Hillary Clinton: If Trump is acquitted, it’s ‘because the jury includes his co-conspirators’

Hillary Clinton weighed in on former President Donald Trump's second impeachment trial this week, suggesting in a tweet that if the Senate ultimately votes to acquit him, it will only be because "the jury includes his co-conspirators." 

Biden opposed additional witnesses during Clinton impeachment trial

Former Vice President Joe Biden opposed additional witnesses during the Senate impeachment trial of President Bill Clinton, a revelation that may set back the efforts of Democrats to land former National Security Adviser John Bolton as a new witness in the ongoing impeachment trial of President Trump. 

Clinton impeachment trial: What happened to his defense team?

Former President Bill Clinton was represented during his impeachment trial by four attorneys, ultimately leading to his acquittal in the Senate in 1999. Here's a look at where they are today. 

Clinton impeachment trial: What happened to the House impeachment managers?

Here's a look at what the 13 impeachment managers from former President Bill Clinton's trial in 1999 are up to today, and what they're saying about the ongoing Senate trial against President Trump.