Eric Trump Reveals His Father Is Not Going Away – ‘He Is The Modern Republican Party’

Eric Trump went on Fox News on Monday morning to talk about his father’s future, saying that the actions taken so far in the presidency of Joe Biden are making people miss former President Donald Trump.

Eric Trump Discusses His Father

“I think every single day, Biden makes people miss Donald Trump more,” Eric said of his dad.

“When you see some of these policies that are literally destroying jobs, that are destroying industries, that are causing Texas to freeze, that are cutting off our power to our energy grids and all these other nonsensical policies. Right now, the enthusiasm, it’s better than it’s ever been,” he added. 

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Eric then talked about Trump’s future after it was announced that the former president would be giving a speech at the CPAC event this weekend, an annual meeting of American conservatives, according to The Independent.

“There’s 75-80 million people who would follow my father to the end of the Earth,” Eric said, adding that they love Trump because he is not a traditional politician.

“There’s no question he will play a pivotal role in politics for a very long time to come,” Eric explained. “I really do believe he is the modern Republican Party.”

Eric also predicted that the Republicans in the House and Senate who turned on Trump and supported impeachment are “going to get primaried” when they come up for reelection.

Eric Declares War On Republicans 

This comes weeks after Eric declared war on the Republicans who had turned on his father.

“My father has started a movement, and this movement will never, ever die,” Eric said, adding that this movement “will transcend [Donald Trump], it will transcend all of us”

Eric doubled down on this in a Twitter post.

“I will personally work to defeat every single Republican Senator / Congressman who doesn’t stand up against this fraud – they will be primaried in their next election and they will lose,” he wrote.

His brother Donald Trump Jr. had similar comments.

“They need to fight for Trump, because if not, I’m gonna be in your backyard in a couple of months,” he said. “If you’re gonna be the zero and not the hero, we’re coming for you.”

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This piece was written by James Samson on February 22, 2021. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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Ivanka Trump Reveals Whether Or Not She’ll Challenge Rubio For His Florida Senate Seat

Back in December, we reported that rumors were swirling that Ivanka Trump was about to challenge Marco Rubio (R-FL) for his Senate seat. Now, however, she appears to be putting these rumors to rest.

Ivanka Says She Won’t Challenge Rubio 

Ivanka has reportedly informed Rubio that she will not be running against him after all, despite the fact that she just moved to Miami with her husband Jared Kushner and their three children.

Speculation had been mounting that Ivanka was planning to launch a political career of her own, and given her move there, it seemed likely that she would challenge Rubio when he was up for reelection in 2022.

Ivanka told Daily Mail that she considers Rubio to be a “good personal friend” of hers, which could be why she doesn’t want to run against him.

“Marco has been a tremendous advocate for working families, a good person friend and I know he will continue to drive meaningful progress on issues we both care deeply about,” Ivanka said.

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Ivanka And Rubio To Team Up

Ivanka and Rubio are reportedly thinking about teaming up together on an event in Florida sometime in the next few months on their expansion of the Child Tax Credit, an issue she worked on when she served as a White House adviser.

“Marco and Ivanka did speak a few weeks ago. Ivanka offered her support for Marco’s reelection and they had a great talk,” said Nick Iacovella, a spokesman for Rubio. “We are discussing a joint event to highlight Marco and Ivanka’s successful push to expand the Child Tax Credit.”

If this event goes through, it will be seen as Ivanka’s endorsement of Rubio in his reelection campaign.

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This comes as Ivanka’s sister-in-law Lara Trump, who is married to her brother Eric, is reportedly considering a run for Senate in her home state of North Carolina.

After retiring Republican Senator Richard Burr voted in favor of impeaching former President Donald Trump in his impeachment trial, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) said that Lara would almost definitely score the Republican nomination if she runs.

“My friend Richard Burr just made Lara Trump almost the certain nominee for the Senate seat in North Carolina to replace him if she runs,” Graham said last Sunday.

This piece was written by James Samson on February 19, 2021. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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Eric Trump Says His Dad Would ‘Destroy’ Joe Biden in a Debate

On Fox & Friends Monday, President Donald Trump’s son Eric Trump said his Dad would “destroy” Joe Biden in a presidential debate.

Fox News host Steve Doocy said, “You know who did not help Joe Biden? Nancy Pelosi and the people in the House and the Senate regarding impeachment because as they pushed the Trump narrative regarding impeachment, ultimately, every time they would bring that up, then Hunter Biden, Burisma, all that stuff, came up to essentially ding Joe Biden.”

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Eric Trump Slams Democrats

Eric Trump chimed in, “At the same time, Nancy Pelosi was keeping — the Democrat Party — was keeping all the senators in Washington, D.C., trying to give Biden a leg up in Iowa and other states, right?”

“They were all working on the nonsense impeachment sham,” the younger Trump continued. “They tried to hurt Bernie the entire time. They have tried to hurt him the entire time. It’s going to be interesting.”

The Younger Trump Blasts Bernie

Eric Trump then buried Bernie Sanders chances against his father.

“Would you rather run against Bernie?” the President’s son continued. “A socialist, a whackjob, who wants 85 percent taxes, right? I mean, the guy took his honeymoon in the USSR. [He said] Venezuela should be the model society for America to run on.”

Then he set his sights on Biden.

‘My father would destroy that guy on the debate stage’

“Or would you rather run against the guy who you showed two seconds ago, who said his son was the attorney general of the United States, who said he was running for Senate?” Trump said.

“My father would destroy that guy on the debate stage,” Eric Trump declared.

And isn’t he right?

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Nominating Joe Biden Might Be the Worst Mistake Dems Ever Made

The forever gaffe-prone Biden has committed more flubs in the 2020 Democratic primaries than likely at any other time in his career. He will be easy for an always sharp Donald Trump to walk all over in the general election. Even Bernie Sanders keeps his wits about him better than Biden.

As the Democratic establishment moves to solidify party centrists around the former Vice President, history may prove that nominating Joe Biden was the worst mistake the party ever made.

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