completely unacceptable. According to him, it both is and isn’t acceptable to impeach a President on a partisan basis.

Nadler Flipflops On Impeachment

In 1998, Nadler opposed the impeachment of then-President Bill Clinton on some very simple grounds. Nadler said that there must never be “a narrowly voted impeachment or an impeachment substantially supported by one of our major political parties, and largely opposed by the other,” as such an impeachment “would lack legitimacy, would produce divisiveness and bitterness in our politics for years to come.”

I agree! Impeachment done on a partisan basis, as we can see today, only provokes a reaction from the American people of disgust and anger at one side trying to get rid of a democratically elected President.

CNN’s Dana Bash confronted Nadler about this in December, when he and other top Democrats were pushing forward with the impeachment of President Trump.

“So, right now, you are moving forward with impeachment proceedings against a Republican president without support from even one congressional Republican,” Bash put to him. “Is it fair to say that this impeachment, in your words from back then, will produce divisiveness and bitterness in our politics for years to come?”

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Nadler, of course, dodged the question. “I think what puts bitterness and divisiveness into our politics is the conduct of the president, who calls – who questions the patriotism of people who don’t agree with him, who calls political opponents human scum, who talks about the fake press, who derides the judiciary, who questions – who attacks all our democratic institutions,” Nadler responded to Bash.

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Hypocrisy, Thy Name Is Nadler!

It certainly seems ironic that only on Thursday, Nadler tried to use the words of Senator Lindsey Graham from Clinton’s impeachment proceedings as a reason why the President should be impeached today.

How does this man have the gall to pull a stunt like that, when his hypocrisy has been so clear in the past? Senator Graham even said last week that the impeachment proceedings backfired against the Republicans in the 1990s!

I think Nadler should take some advice from his Congressional colleague. Hypocrisy does not pay off!

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