‘Space Force’ debuts new uniforms, Graham’s 2020 opponent, and more you might have missed this week

Yikes, where does the time go? How is it Sunday already? The impeachment trial has dominated the news cycle and our front page, but our staff also picked some other stories that might have flown under the radar but are definitely worth reading.

Without further ado, here are our staff picks.

Trump's 'Space Force' debuts some new uniforms. There's only one problem with them…

By. David Nir

The “United States Space Force,” a particularly bizarre Trump fever dream given life to feed the black hole of his ego, released their first uniforms to the public on Friday evening. Get a load of these beauts:

Democrats across the country seek to make California's mistake, destroying careers of freelancers

By. kos

It’s not an either-or situation. We can help workers truly exploited by the gig economy, while letting people who want to freelance continue to ply their professional wares. That’s where the focus should be, not on copying a flawed and dangerous California law.

Group of parents deported without their kids by Trump admin return to U.S. following court ruling

By. Gabe Ortiz

Their trauma also manifested in other ways, a medical director said according to the report. “Physical symptoms felt by separated children are manifestations of their psychological pain. You get a lot of ‘my chest hurts,’ even though everything is fine [medically]. Children describe symptoms, ‘Every heartbeat hurts,’ ‘I can’t feel my heart,’ of emotional pain.”

Trump administration reportedly moving ahead with plan that could destroy Medicaid in red states

By, Joan McCarter

In a joint letter to HHS, patient advocacy groups addressed the threat to the health of millions. "The block grant will include vulnerable eligibility groups such as children and people with disabilities and requests unprecedented changes that could make it harder for patients to get the treatments and services that they need," they wrote.

Lindsey Graham's 2020 opponent releases impeachment statement using Lindsey Graham's own exact quote

By. Walter Einenkel 

As one of the big proponents of impeaching then President Bill Clinton, back in 1998, Sen. Graham has come under fire over the past year for how starkly contradictory his public statements today when compared to those from 1998. Harrison justifiably has decided to use Graham’s words against him.

That’s it for this Sunday night, folks! But tell us in the comments: What stories did you read this week that stuck with you? Anything that you think flew so under the radar that we might have missed? Looking forward to chatting with y’all below!