Report: Trump Wants To Create New ‘Patriot Party’

The Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday evening that President Trump is interested in creating a new third party once he leaves office.

The reported name? The ‘Patriot Party.’

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Aides Claim Trump Has Mentioned Creating New Party

The Journal cited “people familiar with the matter” who say Trump has discussed creating a “Patriot Party” and that “several aides and other people close to him” have said the same. 

Trump has a widespread appeal with both independent voters and those who have been politically apathetic, meaning their loyalty to the Republican Party is primarily situational.

Give them Republicans they like – Donald Trump – and they might vote Republican.

Give them Republicans they don’t like – Mitch McConnell, Mitt Romney, and the entire GOP establishment – and there is a good chance they won’t vote for the Republican candidate.

Mitch McConnell’s Actions Could Be Deciding Factor

Mitch McConnell should think long and hard about whether he wants to push impeachment.

Trump has feuded with Republican lawmakers in Washington in recent months, with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell at the top of that list.

On Tuesday, McConnell accused Trump of supposedly inciting the January 6 Capitol Hill attack and said moving on with impeachment in the Senate was a matter of conscience.

The Wall Street Journal notes that it isn’t entirely clear if Trump was merely talking out loud about creating a new third party or actually serious about putting in the work that such an effort would take. 

Could Trump Make A Third Party Viable?

Third parties in the United States have struggled historically, with Ross Perot’s Reform Party making the strongest showing in modern presidential politics, in 1992.

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That third party effort did well in part because it had a strong personality leading it in Mr. Perot.

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One can say many things about Donald Trump, but most would agree – friend or foe – that he is a strong personality.

A new party led by Donald Trump could cripple the Republican Party because he might be able to attract countless Americans who would have otherwise voted Republican.

In pushing for impeachment, Mitch McConnell and GOP leadership should be careful what they wish for.

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Trump Signs USMCA Trade Deal, Doesn’t Invite Democrats to Attend

Despite being hailed as a major bipartisan trade deal, President Trump refused to invite Democrats to the United States–Mexico–Canada Agreement (USMCA) ceremonial signing.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office complained about the snub and did their best to save face.

“The White House hasn’t invited House Democrats to their USMCA signing ceremony,” Spokesman for the Speaker,  Henry Connelly, said in a statement.

“But we’ll be well represented in the huge changes to the original USMCA draft that Democrats wrested out of the Administration on labor, prescription drugs, environment and enforcement mechanisms,” he added.

No ceremonial golden pens to take home this time, eh Democrats?

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Democrats Are Salty

It’s anybody’s guess as to why President Trump specifically refused to invite Democrats to the ceremony, but there is no shortage of justified reasons.

Perhaps it’s the reprehensible impeachment sham they’ve dragged the entire country through. The baseless investigations they’ve conducted over the last few years with little to no evidence of wrongdoing. The constant obstructionism.

Or maybe, as seen in the statement from Pelosi’s office, the President didn’t want Democrats taking credit for a win secured by the administration.

The “huge changes” referenced in the Speaker’s statement didn’t exactly come from the House resistance gang.

Fox News personality Laura Ingraham said she knows “a little bit about this deal” and to nobody’s surprise, the Democrats are lying.

“She [Pelosi] conceded on all major aspects of the deal except a few provisions, regarding drug companies that won’t get protections that they wanted,” Ingraham explained. “And look, we know the president himself has wanted to get tougher on the drug companies, anyway.”

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Trump Learned From His Mistakes

The last time the President had a camera-loving, self-absorbed liberal at a signing ceremony for the USMCA, it was Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Trudeau made a ridiculous scene, referring to the President as simply “Donald” during the meeting, repeatedly calling the USMCA, Trump’s preferred moniker, the ‘new NAFTA,’ and refusing to hold up his signed copy of the agreement when Trump suggested doing a photo op.

White House spokesman Hogan Gidley called the new USMCA deal “a win for the American people.”

“This is a model agreement that changes the trade landscape forever,” Trump bragged at the time of the signing with Canada and Mexico.

“This is an agreement that first and foremost benefits working people, something of great importance to all three of us here today.”

A win for the American people and working-class citizens? No wonder Trump didn’t invite Democrats. They’ve been fighting against those groups of people since the dawn of time.

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