Klobuchar on impeachment: Americans are ‘juggling’ and so can Senate with trial and confirmation hearings

Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., insisted Thursday that the Senate could handle "juggling" an impeachment trial for former President Donald Trump while also working through the confirmation of several Cabinet members for President Biden. 

Here’s what 2020 Dems asked during the 2nd day of impeachment trial questions

The four Democratic senators running for president were stuck in the Senate chamber for the second consecutive day of impeachment trial questions Thursday, but that didn't prevent one of them from making some headlines ahead of Monday's Iowa caucuses. 

Here are the questions 2020 Dems asked during Trump impeachment trial

With four of the candidates for the Democratic nomination for president -- and two of the top four in the polls -- stuck in Washington, D.C., for President Trump's impeachment, asking questions during the Senate trial's nationally televised question-and-answer session is one of the only ways for them to reach voters ahead of Monday's Iowa caucuses.

Sen. Klobuchar discusses ‘comeback strategy’ as she splits time between impeachment trial and campaign trail

As 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar splits her time between Washington, D.C. where she is serving as a juror during President Trump’s Senate impeachment trial, and hitting the campaign trail ahead of the Democratic primaries, she revealed her “comeback strategy” on Sunday, which the Democratic senator said includes “new creative approaches.”