ICYMI: Kellyanne Conway’s proud of ideas people hate, Democrats flip Santos seat

Tucker Carlson wishes America was more like Moscow

So why doesn’t he move there?

Democrats flip George Santos' seat, cutting GOP's slim majority even further

Democrat Tom Suozzi takes back his seat.

Kellyanne Conway tells GOP to 'own' super unpopular abortion stance

Please, Republicans, let everyone know about your unpopular positions.

What happens to Florida's banned books? Ask this 'little anarchist bookshop' in Asheville

Eight tons of banned books!

Texas GOP leaders reverse course, ban antisemites from party

How much Hitler admiration is too much for Republicans?

Cartoon: Mike Luckovich on Biden's memory

His list of accomplishments is so long it’s hard for anyone to remember.

Trump spent years exploiting immigrants he now claims are 'poisoning' our country

We can’t say we’re shocked …

Speaker Mike Johnson finds time for impeachment stunt, but not to help Ukraine

Republicans always prioritize political theater over policy results.

Fake Certificate of Votes sent to US Senate after 2020 election, official says

New evidence in Republicans’ attempt to steal the 2020 election.

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ICYMI: Republicans can’t count, Trump fans stand by Taylor Swift

Leader Hakeem Jeffries: ‘It’s not our responsibility’ to help GOP count votes

In fact, are we sure Republicans can count?

OP voters out of step with Americans on Trump immunity, new poll shows

Will a Trump conviction tip the electoral scales toward Biden?

'Chaos' is the word for Republicans, and the media has finally noticed 

Disorder, havoc, shambles, snake pit, hell—the media has a lot of fun words at its disposal here.

Even Trump fans aren't buying the latest Swift-Kelce conspiracy theory

Coming soon: “The Tortured Psyops Department.”

Marjorie Taylor Greene asks if Republicans are 'being bribed' to oppose impeachment

If she doesn’t like it, it’s a conspiracy.

Mitch McConnell has lost control of Senate Republicans. Blame Mitch McConnell

Will the Republican chaos in the House infect the Senate?

Cartoon: Mike Luckovich on ex-presidential immunity

What would this mean for presidents not named Trump?

GOP congressman rants about car windshields being too safe

And while we’re at it, why not get rid of seat belts too? For Republicans, it's now 'Trump First, Putin Second, America Third'

The new GOP motto: “Победа Trump!”

Seven justices, two cases: How the future of abortion in Florida will be determined 

Reproductive rights still have a chance in the Sunshine State.

Lindsey Graham was for the border bill before he was against it 

South Carolina is a beach state, so it makes sense he’d love flip-flops.

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ICYMI: FBI misses ‘hidden’ Mar-a-Lago room, and ex-Trump CFO perjury charge weighed

What did the FBI miss in Trump’s hidden room at Mar-a-Lago?

It’s one thing to miss a closet when you’re searching a 126-room mansion, but it’s another story when it’s purposely locked.

Jim Jordan’s using subpoenas to do Trump’s dirty work again

The House Republicans are at it again.

Cartoon: Not racist

You sure about that, Nikki Haley?

Prosecutors weigh perjury charge for ex-Trump CFO Allen Weisselberg

The longtime Trump employee is reportedly angling for a plea deal.

‘That’s crazy’: Swing-state voters aghast to learn of Trump’s immunity claim

This focus group was illuminating and frankly, a little scary.

GOP congressman admits Mayorkas impeachment is bogus

Outgoing Colorado congressman found a drop of courage, but read why he still doesn't get a pat on the back.

Ken Paxton sues five Texas cities that decriminalized marijuana

In the words of Matthew McConaughey in “Dazed and Confused”: “alright, alright …” all wrong.

Republican lawsuits challenge mail ballot deadlines. Could they upend voting across the country?

Is your state going to be affected by these shenanigans?

Trump campaign to donors: Ignore what he says and just write the checks

This was a truly telling admission that Donald Trump's campaign operatives have no control over their candidate.

Adam Schiff is trying to pick his opponent—and he wants it to be a Republican

Is the California congressman pulling a "Claire McCaskill"?

Republicans get Ukraine demands met, so of course they change their minds

House Republicans found a way to smash it all to bits.

US employers added surprisingly robust 353,000 jobs in January

Much to Republicans’ chagrin, jobs are up and unemployment continues to be low.

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ICYMI: ‘Thoughts and prayers’ for Giuliani, plus Fox News doesn’t identify as ‘Swiftie’

Lauren Boebert utterly humiliated in Colorado straw poll 

Everything about this is so deeply satisfying. 

What goes around comes around: Bankrupt Rudy Giuliani claims Trump owes him money

The former New York mayor’s finances have been revealed and hot mess doesn't even begin to cover it.

E. Jean Carroll suggests she'll use the $83 million to create 'something Donald Trump hates'

This is fantastic! Bonus: Read why other conservatives appear to be sweating this judgment.

Cartoon: What's in Trump's box?

Hint: It’s not votes.

Fox News loses it over Taylor Swift

She did the impossible! She got the network to cover climate change.

Republicans admit impeaching Mayorkas is all politics

They are really out here spilling the beans to right-wing media. 

Florida GOP wants to block heat protection for workers. Good thing it's never hot there

That Florida legislators are moving to outlaw something that doesn’t exist might seem odd, even for Florida. But, of course, there’s more to the story.

Team Biden targets Trump on his tax cuts for the rich

A new line of attack is developing, one that the Biden campaign hopes will make it to discussion at your kitchen table. 

Watch Kari Lake get booed at GOP meeting after 'leaked' tape scandal

You hate to see it!

House GOP wages war with itself, the Senate, and reality

Infighting between the House and the Senate is a growing sh*t show and a huge reason nothing gets done.

X pauses some Taylor Swift searches as deepfake explicit images spread

Deepfake tools are a growing problem and they are “overwhelmingly weaponized against women.”

Santos' would-be GOP successor also has a problem with the truth

Congress just got rid of one pathological liar this session, and is now in danger of having that vacated seat filled by someone who also has a tenuous relationship with the truth.

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ICYMI: Trump testifies, a Trump aide gets jail time, and the RNC gives up on democracy

The RNC says f— you, democracy. We pick Trump

This resolution is just plain bonkers.

Donald Trump testifies in his defense in E. Jean Carroll defamation suit

The accused had another very unpleasant day in court.

Former Trump official Peter Navarro sentenced to 4 months for defying House subpoena

The judge was not in the mood for the “chutzpah” of Peter Navarro and his sorry defense.

5 reasons for Democrats to like what they saw in New Hampshire. A lot

Let’s dive into good news!

Cartoon: Footwear

You almost feel sorry for Ron DeSantis in this one. Almost.

Trump slams Kayleigh McEnany after she dares to question his campaign

Trump’s former press secretary Kayleigh McEnany was on Fox News’ Jesse Watters post-primary roundtable, and she attempted to do real analysis. Bad move!

Despite Trump's current laughable lawyers, his DOJ could be staffed with skilled radicals

If you thought Trump’s first administration was bad, wait till you see who could be tapped for positions in a second administration.

Trump allies ridicule GOP impeachment inquiry for failing to find dirt on Biden

Rep. James Comer’s efforts have been described as a “parade of embarrassments,” and it’s easy to see why.

More top stories:

Arizona GOP boss quits after leaked tape of him trying to bribe Kari Lake

Threats, blackmail, and much more—the Arizona GOP is really going through some things.

Florida Republicans advance bill to make kids 'start working full-time'

According to these folks, not allowing 16-year-olds to work full-time jobs is “weakening our society.”

Libs of TikTok vows to 'get porn' out of Oklahoma schools, while Florida challenges book banners

This isn’t just an attack on books, it’s a full-blown attack on education.

Biden revisits decaying Wisconsin bridge to announce $5B for infrastructure

Building literal bridges and making a strong case for reelection.

Missouri GOP is at war with its own Freedom Caucus

The rage and incompetence of the House Freedom Caucus is spreading to state legislatures.

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ICYMI: Fake immunity, Trump’s bizarre rambling, and right-wing furry fantasies

Rep. Jasmine Crockett goes all in on Republicans during immigration hearing

The Texas congresswoman used her time to call out the GOP’s rank hypocrisy on border security.

Ed O'Neill to return honorary degree from Youngstown State after GOP House member chosen president

The “Married … with Children” star took one helluva stand.

Trump caps long day in court with rambling New Hampshire rally

It’s wild that a presidential candidate can give a speech as bonkers as this one and it isn’t round-the-clock news asking what is wrong with him.

Cartoon: Fake immunity

We’ve got your fake news right here, Mr. Trump.

'Cascading failures': DOJ blasts law enforcement’s botched response to Uvalde school shooting

The long-awaited report on the failures of law enforcement in Uvalde, Texas, is even worse than anticipated.

Oklahoma Republican files bill to ban 'furries' from school

Right-wingers are strangely dedicated to the “kitty litter” myth, which actually has a deeply dark backstory.

How we knew the Florida seat Democrats just flipped was one to watch

The Daily Kos Elections team saw this one coming. Here’s how they knew we needed to go all-in on this race and more.

More top stories:

Homeland Security exposes GOP’s latest absurdity in impeachment stunt

Republicans’ “rush to impeach” the Homeland Security secretary seems to be taking precedence over having a reason to impeach him.

Biden unveils plan to slash bank overdraft fees, calling them 'exploitation'

Dark Brandon wants to take an ax to those banking overdraft fees and chop them down to size.

From RaTmasTer to kingmaker: How Jonathan Stickland trolled his way to Texas GOP power

Everything really is bigger in Texas, even the trolls.

Turns out Americans are feeling pretty good ‘vibes’ about their finances

Finally trending in the right direction.

In 2024, Trump voters are motivated by one thing above all: Revenge

The rot begins at the top.

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ICYMI: Trump attorney goes low, House GOP goes bonkers

House Oversight Committee explodes as Hunter Biden crashes their party

The president’s son called their bluff, and Republicans folded like a cheap suit.

Watch Rep. Jared Moskowitz call GOP’s bluff on Hunter Biden

This Florida Democrat is developing a habit of embarrassing Republicans on the House Oversight Committee.

Judge rescinds permission for Trump to give his own closing argument at his civil fraud trial

Judge Arthur Engoron’s patience is running thin with a defendant who refuses to play by the rules.

Watch AOC slam Rep. Nancy Mace's rant on white privilege

Oh my goodness, bless Nancy’s heart.

Rep. Raskin tells Marjorie Taylor Greene she's the 'porn expert' on the committee

The thin-skinned “gentlelady” from Georgia brought her “I want to speak with the manager” energy.

Cartoon: Clay Bennett on the NRA

A look at Wayne LaPierre’s resignation letter to the NRA.

More top stories:

Trump attorney defends the right to assassinate political opponents

If this sounds like Trump’s attorney is saying a president could order a hit on a political opponent and never face prosecution unless his own party supported his impeachment, that’s exactly what he’s saying.

Maine renews effort to elect president by national popular vote

Democrats are making a new push for a huge change to presidential elections.

2023 was the hottest year in human history. 2024 is already setting records

Even the cold weather the United States is experiencing at the moment could be directly related to the way the climate crisis is warming the Arctic.

GOP gerrymandering targeted two Black women. Now they're facing off in a primary

This shouldn't be happening in the first place, but the GOP played dirty and here we are.

Senate inches closer to border deal. Will House GOP and Trump kill it?

Republicans need to decide whether they stand with Ukraine or with Donald Trump.

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ICYMI: Trump catches a legal break, Hunter Biden calls the GOP’s bluff

Judge hits the brakes on Trump’s 2020 election interference trial

Donald Trump has one primary defense his legal team has repeatedly deployed in all his criminal and civil cases throughout his career: delay, delay, delay. On Wednesday, he got another leg up when U.S. District Judge Tanya Chutkan agreed to pause the 2020 election interference trial while a federal appeals court rules on whether he had presidential immunity and therefore cannot be prosecuted.

On the same day, in a different case, a federal appeals court ruled Donald Trump did not have presidential immunity.

In another election-related Trump case, CNN obtained leaked audio of Kenneth Chesebro’s testimony to Michigan prosecutors. The Trump-aligned attorney seems to be talking to numerous investigators in an all-out effort to avoid a prison term.

Hunter Biden called their bluff

On Wednesday, Hunter Biden did the one thing Republicans didn’t want him to do: He publicly owned up to his mistakes. By Thursday morning, Rep. James Comer turned up on Fox News to crow about the Republican-led vote to move forward with an impeachment inquiry, and he seemed downright depressed about both the lack of evidence against Joe Biden and the new Associated Press reporting on Comer's own history of using a shell corporation.

Daily Kos’ Kerry Eleveld makes the case that the sham investigation could end up being an early gift to Democrats going into the 2024 campaign cycle.

More top stories

Nothing says desperation like GOP strategists counseling Republicans to support contraception access

Republican strategists have identified a five-alarm fire in their house and are breaking out the squirt guns to deal with it.

Congress wraps for the year, after giving Putin a Christmas gift

Merry Christmas, Mr. Putin, from your friends in the GOP.

Elon Musk plans to open a new university in Austin

From the man who brought us the consumer-grade flamethrower …

Jurors will begin deciding how much Giuliani must pay for lies in a Georgia election workers' case

Rudy Giuliani’s financial well-being is now in the hands of a jury, and it’s not looking good for the former mayor.


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ICYMI: Ivanka Trump in the fraud trial’s hot seat, Rick Santorum’s ‘sexy’ GOP logic

Ivanka Trump takes the stand and is suddenly very forgetful

Ivanka Trump reluctantly took the stand in the New York civil fraud trial against Donald Trump and the Trump Organization, after repeatedly trying to delay her testimony or escape it altogether. By all accounts, she was more polished than her brothers, who testified last week, but she seemed to have a lot of problems recalling the details of her dealings as a Trump Org executive. Daily Kos followed the trial live, and you can read a full recap of her testimony here. Let’s just say she hasn’t done dear old dad any favors.

There are a lot of happy, tired (and possibly hungover) Democrats today

Democrats nationwide are still rejoicing after another night of electoral wins. Reproductive rights dominated in Ohio, where you’d expect Republicans to get the message loud and clear: We aren’t going back. But not Ohio Republicans! They immediately retreated to fantasyland and started plotting a new path to ending reproductive rights.

Other big winners include school librarians and teachers, who must be breathing a sigh of relief after scores of Moms for Liberty candidates went down in flames. And even though Democrats largely trounced Republicans on Tuesday, so many national media outlets seem addicted to the narrative of Democratic doom.

Meanwhile, the hosts and guests of Fox News are doing a lot of soul-searching at the moment. They can’t quite put their finger on why an agenda of ending reproductive rights and bullying librarians, teachers, and LGBTQ+ kids wasn’t the winning message they were banking on. Over on Newsmax, Rick Santorum’s “sexy” excuses for Republican losses really had us laughing.

Republicans immediately got to work breaking things again

Finally, with the clock ticking on government funding, Republicans are realizing they need to get the ball rolling or another government shutdown is what we’ll all have on the table this holiday season. Unfortunately, Republican disarray is deepening, and we are again careening toward a disaster unless they get it together.

More top stories

Tuberville claims he’s ‘not just being hard-headed’ on military blockade, still refuses to bend

His one-man blockade on military promotions is now holding more than 350 senior military officers in limbo, and the damage will take years to unwind.

House Republicans will subpoena Hunter and James Biden as their impeachment inquiry ramps back up 

House Republicans are back to working as an arm of the Trump 2024 campaign. And they aren’t going to let a little thing like a lack of evidence stop them.

Florida chief financial officer calls for state government to fund Trump’s legal defenses

Florida’s chief financial officer has come up with a new way to light taxpayer money on fire: Pay for the legal defenses of an alleged billionaire facing more than 90 criminal counts.

Democrats win key seat on Pennsylvania Supreme Court, which helped thwart Trump's election plot

This was a huge win for future elections!

Effort to remove Michigan GOP chair builds momentum as infighting and debt plague party

The party of fiscal responsibility again showed just how bad they are with money.

Democrats win full control of Virginia legislature in major rebuke to Youngkin

Democrats showed serious momentum heading toward 2024.


A cartoon by Clay Bennett.

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‘Reopen’ protests aren’t just about COVID-19, they’re also brash displays of white supremacy

By now you’ve seen the images of heavily armed men in masks storming the Michigan capitol building, demanding the governor reopen even as the death toll rises unabated. Videos show white protesters shoving police officers with zero pushback, while we know that even the slightest encroachment from a person of color would result in an immediate arrest, if not a more deadly response from police. 

What we’ve all seen on display is definitively white supremacy. Standing in the gallery with their long rifles, these “protesters” brandish guns designed not for hunting but for mass casualty while politicians don bulletproof vests down below as they try to do their job: Dealing with the deadly pandemic in their state with the threat of deadly force above. Make no mistake about it, this wasn’t a Second Amendment protest in Michigan—it was a means of intimidation by threat of deadly violence. The message was clear from these pro-gun, pro-death protesters: Open the state or we will escalate with force. 

It’s also telling these groups are out there demanding the states reopen as the COVID-19 virus has had particularly devastating effects on Black communities, accounting for nearly 60% of the U.S. COVID-19 deaths despite being only 13% of the overall population. This too is a form of white supremacy. After all, if 60% of COVID-19 deaths were white women or white children in the suburbs or rural communities, would these folks still be out there demanding bars and restaurants reopen? 

White men displaying a privilege only afforded to white men on the steps of the Michigan capitol building.

Days later in Texas, another band of “protesters” showed up at Big Daddy Zane’s bar in West Odessa, where owner Gabrielle Ellison opened for business despite Gov. Greg Abbott’s orders that such nonessential businesses stay closed for the time being. Like a lot of business owners feeling the pinch, Ellison claims she is on the verge of going out of business, so she decided to reopen and face the consequences. In this case, the consequence was arrest for violation of an emergency management plan. 

As for the protesters who were there to support Ellison by standing out back with their weapons, the sheriff took their display of force seriously. Ector County sheriff sent in an SWAT vehicle to arrest the men. Thankfully the men complied with the larger show of force from the sheriff’s department, laying down their weapons and getting handcuffed. 

Wyatt Winn stands outside Big Daddy Zane’s before being arrested.

Ector County Sheriff Mike Griffis told reporters he arrested the men for having weapons on a licensed property because "this was not a protest of their Second Amendment rights. It was a show of force to ensure this lady could violate the governor’s order." He suggested if they didn’t like the governor’s orders, they could vote for someone else. 

Griffis is right. These folks aren’t out there “protecting” their Second Amendment rights. They are there to intimidate with their skull masks, ample ammo, and numerous weapons of war. Just as men—white men specifically—have done from Minnesota to Michigan to Texas. And they’ve taken their cues from the highest office in the land, direct from the White House, where Donald Trump has tweeted to "liberate" states from the shelter-in-place orders recommended by his own administration.

After the images and video of the masked gunmen defying the law went viral, the White Supremacist-and-Misogynist-in-Chief tweeted a message echoing his “very fine people” comments after white supremacists rallied in Charlottesville: "The Governor of Michigan should give a little, and put out the fire. These are very good people, but they are angry. They want their lives back again, safely! See them, talk to them, make a deal."

That thin blue mask won’t protect the police from the pro-death party.

If you think about it, it is rather hilarious that Donald Trump was insisting Gov. Gretchen Whitmer meet with an angry group of heavily armed men dressed as terrorists while he is afraid of being in the same room as Nancy Pelosi, who is armed with nothing more than keys to his head, copies of Trump’s impeachment paperwork, and photos of her nine grandchildren. 

Sheriff Griffis noted the men are not from West Odessa and apparently came to the West Texas town to intimidate. 

Watch the video below to see how wild things got—be sure to watch for the protest signs.

Below are the mugshots of four grinning men arrested by the Ector County Sheriff’s Department.

Wyatt Winn, 23, Jesse Semrad, 36, Carlo O'Brien, 20, and Joshua Watt, 31. (Mugshots courtesy of the Ector County Sheriff's Office)

What’s so funny about being arrested with a SWAT vehicle at gunpoint? These guys get the joke: It’s white supremacy. They already know there likely won’t be any long-term repercussions. They were probably home in time for dinner. Could the same be said of a group of non-white people in similar circumstances? 

If they were people of color, and specifically men of Middle Eastern descent walking around with these weapons and their faces covered, we’d be asking: “Where were these men radicalized?” 

So it’s time that we ask the question about these white men and women: Where were they radicalized? Most likely in online forums. You can read more about the conspiracy-loving "Bugaloo bois" from my colleague, Dave Neiwert.