Trump Jr. gets ‘triggered’ twice: First by Sen. Romney’s vote, then by Twitter

It’s difficult to be considered the mediocre Trump progeny, but Donald Trump Jr. has earned that distinction. His latest venture in the public sphere was penning the tome Triggered: How the Left Thrives on Hate and Wants to Silence Us. Or as some people rebranded it a few months ago, Daddy, Please Love Me: How Everything I Do Is to Earn My Father’s Love. The contents of the book includes all of the whining, self-aggrandizing stories of persecution that one has come to expect from wealthy conservatives in our country. Triggered, like all things Trump, is a projection of how Junior feels deep inside. So far, the only person who has been “triggered” by Triggered is Junior.

With the news that Republican Sen. Mitt Romney was breaking with his fellow Republicans and voting the evidence and his conscience to find Donald Trump guilty of the articles of impeachment, Junior went to his Twitter account to attack, tweeting: “Mitt Romney is forever bitter that he will never be POTUS. He was too weak to beat the Democrats then so he’s joining them now. He’s now officially a member of the resistance & should be expelled from the @GOP.”

Very quickly, Twitter came back at Junior to remind him that his father is a guilty, corrupt, historical blight on humanity.

Jr right now

— kevin (@KevINthe406) February 5, 2020

If you�re last name is Trump, you are expelled from the party if: � you put country over party � you do not ignore facts � you do not ignore the truth � you are guided by what is right & not by what is right for trump Integrity & honor have no home in the party of trump.

— Jo (@JoJoFromJerz) February 5, 2020

It's not a political party anymore. It's a cult. And all cults end badly.

— Joe Lockhart (@joelockhart) February 5, 2020

And because you have to.

You sound triggered

— Josh Jordan (@NumbersMuncher) February 5, 2020


— Jack Polakoff (@JackPolakoff) February 5, 2020

There’s also the harsh reminder that Trump doesn’t care about anyone not named Donald Trump.

And you should be expelled from your ivory tower, junior. What's good for your grifting family, is NOT good for America.

— Jennie GETOVRITâÂ�¤ðÂ�Â�Â�ðÂ�Â�Â� (@GetovritJennie) February 5, 2020

Someone sounds upset...

— TrumpsTaxes (@TrumpsTaxes) February 5, 2020

Here’s a nice liberal, down-the-middle reference.

— ChidiÃ�®ï¸Â� (@ChidiNwatu) February 5, 2020

This isn’t the first or the last time that Junior will be ratioed on Twitter because of his bizarre insistence on projecting his own families’ foibles and moral bankruptcies on the public.

Did something about this also trigger you?

— jess fedigan (@jj_fedigan) February 5, 2020

And finally:

Not surprised you don't recognize integrity.

— On the farm (@EllaG1894) February 5, 2020