What will 2020 elections be about? Impeachment, pandemic, George Floyd death by June leaves door wide open

It’s only mid-June. And we don’t really know what may define the November elections.

Romney could block Republican subpoena try aimed at the Bidens

Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah, who faced the scorn of President Trump and fellow Republicans over his vote last month during the Senate impeachment trial, questioned the motivation behind issuing a subpoena related to Hunter Biden and his dealing with Ukraine.

Democracy 2020 Digest: Trump, Democratic presidential candidates, campaign off impeachment acquittal

Both President Trump and the 2020 Democrats campaign off the Senate's vote to acquit the president of the House impeachment charges

Biden opposed additional witnesses during Clinton impeachment trial

Former Vice President Joe Biden opposed additional witnesses during the Senate impeachment trial of President Bill Clinton, a revelation that may set back the efforts of Democrats to land former National Security Adviser John Bolton as a new witness in the ongoing impeachment trial of President Trump. 

Ted Cruz lashes out at Bidens on sidelines of Trump’s Senate impeachment trial

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-TX., said Monday that "additional witnesses are not necessary"-- even in light of revelations from President Trump's former national security advisor John Bolton in a leaked manuscript of an upcoming book that claims Trump explicitly linked a hold on military aid to Ukraine to an investigation of Joe and Hunter Biden-- and instead insisted that the Senate call Hunter Biden to testify. 

Trump defense team takes on Hunter Biden directly, as Dershowitz offers constitutional defense

Pam Bondi, in a methodical presentation Monday at President Trump's Senate impeachment trial, took the fight directly to Hunter Biden -- underscoring, again and again, how even media outlets with a left-wing "bias" questioned the younger Biden's lucrative service on the board of the Ukrainian natural gas company Burisma Holdings while his father oversaw Ukraine policy as vice president.

Biden pushes for witnesses in impeachment trial but says of his Ukraine role, ‘What is there to defend?’

Democratic presidential frontrunner Joe Biden told reporters Monday that he does not think it's necessary for him to testify as a witness in President Trump's impeachment trial because he has "nothing to defend." 

GOP senators: Dems threw Bidens ‘under the bus’ in Trump impeachment trial

President Trump’s allies say Democrats made a critical mistake by spending so much time on Joe and Hunter Biden in their Senate impeachment trial arguments, and they’ve given Trump’s legal team no choice but give the father and son's dealings in Ukraine a starring role when they launch their defense starting Saturday. 

Flashback: Biden opposed new witnesses during Clinton impeachment trial

Former Vice President Joe Biden has rejected the idea that his son, Hunter, should testify in President Trump's impeachment trial. He seemed open, however, to the Senate calling new witnesses, a point of contention between Democrats and Senate Republicans.