Ex-FBI Director James Comey Calls On Biden To ‘Consider’ Pardoning Trump

Former FBI Director James Comey spoke out this week to surprisingly say that Joe Biden should “consider” pardoning Donald Trump when he takes office next week as Democrats continue their efforts to impeach the current president for a second time.

Comey Says Biden May Want To Pardon Trump

“I obviously think he belongs in jail, but I don’t think pursuing that is in the best interests of the entire nation, so I think the wiser decision would be not to pursue him,” said Comey, who has long been no fan of Trump’s. He added that it is crucial that whatever Biden’s decision on this is, that he explain it to the American people.

“Be transparent about why you’re doing what you’re doing,” he continued.

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When Comey was asked if Biden should pardon Trump like “Ford did Nixon,” he said that he did not know, but that Biden “should at least consider it.”

“Now I don’t know whether Donald Trump, he’s not a genius, but he might figure out that [if] he accepts a pardon, that’s an omission of guilt, the United States Supreme Court has said,” he continued, going on to say that he doesn’t even know if Trump would accept the pardon if offered it.

“But as part of healing the country and getting us to a place where we can focus on things that are going to matter over the next four years, I think Joe Biden is going to have to at least think about that,” Comey said.

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Possibility Of Trump Being Prosecuted

The House voted on Wednesday to impeach Trump for a second time for allegedly inciting the Capitol riots last week. Some have even called for him to be prosecuted for the riots, but legal experts have said that this will be difficult to do.

“Legal experts have said it could be difficult to charge Trump with a crime related to last week’s deadly rioting at the Capitol by his supporters that led to the president’s second impeachment on Wednesday,” The Hill reported. “But the president and his company could face scrutiny for possible financial crimes in the Southern District of New York, they have noted.”

This piece was written by James Samson on January 14, 2021. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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Trump Dossier Source Was a Suspected Russian Spy, and the FBI Knew It

By Eric Felten for RealClearInvestigations

The FBI long suspected that a major source for Christopher Steele’s anti-Trump dossier was a Russian spy, according to newly declassified documents.

In other words, the bureau knowingly relied on the word of a suspected Russian spy to spy on a Trump campaign aide wrongly smeared as a Russian spy: Carter Page.

Republicans seized on the disclosure.

Rep. Devin Nunes told RealClearInvestigations: “The revelations are further proof of what we already knew – that the Democrats, and only the Democrats, colluded with Russians to swing the 2016 election.”

The material declassified by Attorney General William Barr shows that as far back as 2009 the FBI was investigating as a potential Russian intelligence operative the Brookings Institution researcher who in 2016 would become the dossier’s “primary sub-source.”

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He was identified by RealClearInvestigations this past summer as Igor Danchenko, 42, who confessed to the FBI in 2017 that his dossier fabrications were largely inspired by gossip and bar talk among him and his drinking buddies, most of whom were childhood friends from Russia.

The bureau used the now-debunked dossier based on Danchenko’s falsehoods in four applications before the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court in order to spy on Page – and people Page communicated with.

Democrats including Rep. Adam Schiff, the House Intelligence Committee chariman, had long described the dossier – which was opposition research paid for by Hillary Clinton’s campaign – as credible, and said its claims demanded a broader investigation of Trump and his campaign’s ties to Russia.

But according to Inspector General Michael Horowitz’s report on Department of Justice abuses of FISA court applications, “Steele himself was not the originating source of any of the factual information in his reporting.”

Instead, Steele turned to the “primary sub-source” to bring him information supposedly gathered from a network of highly placed Russian sources.

And the FBI surely knew Danchenko was probably not one to trust, according to a newly “unclassified summary of classified investigative case file reports” provided by the Justice Department to Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham.

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It says the FBI commenced its Trump-Russia investigation “based on information by the FBI indicating that the Primary Sub-source may be a threat to national security.”

It also details the FBI’s earlier Danchenko spy investigation, begun when he was at Brookings, working with Fiona Hill, who would later work for the State Department in Ukraine and testify at President Trump’s impeachment hearings.

Two junior researchers at “a prominent U.S. think tank,” the summary says — read, Brookings — were at a “work-related event in late 2008,” sitting at a table when they were approached by a fellow researcher — Danchenko.

What followed was a remarkably bold, if clumsy, invitation to join a criminal conspiracy. Late 2008, of course, was the transition time to the incoming Obama administration.

Danchenko made a proposition to the two at the table: If either “did get a job in the government and had access to classified information” and wanted “to make a little extra money,” he “knew some people to whom they could speak.”

Word of this conversation made it to the FBI months later and the bureau launched a preliminary investigation into Danchenko (who is opaquely referred to in the DoJ summary as “the employee”).

One of the co-workers propositioned by Danchenko expressed “suspicion of the employee” to the FBI, going so far as to entertain “the possibility that the employee might actually be a Russian spy.”

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The FBI converted its Danchenko probe into a full investigation.

The bureau found he was “an associate of two FBI counterintelligence subjects” and discovered that he “had contact in 2006 with the Russian Embassy and known Russian intelligence officers.”

The summary suggests that the FBI had a bug on at least one of those Russians, since the bureau has extensive accounts of the conversations the intelligence officer had with Danchenko:

[T]he Russian Intelligence Officer invited the Primary Sub-source to the Russian Embassy to see his office. The Primary Sub-source told the Russian Intelligence Officer that he/she was interested in entering the Russian diplomatic service one day. The two discussed a time when the Primary Sub-source was to visit. Four days later, the Russian Intelligence Officer contacted the Primary Sub-source and informed him/her they could meet that day to work “on the documents and then think about future plans.” Later in October 2006, the Primary Sub-source contacted the Russian Intelligence Officer seeking a reply “so the documents can be placed in tomorrow’s diplomatic mail pouch.”

The FBI did some asking around and interviewed at least one person who had been troubled by how Danchenko “persistently asked about the interviewee’s knowledge of a particular military vessel.”

By July 2010, the FBI was applying for a FISA warrant to put Danchenko under surveillance.

But before the FISA application was approved, Danchenko left the U.S. The FBI closed the investigation.

Come the end of 2016, the Crossfire Hurricane team at the FBI knew that Danchenko was the source of Christopher Steele’s extraordinary allegations.

The Crossfire crew also knew of the 2009 investigation that gathered evidence Danchenko was a Russian spy.

And yet, even with reason to suspect that the materials produced by Danchenko were Russian disinformation, the FBI agents investigating the Trump campaign continued to treat the Steele dossier as if it were something to be believed.

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RealClearInvestigations asked Danchenko’s lawyer, Mark Schamel, whether his client is or has ever been a Russian agent.

“As every objective investigation has shown,” Schamel said, “Mr. Danchenko is an exceptional analyst who is truthful and credible.”

Syndicated with permission from RealClearWire

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GOP Senate Source Claims Mitt Romney Leading Effort To Stop Subpoena Of Comey And Brennan

A senior Republican Senate source has claimed that Mitt Romney is blocking the subpoenas of James Comey and John Brennan.

Johnson: “I’m Not Naming Names”

During a radio interview on Wednesday evening, Senator Ron Johnson, the chair of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, said that fellow committee members were blocking him from sending subpoenas to James Comey, the former FBI Director, and John Brennan, the former CIA Director, as well as others involved in the investigation of President Trump’s 2016 campaign.

“We had a number of my committee members that were highly concerned about how this looks politically,” Johnson told Hugh Hewitt on his show. If one of the eight Republicans were to defect on the committee of fourteen, the decision could very easily end in a deadlock.

Johnson, however, refused to name any names on the show, despite Hewitt repeatedly asking him.

“If there’s a senator who is blocking a subpoena, we need to know who that is so we throw them out,” Hewitt said.

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Source Reveals Romney Is Behind The Push

Following the interview, one name did in fact come out. Speaking to The Gateway Pundit, a senior Republican Senate source confirmed that it was Senator Mitt Romney who was leading the charge against the subpoenas.

“Romney was for impeachment. He has been against Trump every step of the way. Now he is obstructing going after the leakers and liars who went after Trump,” the source said, confirming this has been yet another move by Romney against the President and his supporters.

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Another Attack On The President From RINOs!

This really should come as no surprise to anyone who backs the President. Romney was the only Republican who voted to impeach President Trump earlier this year, and since that’s failed, he’s doing his utmost to stop justice being done to those members of the Deep State who tried their best to stop the President from winning back in 2016.

If anyone should be impeached, it’s Romney!

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Gowdy: “If I Were Donald Trump, I’d Think the FBI Were Out to Get Me Too”

In an interview with Fox News, former South Carolina Representative Trey Gowdy said that if he were the President, he would think the FBI was out to get him too.

“They Suspected Donald Trump of Impropriety”

Gowdy was interviewed by Martha MacCallum on her show on Fox News on Thursday, where they assessed a post-acquittal speech by the President in which he went after James Comey, the former FBI director.

“Had I not fired James Comey, who was a disaster, by the way, it’s possible I wouldn’t even be standing here right now. We caught him in the act,” the President said. “They were trying to overthrow the government of the United States, a duly elected President! If I didn’t fire James Comey, we would have never found this stuff. When I fired that sleazebag, all Hell broke out.”

MacCallum described these as “very strong words,” to which Gowdy agreed.

“Peter Strzok, the lead case agent on this Russia probe, was talking about impeaching Donald Trump before Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler were. Let that sink in,” Gowdy said. “The lead agent for the FBI mentioned impeaching Trump before Schiff and Nadler did. Then the FBI conducts this ‘defensive briefing,’ which is really just an interview, because they suspected Donald Trump of impropriety.”

“You have James Comey who thinks impeachment is too good for him. You have John Brennan that thinks he should be in the dust pan of history. You have Andy McCabe, who after Comey was fired, launched another investigation into Trump. Martha, if I were Donald Trump, I would think the FBI was out to get me, too,” Gowdy argued.

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“Terrible Four Years for the World’s Premier Law Enforcement Agency”

MacCallum noted that President Trump’s firing of Comey was a huge story back when it happened, but put forward that it was ultimately the move that saved the President, as it removed “the person at the top who created a culture that was after him,” and who sought after “a dossier that was paid for by Clinton and DNC.”

Gowdy agreed, but set to “correct the President’s narrative” slightly.

“He replaced Comey with McCabe. That is hardly moving up the draft board. It was only when Chris Wray came in that I think you had a dispassionate, objective, law enforcement centered person. McCabe was no better than Comey,” Gowdy said.

MacCallum asked Gowdy whether he thought that the culture changed at all at the FBI since these snakes were removed from their positions. ”

I hope so, Martha, and I say that because I don’t know,” Gowdy replied. “We’re not going to make it as a country if we don’t have confidence in the FBI… It’s been a terrible four years for the world’s premier law enforcement agency.”

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The FBI Swamp Needs to be Drained!

Gowdy is right. If the country doesn’t have confidence in the people who enforce its laws, how can they trust the system to enforce those laws fairly? Americans expect the rule of law to be applied to everyone equally – they don’t want to live in a nation where the deep state can go after its enemies for no reason at all, and let its friends get away with serious crimes scot free.

President Trump was elected to drain the swamp, and if he wants to get re-elected, he has to continue to do so!

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Bolton Manuscript Leaked, Romney and Collins May Vote Against the President

By David Kamioner | January 27, 2020

Reports out of DC, on the heels of the selective leaking of John Bolton’s new book, is that Republican Senators Mitt Romney of Utah and Susan Collins of Maine are likely to go south on the GOP trial process and vote to bring in witnesses.

If that happens the trial won’t be over by late this week/early next week. It could go on for weeks. If the duo votes against the president’s trial agenda the Dems would still need two more votes to win on the subject. They are targeting GOP Senators Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Lamar Alexander of Tennessee.

The pressure to vote for witnesses was ratcheted up over the weekend with leaks from John Bolton’s new book that claim that the president directly told Bolton that the delay in military aid to Ukraine was tied to Biden.

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Bolton is using the same team and strategy as has James Comey and the leak was coordinated to coincide with the impeachment trial, a vote on witnesses and, most importantly to Bolton, the availability to preorder his book online.

But bringing on witnesses is a two-edged sword for the Dems. Yes, the Dems may get Bolton. But the GOP could call Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, Adam Schiff, and Eric Ciaramella. As spiritually satisfying at it would be to watch Jay Sekulow munch on their still warm legal carcasses for lunch, the sooner this charade is over is the sooner the president can get back to undistracted work and the Congress can get back to whatever it does on a daily basis aside from fundraisers and hitting on lobbyists.

Bolton’s move can not only be seen as revenge for being fired by Trump, but as another chapter in the intramural GOP fight over a Cold War national security stance or the America First approach of the president.

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If Collins and Murkowski vote for witnesses it is likely to throw some meat to their moderate supporters. Alexander is a lame duck and can vote the way he chooses without electoral repercussions.

Though if he desires an appointment in a second Trump administration this would not be the way to get it. And then there’s Mittens.

This would be a way for him to play to the press and shiv Trump at the same time. Given Romney’s notorious sanctimony and ego, it may be a temptation he is unable to resist.

This piece originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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