Trump’s coronavirus cover-up continues, blocking two more key task force officials from testifying

Donald Trump is denying House Democrats access to two more of his administration's top pandemic task force members. The White House is now prohibiting the head of the Department of Health and Human Services, Alex Azar, and the director of the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Seem Verma, from testifying before the House Energy and Commerce Committee, according to the Daily Beast.

Last week, the White House also prohibited one of its top coronavirus medical experts from testifying before the House—Dr. Anthony Fauci. But for the moment, Fauci is still scheduled to testify before a GOP-led panel in the Senate.

Laughably, Trump officials have justified the gag orders by saying testifying before Congress was too time-consuming for key pandemic response officials, as if Trump hasn't spent the past month squandering the time of those very same people as he prattled on day after day, peddling misinformation. Fauci even called the briefings "really draining" several weeks ago.

But when Trump was asked Tuesday about the task force gag order, he made clear the move was explicitly political, calling House Democrats "Trump haters."

Just like with impeachment, the default position for the White House now is that everyone on the coronavirus task force must seek permission from White House chief of staff Mark Meadows to testify. In other words, every request by House Democrats is a complete nonstarter.

But the difference now is that Trump is blocking the public from getting information that's literally a matter of life and death. House Democrats have said the hearings are effort to gather information that can help them craft legislation in response to the ongoing public health crisis.

“The fact is that we need to allocate resources for this,” said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. “In order to do that, any appropriations bill must begin in the House. And we have to have the information to act upon.”

Secretary Azar has not provided public testimony on the pandemic for nearly two months. Verma, who runs the government's two most expansive healthcare programs, hasn't given public testimony since the crisis began. 

George Conway Calls For Trump To Be Impeached…Again

By PoliZette Staff | February 11, 2020

George Conway, the Republican lawyer who is married to White House Senior Advisor Kellyanne Conway, penned a new oped for the The Washington Post this week in which he called for Donald Trump to be impeached again.

Conway wrote that it almost seemed as if Trump was “competing” for the “ignominious fate” of being impeached for a second time. He argued that Trump’s latest impeachable offense stems from removing Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman and Ambassador to the European Union Gordon Sondland from office. Both of them had testified against Trump in the House’s impeachment inquiry.

As Trump removed Vindman from the National Security Council (NSC), he tweeted that he was “insubordinate” and “reported contents of my “perfect” calls incorrectly.”

Conway sited this tweet as proof that Trump removed Vindman from the NSC as revenge for his testimony. He wrote that if Trump was impeached in the House for obstruction, “there should be no doubt that punishing witnesses for complying with subpoenas and giving truthful testimony about presidential misconduct should make for a high crime or misdemeanor as well.”

Conway then shifted to showing how much he personally hates Trump by claiming that the president will always put himself ahead of the American people, adding that his “narcissism won’t allow him to put anyone else’s interests above his own, including the nation’s.”

“And he will do it again,” he wrote. “He did do it again by firing the Vindmans and Sondland. He’s telling us he will do it again. And no one can seriously doubt it, even those who voted to acquit.”

Conway’s wife Kellyanne was the first woman in American history to lead a presidential candidate to victory when Trump won in 2016. It’s sad that in the years since then, her husband has appeared to revel in humiliating her every chance he gets by publicly attacking her boss in the worst ways possible.

If a male conservative was doing this to his female liberal wife, the media would be up in arms over it. Since Conway is just embarrassing his Trump-supporting wife, however, the leftist media has no sympathy for Kellyanne.

The hypocrisy of liberals never ceases to amaze.

This piece originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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Rep. Adam Schiff makes the irrefutable case for Bolton’s testimony

Donald Trump impeachment trial manager Rep. Adam Schiff has been so very stolid in his handling of the Republican-sham impeachment circus being orchestrated by the White House and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. As another day of appearances by Trump’s impeachment defense team began, House impeachment managers spoke to reporters in front of the Senate. The last question reporters asked was whether Schiff trusted former national security adviser John Bolton. Schiff used his response to point out the important issue: that the testimony of a witness such as Bolton is vital to a fair trial in the Senate.

REP. ADAM SCHIFF: It's not a question of whether I trust John Bolton or the Republican senators [trust] John Bolton, or the Democratic senators. He should be placed under oath. And this is why we think the testimony should be public. It should be live. Let the American people, along with the senators, evaluate John Bolton’s credibility when he testifies, and make their own judgment. But to say that we’re going to blind ourselves from a witness who has so clearly relevant testimony to one of the central most serious allegations against the president, I don't see how you could have a fair trial without testimony like that.

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