This week was a ‘bad week’ for the US Constitution, Ted Cruz says

Senator Ted Cruz, R-Texas, told "Sunday Morning Futures" anchor Maria Bartiromo that the past week was "really bad" for the United States Constitution. The Texas Republican's comments came as the Senate dismissed the impeachment trial of Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and their refusal to enforce the warrant requirement for FISA reauthorization. 

MARIA BARTIROMO:…Why are you having such a hard time moving the needle on security at the border, Senator? ‘You’ meaning Republicans?


SEN. TED CRUZ Well, listen, the Democrat Party has embraced open border. They want this invasion. And Republicans, listen, I, I feel for speaker Mike Johnson. He has a virtually impossible job. He's down now to a one vote majority. That majority goes all over the place on everything. And so he's a good man who is trying mightily. But at least so far, Republicans have not been willing or able to use the leverage we have to force real border security

I'll tell you, Maria, this week was a bad week for the United States Constitution. This week we had the Alejandro Mayorkas trial that was supposed to happen this week, and Senate Democrats, every Democrat, refused to hold a trial and essentially nuked the impeachment provisions of the Constitution. And also this week, we saw both the House and the Senate refuse to enforce the Fourth Amendment's warrant requirement for searches of American citizens on FISA. And I think both of those in the same week is really a bad week for the Constitution.

Janice Dean: If Cuomo won’t resign, impeachment proceedings should begin

Janice Dean called on lawmakers to begin the impeachment process against Gov. Cuomo, following comments by the governor that he would not resign over the alleged cover-up of thousands of nursing home deaths in New York and multiple sexual harassment allegations.

NY GOP leader: ‘Enough evidence’ to move forward with Cuomo impeachment commission

A New York State Assemblyman wants to set up a bipartisan impeachment commission against Gov. Andrew Cuomo over his mishandling of the coronavirus-related deaths in nursing homes.

Trump Jr. vows father will ‘keep pushing that America First agenda’ after impeachment acquittal

Following former President Donald Trump’s second impeachment acquittal, his future will be dedicated to preserving his brand of conservatism and supporting the American people, Donald Trump Jr. told Fox News’ "Hannity" on Monday.

NY lawmakers must begin impeachment proceedings, criminal investigation of Gov. Cuomo: Marc Molinaro

New York Republican Dutchess County Executive Marc Molinaro called Monday for impeachment proceedings and a criminal prosecution to be launched against Democrat Gov. Andrew Cuomo over the alleged cover-up of nursing home deaths under his administration.

Sen. Rand Paul: House managers ‘never made their case’ that Trump incited Capitol violence

The House Democratic impeachment managers failed to prove that former President Donald Trump incited the deadly riot at the Capitol Jan. 6, Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., told "Your World" Thursday.

Sen. Hagerty on impeachment trial: Dems want to ‘humiliate’ Trump and ‘shame’ supporters into conformity

The second impeachment of former President Donald Trump is an "unconstitutional show trial" that is meant to "humiliate" the 45th president and shame the people who voted for him, Sen. Bill Hagerty told "Fox News @ Night" on Wednesday.

Graham asks about what Pelosi knew prior to the Capitol riot

Sen. Lindsay Graham, R-S.C., told “Hannity” on Wednesday that the Democrat case for impeachment against former President Trump is getting weaker by the day, and pointed to new details about the days before the Capitol riot and questioned what-- if anything-- House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was privy to.

Trump in a ‘great mood’ as arguments open in Senate impeachment trial: Jason Miller

Former President Donald Trump is "in a great mood" as House Democrats present their opening arguments in the Senate impeachment trial, the former president's senior adviser Jason Miller told ""America Reports" Wednesday.