ICYMI: House GOP’s ready to admit defeat, Tennessee wants teachers packing heat

The Supreme Court is hearing another abortion case. What could go wrong?

It’s just people’s lives on the line.

GOP lawmakers vote to arm teachers a year after Nashville shooting

Protesters in the galleries chanted “blood on your hands!”

Cartoon: Cell-a-Lago

Some things change, but others stay the same.

Missouri lawmaker caught on video cursing out fellow Republican

You’ll never guess what his defense is.

New ad: Trump couldn’t get hired at a mall—not with his legal baggage

As much as we’d love to see Trump working at Cinnabon …

QAnon nuts muse about what happens if Trump is found guilty 

It’s not pretty.

97% of voters know nothing about the Supreme Court's new abortion case

The law at the center of the case this week is a mystery to most—and the stakes couldn’t be higher.

The Biden impeachment is a huge failure. The GOP is looking for a way out

There’s only so much humiliation a party can take.

History’s most pro-union president delivers 2 more big wins for workers  

Yet another reason to support Joe Biden.

One big move just upended two big Virginia races

Things just got even more competitive.

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