Fox News Politics: Day of double denials

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What's happening? 

- Jill Biden reportedly urging husband to end the war in Gaza

- Vulnerable Senate Dems at further risk from Mayoraks impeachment

- Democratic Governor to decide on making coercive abortion a felony

Former President Donald Trump has suffered two defeats in his court cases as judges in Georgia and Florida struck down motions from his legal team.

In Georgia, former President Donald Trump's motion to dismiss his 2020 election interference indictment on the grounds of First Amendment protection was rejected on Thursday. 

"After considering the extensive briefing, the argument of counsel, and the indictment, the Court finds these vital constitutional protections do not reach the actions and statements alleged by the State. Nor do the statutes themselves facially violate the First Amendment," Fulton County Superior Court Judge Scott McAfee ruled Thursday.

"They argue this prosecution violates the First Amendment’s protections of political speech and activity, freedom of association, and the right to petition Congress as-applied to their alleged conduct, and further contend that the indicted charges are overbroad," he said. 

In Florida, the federal judge presiding over former President Trump’s classified records case on Thursday denied his motion to dismiss the charges based on the Presidential Records Act. 

U.S. District Court Judge Aileen Cannon, last month, also dismissed Trump's motion to dismiss charges of retaining classified documents on the grounds of "unconstitutional vagueness." 

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