Cartoon: Autocracy, it just works better!

Vimeo Video

Well, it’s been a tough week for democracy. First, Democrats in Iowa completely screwed up the first major step to picking a nominee who will hopefully replace President Trump. Of course the Iowa caucuses are fundamentally flawed and ridiculous, but using an untested mobile app as the foundation of a nominating process is just plain stupid.

Then there was the bad but entirely expected and outrageous news that Trump was acquitted. You know, the guy who sold out our nation and an important ally at war with Russia so he could mess with Joe Biden and win the 2020 election. Thanks to spineless Senate Republicans (except for Mitt Romney, of course), Trump can now do whatever he wants.

Steal the election? No problem! Send in the clowns to investigate Biden and unfounded conspiracies that undermine our intelligence agencies? Go for it! We have just entered a much crazier and dangerous phase of Trumpism. Besides that, enjoy the cartoon, and be sure to visit me over on Patreon for behind-the-scenes goodies, prints, and more!