Reporter’s Notebook: Before impeachment hearings, a journalist’s homework

Many Democrats have been trying to weave together a complicated mosaic of crimes, but it’s unclear how the public may interpret this challenging narrative and if it would make a difference.

How impeachment hearings can be best understood using Shakespeare

Words are spilling into digitized pixels, onto blogs and good, old-fashioned newspapers about the impeachment hearings. There are essays on how to watch. Essays on the dramatis personae. Why is it important that Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, is now on the Intelligence Committee? Why isn’t he wearing a jacket?

House Ethics Committee warns lawmakers about access to secure areas after GOP members’ intrusion

The House Ethics Committee has sent a memo to members of Congress and their staffers about how to conduct themselves in secure areas, weeks after around two dozen Republican lawmakers barged into a closed-door deposition with a State Department official, part of the impeachment inquiry into President Trump.