Gowdy: “If I Were Donald Trump, I’d Think the FBI Were Out to Get Me Too”

In an interview with Fox News, former South Carolina Representative Trey Gowdy said that if he were the President, he would think the FBI was out to get him too.

“They Suspected Donald Trump of Impropriety”

Gowdy was interviewed by Martha MacCallum on her show on Fox News on Thursday, where they assessed a post-acquittal speech by the President in which he went after James Comey, the former FBI director.

“Had I not fired James Comey, who was a disaster, by the way, it’s possible I wouldn’t even be standing here right now. We caught him in the act,” the President said. “They were trying to overthrow the government of the United States, a duly elected President! If I didn’t fire James Comey, we would have never found this stuff. When I fired that sleazebag, all Hell broke out.”

MacCallum described these as “very strong words,” to which Gowdy agreed.

“Peter Strzok, the lead case agent on this Russia probe, was talking about impeaching Donald Trump before Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler were. Let that sink in,” Gowdy said. “The lead agent for the FBI mentioned impeaching Trump before Schiff and Nadler did. Then the FBI conducts this ‘defensive briefing,’ which is really just an interview, because they suspected Donald Trump of impropriety.”

“You have James Comey who thinks impeachment is too good for him. You have John Brennan that thinks he should be in the dust pan of history. You have Andy McCabe, who after Comey was fired, launched another investigation into Trump. Martha, if I were Donald Trump, I would think the FBI was out to get me, too,” Gowdy argued.

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“Terrible Four Years for the World’s Premier Law Enforcement Agency”

MacCallum noted that President Trump’s firing of Comey was a huge story back when it happened, but put forward that it was ultimately the move that saved the President, as it removed “the person at the top who created a culture that was after him,” and who sought after “a dossier that was paid for by Clinton and DNC.”

Gowdy agreed, but set to “correct the President’s narrative” slightly.

“He replaced Comey with McCabe. That is hardly moving up the draft board. It was only when Chris Wray came in that I think you had a dispassionate, objective, law enforcement centered person. McCabe was no better than Comey,” Gowdy said.

MacCallum asked Gowdy whether he thought that the culture changed at all at the FBI since these snakes were removed from their positions. ”

I hope so, Martha, and I say that because I don’t know,” Gowdy replied. “We’re not going to make it as a country if we don’t have confidence in the FBI… It’s been a terrible four years for the world’s premier law enforcement agency.”

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The FBI Swamp Needs to be Drained!

Gowdy is right. If the country doesn’t have confidence in the people who enforce its laws, how can they trust the system to enforce those laws fairly? Americans expect the rule of law to be applied to everyone equally – they don’t want to live in a nation where the deep state can go after its enemies for no reason at all, and let its friends get away with serious crimes scot free.

President Trump was elected to drain the swamp, and if he wants to get re-elected, he has to continue to do so!

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