Nancy Pelosi Accuses Trump of Being ‘Sedated’ During State of the Union

In a long and rambling explanation of her actions during the State of the Union address, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi accused President Trump of being drugged ahead of the speech.

The insinuation might go down in the irony hall of fame.

Pelosi spoke to reporters about the exchange at the beginning of Trump’s speech, when he handed she and Vice President Mike Pence a copy of his remarks and appeared to either snub, or not see, an extended hand from the leader of the impeachment movement.

“It was also an act of kindness,” Pelosi claimed of the gesture, “because he looked to me like he was a little sedated.”

She added, “He looked that way last year too.”

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Seriously, Nancy?

There’s a whole lot of stupid to unpack in that very short video clip.

First off, why did she make an uncontrollable shaking hands gesture to indicate somebody is sedated? That’s more indicative of her obvious fidgety nature.

Second, many observers of Nancy’s actions during the State of the Union address could have easily walked away with the impression that it was she, not the President of the United States, who was on something.

The constant erratic facial contortions were incredibly distracting to those watching the speech. As was the mumbling to herself. Not to mention the uncontrolled rage at the conclusion.

The New York Post’s Michael Goodwin describes Pelosi’s final act of tearing up the printed remarks: “In one sense, Pelosi’s distress is understandable. Trump’s address was long because he had a long list of big accomplishments to cite, and every Republican standing ovation had to drive her closer to the edge. She often seemed to be talking to herself, and finally snapped.”

Those seem like the actions of somebody either under the influence of something unnatural, or an anti-American under the rage-inducing influence of the President’s pro-America agenda.

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Disgraceful Accusation

It’s not the first time a Democrat has accused the President of the United States of being on drugs, and it won’t be the last. Anything to make that 25th Amendment argument, eh libs?

Josh Earnest, former White House press secretary to Barack Obama, once accused then-candidate Trump of having “snorted his way through” the debates.

To be fair, Trump had suggested both he and Hillary Clinton submit to a drug test during the campaign, “like athletes.”

Comedian Tom Arnold, like Pelosi an unhinged victim of Trump Derangement Syndrome, baselessly claimed the President used to ‘snort Adderall’ on the set of The Apprentice.

Pelosi’s daughter appeared on Fox News and claimed her mother was not insinuating “he was drugged or something,” but rather, he “had a cold.”

Good to know Pelosi has handed down the perpetual liar genes.

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