ICYMI: Why special elections should make the GOP squirm, and no, Biden never promised a single term

New poll: Republicans say Trump's an even better candidate now than in 2020

How anyone can think Trump is a viable candidate, let alone a more viable candidate than in 2020 is truly mind-boggling.

Why special elections should have Republicans panicking 

Democrats are doing some serious overperforming.

Biden never promised a single term—and it would be stupid if he had 

Frankly, it doesn’t make sense for any president to announce they’re only seeking one lame-duck term.

Cartoon: Why I'm voting for Trump

It should always be based on payback.

'We will hunt you down': Steve Bannon heads to prison threatening revenge 

It seems lots of Republicans have revenge on the brain. 

Watch congressman nail GOP's double standard on Hunter Biden conviction 

It’s amazing how differently both sides of the aisle behave when only one believes in the rule of law.

Pennsylvania governor to Trump: 'Stop sh-t talking America' 

And less whining would be nice, too.

Hunter Biden is convicted, but the GOP is still big mad 

Nothing can satisfy these folks. (Well, maybe a Biden impeachment.)

DA who convicted Trump draws ire for daring to defend himself from GOP attacks 

So they forced the district attorney to defend his case and then attacked him for doing so? 

Paul Ryan still sucks 

He’s gone but we wish he was forgotten.

Biden wins again as Trump’s economic forecast turns out to be pure garbage 

Just another reason to not listen to a word Trump says.

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ICYMI: Senate GOP is delusional, House GOP is desperate, and Trump hates football

Super-patriotic GOP candidate forgets words to the Pledge of Allegiance

Watch him pledge his allegiance to … um … uh … 

Delusional Senate Republicans still believe they can control Trump

What’s that definition of insanity again?

Cartoon: A prickly situation

Oh, Arizona.

Polls show there's a cost to Trump alienating Haley voters

Maybe telling them to take a hike wasn’t the best plan after all.

This big county will host its first sheriff's race since the '60s

And wouldn’t you know it—Trump just got involved.

Republicans echo Trump with demand for military response to student protests

If you think things are bad now …

House GOP manufactures new fight after Biden impeachment fails

Why do they keep picking fights they can’t possibly win?

Biden wants voters to know Trump thinks football is 'boring as hell' 

This will definitely get under his skin.

Veteran Pennsylvania Republican says he might write in Haley in November 

Bad news for Trump if Republican voters would rather vote for someone who’s not even on the ballot.

FCC restores net neutrality, fulfilling a Biden promise 

It’s about damn time.

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ICYMI: House GOP’s ready to admit defeat, Tennessee wants teachers packing heat

The Supreme Court is hearing another abortion case. What could go wrong?

It’s just people’s lives on the line.

GOP lawmakers vote to arm teachers a year after Nashville shooting

Protesters in the galleries chanted “blood on your hands!”

Cartoon: Cell-a-Lago

Some things change, but others stay the same.

Missouri lawmaker caught on video cursing out fellow Republican

You’ll never guess what his defense is.

New ad: Trump couldn’t get hired at a mall—not with his legal baggage

As much as we’d love to see Trump working at Cinnabon …

QAnon nuts muse about what happens if Trump is found guilty 

It’s not pretty.

97% of voters know nothing about the Supreme Court's new abortion case

The law at the center of the case this week is a mystery to most—and the stakes couldn’t be higher.

The Biden impeachment is a huge failure. The GOP is looking for a way out

There’s only so much humiliation a party can take.

History’s most pro-union president delivers 2 more big wins for workers  

Yet another reason to support Joe Biden.

One big move just upended two big Virginia races

Things just got even more competitive.

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ICYMI: Trump has yet another grift, and impeachment fail is late-night comedy gift

Trump's new grift: Charging GOP candidates to use his name

As if selling sneakers and Bibles wasn’t grift enough.

Jimmy Kimmel's late-night digs are driving Trump bonkers

Kimmel’s trolling of “yabba dabba doofus” is just what we need.

Cartoon: The running mate

Sometimes you’re just stuck with someone.

New poll shows when Republicans talk about abortion, they're losing

Despite what Republicans hope, abortion is not a subject that can be swept under the rug.

Trump wants to gut diversity programs. Guess whose company has one?

It’s all “do as I say, not as I do” with this guy.

Watch yet another House GOP hearing go totally off the rails

On one side, there are facts and reality and on the other, there’s a debunked Russian mole.

The 2017 GOP tax scam is paying for itself—by taxing scammed seniors

It’s the scam that keeps on taking.

Mike Johnson may be speaker, but Democrats run the House

Is he the worst GOP House speaker ever?

Watch Stephen Colbert's hilarious take on GOP's latest impeachment fail

The impeachment is already over, but the laughs will last forever.

Why the field to replace Mitt Romney may soon get a lot smaller

So much drama in Utah!

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ICYMI: Kari Lake’s abortion confusion, Jimmy Kimmel’s Trump trial musings

Stormy Daniels is an expert at trolling Trump. Her testimony will be a treat

Her ability to reduce her critics to dust is a thing of beauty.

Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert make comedy of Trump’s criminal trial

“Like making an 8-year-old go to six weeks of church."

Cartoon: Trump's version of 'fair'

It’s quite the cast of characters.

Kari Lake’s 7 steps to complete confusion on abortion

The last step is the one that matters most.

Marjorie Taylor Greene makes a mess of House GOP's big impeachment day

There’s nothing better than overshadowing ridiculous spectacles with additional antics.

Michigan Democrats retake House majority, clearing way for progressive priorities 

And those priorities include things like free preschool and community college.

This year's election won't be easy, but Democrats have a big advantage

They say money makes the world go ’round for a reason.

New poll reveals what's really motivating voters in November

Most voters are “extremely” excited about voting against the other guy.

Colin Allred’s fundraising for US Senate race surpasses O’Rourke’s early 2018 pace

Democrats just might beat Ted Cruz for real this year.

Cartoon: Dozy Don

Someone needs a nap.

Fed-up Republicans could help Democrats force vote on Ukraine aid

They’re getting desperate!

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ICYMI: House GOP wants to set your fridge free, Kevin McCarthy obsesses about his legacy

Trump targets one of last two pro-impeachment House Republicans

No one holds grudges like Trump.

New York Times destroys its own spin that Biden's losing Latino voters

It's a miracle: New York Times concedes it was wrong.

Maine joins interstate alliance to elect president by popular vote

Republicans hate it so it’s got to be good.

Cartoon: Trump on Trial


Trump in court, Biden in the Oval Office: A tale of two candidates

One is trying to avoid prison, and one is, well, being president.

Other democracies prosecute their ex-leaders. Trump should be no exception

If France, Israel, and South Korea can do it, it can’t be that hard.

Kevin McCarthy's trying to create a legacy, but he can’t give up Trump

The former GOP House speaker is trying to paint himself as an elder statesman when he got fired from his last job.

House postpones 'Appliance Week' to focus on things that actually matter

Guess they’ll have to wait to pass the Refrigerator Freedom Act another time. Yes, you read that right.

Truth Social’s value plummets again, but Trump is likely unbothered

The number of grifts this man runs is truly astounding.

The walls are closing in on GOP House Speaker Mike Johnson

It’s time for Johnson to stop the nonsense and get something done.

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ICYMI: House GOP is sick of Marjorie, and RFK Jr.’s latest mess causes controversy

House GOP is so over Marjorie Taylor Greene's antics

She might need to dust off her copy of “How to Win Friends and Influence People” because at the moment, she’s not doing either.

Trump thinks he ended the abortion conversation. Biden's just getting started

Biden sums it up in just three words: Trump did this.

RFK Jr. campaign consultant confirms it: He’s a spoiler for Trump

More bad news from the second-most backpedaling presidential candidate.

Cartoon: Eclipse

A perfect break from your regularly scheduled outrage.

Right-wing fraudsters fined $1.25M for racist election robocall scheme

These two have hit the big leagues of dirtbaggery.

Abandoned GOP minority outreach center gets a sexy makeover

Frankly, it seems a much better use of the space.

House speaker delays doomed-to-fail impeachment trial

Poor Mike Johnson. Even his best-laid plans don’t work.

‘A disaster’: Vulnerable Arizona Republicans panic over abortion ruling

What a difference two years and a bunch of elections make.

Why the DCCC is using 'hybrid ads' to boost its favored candidate in Oregon

Democrats are using an unusual strategy pioneered by George W. Bush. Yes, that George W. Bush.

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ICYMI: GOP heads may be rolling, Maddow’s McDaniel trolling

RFK Jr. picks a veep as his campaign is drowning in embarrassment

Watching his missteps is as much fun as guessing whether his VP will be vaccinated.

Trump's latest grift? A Trump-endorsed Bible

If you don’t buy this particular Bible, well, you’re going straight to hell.

Watch Maddow's scathing takedown of NBC News for hiring Ronna McDaniel

NBC employees are pissed about their new colleague, and they’re shouting from the rooftops about it.

Cartoon: Biden impeachment investigation

Things sure haven’t gone the way the GOP hoped.

Democrats can beat Ted Cruz and Rick Scott this year. Yes, really

While the margin of error for Democrats may be tight, the deeply flawed Republican candidates they’re running against can help with that.

Trump targets Florida Republican who didn't endorse him fast enough

The man can teach a master class on pettiness.

MAGA cultists bet big on Trump's latest grift

Part meme stock, part cult, the sale of Truth Social has somehow infuriatingly made Trump one of the world’s 500 richest people.

Why candidates don't have to say 'I approve this message' for ads that run on streaming services

New FEC rules mean you can stand by your ad without actually having to say so.

Texas AG Ken Paxton skirts the law—again

Oh to be a fly on the wall of the “legal ethics” class Paxton has to take.

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ICYMI: Trump wants to bleed RNC dry, GOP tries to give IVF framing another try

Trump's RNC takeover is his latest attempt to bleed his party dry

Trump isn’t just a grifter, he’s a vampire.

Lauren Boebert: The ‘uniparty’ is trying to ‘rig the election’ against me

That’s right, Lauren. It’s all a conspiracy. 

Cartoon: The unknown failures of Joe Biden

Sure you have the right guy?

Trump wants a VP pick who's not extreme on abortion. Good luck with that

We’d like a Republican nominee who is not a dictator-wannabe criminal, but you can’t have it all.

Republicans' self-inflicted IVF pain gets even worse

The only thing growing inside the GOP is more of a mess.

GOP seeks new way to attack Biden since impeachment scheme is a bust

If only Biden would do some of the 91 things that Trump has (allegedly) done, this would all be a lot easier.

State Freedom Caucuses are a thing now, and they're nuttier than the House is

Much like Moms for Liberty, these caucuses are spreading like a far-right fungus.

Watch Trump choke in this savage supercut of supercuts

Still can’t stop watching this.

Tide may be turning as Florida legislature kills multiple anti-LGBTQ+ bills

Well, at least it’s OK to say “gay” in Florida again.

House Republicans defy Trump to take down TikTok

What happens when the GOP goes against Honest Don’s wishes?  

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ICYMI: The humiliation of Katie Britt, the return of George Santos

Trump's affection for dictators is at the heart of his plans for America. And Ukraine

Ukraine is the canary in the coal mine for democracy.

House GOP prepares to embarrass itself with more Biden impeachment nonsense

Jim Jordan’s running out of straws to grasp.

George Santos says he'll run for Congress again. Good luck getting on the ballot!

You can’t keep a good con* man down (*allegedly).

7 stories to know: Katie Britt, Christian nationalism, and the end of the GOP

Check out our new weekly series!

Cartoon: Time after time

Time (travel) will not be kind to America’s recent history.

The GOP is about to officially coalesce around a seditionist for president

“This is a movement premised on ending the government itself.”

There’s an app for Christian nationalists. Far-right politicians are embracing it

Unfortunately, there’s an app for that.

Katie Britt used decades-old rapes in Mexico as GOP attack on Biden border policy

This explodes the Alabama senator’s false, outrageous remarks.

Oh no! Yet another club for far-right Christian misogynists wants a ‘national divorce’

Why are there so many groups like this?

After dropping 6-day Senate bid, Rosendale drops 9-day House bid

Matt Rosendale: Montana’s biggest quitter?

'The families deserve more': Uvalde city report clears local officers of wrongdoing

“They chose their lives over the lives of children and teachers.”

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