Swalwell files lawsuit against Trump over Capitol riots

Rep. Eric Swalwell, one of the House impeachment managers, filed a lawsuit against former President Trump saying he must be held financially responsible for destruction on Jan. 6 when a pro-Trump mob stormed the Capitol.

Eric Swalwell says God is a woman while discussing Trump impeachment trial

Rep. Eric Swalwell, D-Calif., on Sunday suggested that God is a woman while discussing the impeachment trial against former President Donald Trump.

Eric Swalwell, Dem congressman linked to Chinese spy, makes impeachment case against Trump at Senate trial

Rep. Eric Swalwell’s job as a House impeachment manager is to convince at least two-thirds of the Senate to convict former President Trump of inciting an insurrection, but a number of leading Republicans remain unconvinced that he belongs on the House Intelligence and Homeland Security committees.

Eric Swalwell, prolific tweeter who had ties to Chinese spy, brings political baggage as impeachment manager

When House Democrats present their case to senators about why they should vote to convict President Trump of the impeachment charge that he incited an insurrection in the Capitol, some say their case may be hampered by the presence of Rep. Eric Swalwell as an impeachment manager.

Swalwell compares Trump to Usama bin Laden: ‘He was responsible’

Democratic California Rep. Eric Swalwell, who remains on the House Intelligence Committee despite foggy ties to a spy for China and who will serve as an impeachment manager, associated President Trump with Usama bin Laden in an interview Tuesday.

Speaker Pelosi names Rep. Eric Swalwell among Trump impeachment managers

Rep. Eric Swalwell has been named as one of nine impeachment managers announced to before the Senate in President Trump’s second impeachment tria