What’s next for border policy, Ukraine aid after Senate Republicans block bipartisan bill

The future for the U.S. border crisis and for allies across the world rests with the Senate. Wednesday, Republicans blocked the bipartisan bill to address immigration and Ukraine funding. It follows an unusual day in the House where GOP leadership lost votes on articles of impeachment for Alejandro Mayorkas and a stand-alone aid package for Israel. Lisa Desjardins reports.
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House Republicans move to impeach DHS Secretary Mayorkas

The House of Representatives is on the cusp of impeaching a Cabinet secretary for the first time in 150 years. Republicans on the Homeland Security Committee advanced articles of impeachment Tuesday against DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas. The full chamber is expected to take up the question as soon as next week. Lisa Desjardins, who was at the hearing, joins Geoff Bennett with more.
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Your guide to the Trump impeachment trial of 2021

We have a special place in history. Never have Americans been so experienced in presidential impeachment as we. Two impeachments in just more than a single year. Nonetheless, experience does not yield understanding. Impeachment is a rare and confusing process. This is just the fourth presidential impeachment in history. And each impeachment process and set of arguments is slightly or dramatically different from the last. With that in mind, we asked for your questions about...