Trump Has the Perfect Job in Mind for MAGA Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene

By Dr. Derek Ellerman

One complaint you’ll never hear about Donald Trump is that he doesn’t have any good ideas. 

Sure, you’ll definitely hear that his execution isn’t always perfect, and you’ll definitely hear that some of the people he chooses to accomplish those ideas leave much to be desired. (Hello, John Bolton, Mike Pompeo, and Nikki Haley!)

But the man most certainly has many good ideas. And he just dropped a great one: 

(Shoutout to Citizen Free Press for the above video!)

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MTG for Senate! 

At his campaign rally in Waco, Texas over the weekend (also an excellent idea, as the crime against women and children that took place there 30 years ago still has not been prosecuted), Trump wondered aloud if MAGA Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia should run for the Senate in Georgia. 

It took long enough, but Trump finally endorsed someone for Georgia Senate who is actually worth voting for. 

I’m not going to get into the question of “electability” here. 

“We have to vote for Empty Suit Candidate because they can win” has no power here. 

Whether or not someone “can win” depends on many factors, first and foremost their campaign operation. But crucially, whether or not a candidate can win is a question that comes only after the question of whether or not they should win.

Should they win because they have the correct ideas and positions? If the answer is yes, let’s hit the trail. 

If the answer is no, because they’re a big-spending warmonger who will do whatever Mitch McConnell tells them to do, then it doesn’t matter if they “can win.” 

So let’s start with that first and most important question. 

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MTG: Get Rid of the RINOs

At the rally in Waco, MTG went after McConnell and Lindsey Graham:

OK, we’re off to a good start. She knows who the empty suits are. 

Is she committed to doing the right thing, even if it’s unpopular? 

Let’s check: 

Alright, we’re off and running now! 

Only one thing could derail this train. Where is MTG on the singularly most important topic?

Now we’re cooking with gas! 

The truth is, Ukraine, in addition to being the most important subject at the moment, also provides the world’s easiest litmus test for our politicians. 

Should the people currently conducting an illegal war in Syria continue to unnecessarily provoke a nuclear power by taking money from Americans and giving it to a corrupt authoritarian?

Or should our politicians, who have rung up over $30 trillion in debt, actually put America and the American people first? 

Like I said, easiest litmus test. MTG passes with flying colors. How many other Republicans can say the same? 

Now let me be clear, I don’t think MTG is going to run for the Senate, and I don’t think she should risk her House seat at the current time, given how “voting” currently works in Georgia. 

But the difference between people like you and I and the grifters who latch on to establishment politicians for a big payday is that you and I ask the right question first. 

Can she win? I’m not sure. 

Should she win? No doubt about it. 

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