Meghan McCain Calls Bashing Liz Cheney, Pro-Impeachment Republicans A ‘Losing Strategy’

“The View” co-host Meghan McCain said on Monday that reports of House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy asking Congresswoman Liz Cheney to apologize for her vote to impeach former President Donald Trump was concerning.

McCain said Republican leadership taking this route was a “losing strategy.”

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McCain On Cheney’s Impeachment Vote: ‘She Has Nothing To Apologize For’

McCain said on ABC, “There was a really interesting report that came out in Axios over the weekend that said that Kevin McCarthy actually asked her to apologize for voting for impeachment, and she said that.”

“She said people in the caucus asked me to apologize, and she said that publicly,” McCain said.

According to Axios, before the GOP conference met to decide the fates of Cheney and Marjorie Taylor Greene, GOP House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy had asked Cheney to apologize.

McCain said it worries her that McCarthy or any other Republican would think that voting for impeachment was something to apologize for.

“It’s interesting to know that it’s the leader of the caucus that asked her to do that, and she defiantly said she won’t apologize, and she has nothing to apologize for,” McCain insisted.

McCain Is Worried About The ‘Liz Cheneys Of The Party,’ Including Herself

She continued, “I now am feeling very concerned about the fact that the leader of Republicans in Congress seems to think that if you are for impeachment, you have something to apologize for and atone for, and I do think that’s a losing strategy.”

McCain is worried there isn’t enough love for the “Liz Cheneys of the party,” and included herself in the same category as Cheney.

“I’m very skeptical of the big-tent party narrative right now because it doesn’t seem like there’s a lot of love for the Liz Cheneys of the party,” McCain complained, adding, “which I guess at this point includes me.”

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McCain Calls Cheney A ‘Red-blooded Conservative’

“The View” co-host also added that she is worried about the future of the GOP when a “red-blooded conservative” like Cheney can be treated this way.

“I’m very skeptical of the promises that we will respect the Liz Cheneys after this,” McCain said. “My question is, how long until we start trashing her?”

“I think she’s doing good work now, but at a certain point, she’s a red-blooded conservative,” McCain insisted. “She’s not a squish or a RINO.”

“She is not someone in the middle,” McCain finished.

McCain and Cheney exemplify what many in the conservative movement consider the Establishment of the GOP, who are out of step with the base that largely aligns with President Trump. 

In a measure of how out of step she may be, Cheney has been censured by the Wyoming state Republican Party, and at least 10 County Republican Parties in Wyoming for her vote to impeach Trump. 

Commentator Dick Morris recently said Cheney has a ‘snowball’s chance in Hell’ at getting re-elected.

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