Trump campaign, GOP haul in $60M amid impeachment trial

President Trump’s re-election campaign and the Republican Party brought in more than $60 million in January, amid the impeachment battle on Capitol Hill. 

Trump mocks ‘Pocahontas’ Warren, ‘Impeachment King’ Steyer after poor showing in New Hampshire

President Trump weighed in Tuesday night on Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., and billionaire Democratic donor Tom Steyer, both of whom had underwhelming showings in the New Hampshire primaries.

Trump supporters, lining up for post-impeachment rally, predict big 2020 win: ‘He’ll beat them all’

The Trump-New Hampshire rally comes on the eve of the state’s first-in-the-nation presidential primary, with a large field of Democratic contenders vying to be their party’s standard-bearer.

Bloomberg uses Romney’s impeachment vote speech to bash Trump in new ad

Democratic presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg is capitalizing on the vote by Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah., last week to convict and remove President Trump on the "abuse of power" article of impeachment. 

Romney applauded by Dems during New Hampshire debate

After Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah., was mentioned at the Democratic debate in New Hampshire on Friday night, the crowd responded with cheers and applause, following his vote to convict President Trump on the charge of abuse of power during his impeachment trial. 

Democracy 2020 Digest: Trump, Democratic presidential candidates, campaign off impeachment acquittal

Both President Trump and the 2020 Democrats campaign off the Senate's vote to acquit the president of the House impeachment charges

Trump, in Super Bowl interview with Sean Hannity, predicts fall of Pelosi: ‘Radical left is gonna take over’

In an exclusive interview with Fox News' Sean Hannity during the Super Bowl LIV pregame show, President Trump said the State of the Union would go ahead as scheduled on Tuesday -- just a day before the Senate is set to acquit him after a months-long impeachment process.

Trump supporters standing by their president, predict impeachment will ‘backfire on the Democrats’

Trump supporters are energized and emboldened amid impeachment proceedings: 'He’s fighting for us and that’s big.'

Here’s what 2020 Dems asked during the 2nd day of impeachment trial questions

The four Democratic senators running for president were stuck in the Senate chamber for the second consecutive day of impeachment trial questions Thursday, but that didn't prevent one of them from making some headlines ahead of Monday's Iowa caucuses. 

RNC closes out best-ever non-presidential year with record numbers for December

The Republican National Committee reported its best-ever non-presidential year on Thursday -- the latest indication that the party is outpacing Democrats as they battle over impeachment before the 2020 elections.