Republicans make clear they won’t be modifying their aversion to facts in defending Trump

On Saturday, Donald Trump’s lawyers lifted the corner a bit on what will be the Republican strategy for fighting impeachment come Monday.

First the Republicans will introduce the same five lies they’ve been spouting all along at the impeachment trial and earlier.

Then they will repeat the same five lies they just told us.

Next they will spend another hour telling the same lies again.

At this point they will take a break and hold a few interviews telling Foxaganda reporters the lies they just told on the Senate floor. 

During the afternoon, the Republicans will lay out the lies again, and then for each of the five, they will   

repeat  reiterate recapitulate rehash  reprise  restate 

After a break for food, they’ll return to the Senate chambers to repeat the lies. Five lies. The same ones. Again.

And again.


This Republican charade might be mildly entertaining if it were a parody episode of “The Apprentice” instead of a constitutional crisis with outright tyranny eagerly waiting in the wings.