Right-wing fraudsters attorney says they want Alan Dershowitz to testify at robocall trial

American scumbags Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman have been charged with at least four felony counts connected to voter-suppressing, misinforming robocalls in Michigan that targeted “urban” areas in the weeks preceding this election. No, this isn’t connected to the time Wohl and Burkman attempted to trump up fake sexual assault charges against Dr. Anthony Fauci. No, this isn’t the time Wohl and Burkman attempted to create fake sexual intrigue allegations against Sen. Elizabeth Warren. 

On Monday, Burkman and Wohl were back in virtual court where Burkman’s lawyers Scott Grabel and William Amadeo of Grabel & Associates made this amazing revelation: he has been “consulting with someone.” In fact, he has been consulting with some who “is working with the president right now on this election fraud situation.” It turns out that this person he is consulting with and who he hopes will be an expert witness on constitutional law, “teaches at Harvard Law School...”

In this clip below, Burkman’s attorney Scott Grabel claims he has “spoken” to Alan Dershowitz by “email” and is not sure whether or not he will be able to be “retained,” but is hoping to have a place for him to speak on, once again, “constitutional law.” This is the same Alan Dershowitz whose shining catastrophic moment, the one that will likely be remembered in law history for centuries to come, was the singularly most convoluted, intellectually dishonest, and vapid attempt at arguing that Donald Trump couldn’t be impeached due to an abuse of power, while then arguing he didn’t say he said that, but that if he had said it it would be true, but it isn’t, so don’t say he said that. 

Daily Dot’s Zachary Petrizzo reported that Michigan Attorney General lawyer Richard Cunningham strongly opposed the motion to have a constitutional witness, before the bizarre Dershowitz revelation, because “An attorney’s role is to argue the law, it is not to testify as to what the law is.”

Burkman’s lawyer is consulting with famously unscrupulous, self-aggrandizing, there is no law unless I say it’s a law, Alan Dershowitz. This is about a series of robocalls, received in various states, targeting predominantly Black and brown communities across the country, that attempted to scare potential voters away from early voting, by lying about how early voter rolls would be used to imprison people based on outstanding debts or warrants.

Law & Crime reports that Dershowitz has told them that he is “not involved in that case,” referring to Burkman’s robocall fraud. Dershowitz also says that he is not involved at all with Trump election lawsuits. Burkman’s attorney, Grabel told Law & Order that “If Mr. Dershowitz isn’t working on ‘election issues’ I stand corrected.”

Real scumbag shit. Makes sense that Dershowitz is involved—even tangentially. George Bernard Shaw once wrote that one should “Never wrestle with pigs. You both get dirty and the pig likes it.” In this case, everyone involved might like it. No bad press and all of that. Only the best people.

Harvard professor repeatedly cited by Dershowitz in impeachment trial calls Trump defense a ‘joke’

Donald Trump’s impeachment defense team has about as much integrity as a fishing net made out of toilet paper. On Wednesday, lawyer Alan Dershowitz provided one of the most truly wicked and specious arguments in the history of law when he explained during Trump’s Senate impeachment trial that a public official, no matter how corrupt, could not commit a crime if they believe that their corrupt action is in the public interest. His exact quote was, “If a president does something which he believes will help him get elected in the public interest, that cannot be the kind of quid pro quo that results in impeachment.”

Dershowitz, like the toadstool of a person he is, later tweeted that he didn’t say what he said and that people saying he did were misunderstanding what he said. He went on to say he stood by what he didn’t say, but he didn’t say it … so don’t say he said it. A large part of Dershowitz’s theatrical display of intellectual dishonesty was dedicated to citing fellow Harvard Law professor Nikolas Bowie as someone who agreed with the argument that abuse of power does not warrant impeachment. Bowie then spoke with Anderson Cooper and Jeffrey Toobin on CNN to clear up what he actually wrote and believes.

Abuse of power is a crime. There are people around the country who have been convicted of it recently. It's a crime that’s existed since this country was founded. And it's a criminal offense. To equate it with "maladministration," as my colleague professor Dershowitz does, is the equivalent of saying that criminal corruption is the same thing as getting a bad performance evaluation. “Maladministration” is just an 18th-century term for doing a bad thing at your job, for, you know, not filing papers correctly. And I think he’s right: A president shouldn’t be impeached for getting a bad performance evaluation. But to equate that with criminal corruption? That’s a joke.

He’s right. But, like everything in this current authoritarian climate, it’s a terrible, terrible joke.


Cartoon: Join the Trump legal defense team!

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We have now seen — in ranting “legal” briefs — how President Trump’s team is planning on defending him in the Senate impeachment trial. In short, they’re going to rant and rave, blame everyone else and wrap the whole package in faux legalese.

That’s what happens when you pick most of your legal team from the Fox News bench. You don’t necessarily get the brightest legal minds by doing it that way. (In their defense, even the most brilliant legal mind would have a tough time defending Trump.) Good thing the president has the Republican-held Senate to throw down roadblocks and acquittals as needed.

The more we review the details of what led to impeachment, the more disheartening it is that the Senate will likely let him off the hook. Who knows, maybe more revelations and evidence outside the Senate trial will lead to additional articles of impeachment. Extorting Ukraine is just one of the many threads of criminality woven through this administration.

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