Brazil’s ‘Trump’, President Jair Bolsonaro, Rises in New Poll

By David Kamioner | January 27, 2020

It is rule of thumb that many conservatives who take over national leadership from failed liberals undergo a policy trial of fire before triumphing and winning a solid reelection.

Except Donald Trump. His policy and political victories seem to have started the day he took office. His trials, well, have been actual trials.

But Margaret Thatcher went through tough times and violent national labor strikes until good economic news and the Falklands War brought her landslide reelection in 1983.

Ronald Reagan went through his own economic crucible from 1981-1983 until a rising economy and a national security resurgence, typified by the successful Grenada operation, brought him his own massive win over a weak Democrat opposition in the 1984 presidential election.

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Now, one of the two strongest conservative leaders in the Western hemisphere is in a similar situation. We know where Trump stands. But how about Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro?

Better than he was before.

Good numbers in a Wednesday CNT/MDA poll has the pugnacious president scoring well with Brazilians on fighting corruption, handling the economy, and stopping crime. 35% of his countrymen view his administration as great or good. That’s up from 30% in August. His detractors are at 31%, down from 39%.

His personal approval is at 48%, up from 41% in August. The other side sports 47%, down from 54%. The next presidential election is in 2022 and Bolsonaro leads his probable leftist opponent, a former president driven from office and jailed for corruption, by over ten points.

The Brazilian president’s main issue has been in comms. He just had to fire his cultural secretary for cribbing from Josef Goebbels, the Third Reich cultural minister, in a speech. But that’s mild compared to other missteps.

He once told a female political opponent, “I wouldn’t rape you because you don’t deserve it.” He later clarified, saying the female politician was “not worth raping; she is very ugly.”

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On women in general, “I’ve got five kids but on the fifth I had a moment of weakness and it came out a woman.”

On those who betray national security, “I am in favor of torture, you know that. And the people are in favor of it as well.”

On gays, “I would be incapable of loving a homosexual son.”

I could go on. But you get the drift. The man makes Donald Trump look like Joy Behar.

However, voters all over the world care more about crime and the economy than they do about boneheaded statements. Bolsonaro like Trump, warts and all, looks like a good bet for eventual reelection.

This piece originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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Boston Poll Puts Sanders on Top in New Hampshire

By David Kamioner | January 23, 2020

Bernie Sanders is on a roll.

No, not a kaiser roll.

His political timing is hitting apogee at just the right time for the nation’s first Dem primary (Iowa is a caucus), as a Boston-based WBUR poll Thursday puts him at 29% in New Hampshire. That’s a strong lead over Buttigieg at 17%, Biden at 14%, and Warren at 13%. Everybody else is in single digits.

The poll was conducted by talking to 426 likely voters in the Granite State. The contest is in three weeks.

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But Sanders is off the campaign trail until the impeachment trial of the president is over.

Will his lead hold until then?

However, he’s top dog now and is also having a great fundraising cycle. The recent kerfuffle with neighboring Massachusetts’s own Dem Senator Elizabeth Warren only seems to have helped as, incredibly, most appear to believe he never said it. Thus Warren, not him, has taken the hit even with women.

The guy is on a lucky streak.

In a stinging indictment of the American education system, Sanders is killing it with Dem voters under 30. The socialist is taking an absolute majority of 52% of these sad ignorant toddlers. On the other hand, Biden leads with voters over 60.

They vote.

One interesting thing about this poll. A full third of male Dem NH voters approve of the way President Trump has dealt with the economy.

If that were to hold for November and even half of those voters swing to the GOP, Trump would win there handily. He narrowly lost to Clinton in the state in 2016.

Yet another reason to applaud toxic masculinity. But Sanders’ good fortunes make life easier for Trump as well.

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Regardless of the conformist bleatings of the kiddie set, who vote in low numbers anyway, a socialist with a pro-communist past is likely too far left for America and the president would romp to a reelection victory much like Nixon in 1972 or Reagan in 1984.

Dem pros know this, as does Hillary Clinton, and want to forestall that fate not only for electoral credibility but to prevent a crashed and burned Dem party from being bought at fire-sale political prices by the Obamas.

The duo would move in on the prostrate remains of the party like ravenous vultures at a rodent buffet in preparation for Michelle’s very probable statewide run in Illinois and then her eventual run for the White House.

This piece originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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