Barbra Streisand Endorses Adam Schiff For President

By PopZette Staff | January 31, 2020

It’s always unfortunate when a celebrity who is well respected for their talents in the entertainment industry ruins their image by spouting off publicly about their ignorant political views. This is sadly exactly what the legendary singer and actress Barbra Streisand has done in recent years, as she now seems to prefer bashing President Donald Trump to performing.

Streisand once again showed the world that she’s nothing more than an ignorant member of Hollywood’s liberal elite on Friday, when she took to Twitter to say that she believes the anti-Trump crusader Adam Schiff (D-CA) would make a “great president.”

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“Adam Schiff is so impressive. His knowledge of the law… his passion… his articulateness. His sincerity!” Streisand tweeted.  “He speaks the truth and would make a great president.”

It should be noted that Schiff is one of the main people responsible for wasting the time and money of American taxpayers with this impeachment farce. Schiff knew full well that Trump would never actually be impeached by the Republican-controlled Senate, yet he decided push forward with the impeachment trial anyway just because of his own personal hatred for the president.

Unlike Streisand, most Americans see right through Schiff, as recent YouGov data shows that just 27 percent of Americans have a positive view of him. Since Trump’s approval rating is currently at 39 percent, it appears that Schiff’s chances of beating him in a presidential election would be slim, even with Streisand’s endorsement.

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This serves as a reminder of just how out of touch Streisand and her fellow members of the Hollywood elite are with the struggles of the working class Americans that Trump has been helping. As someone who has been overpaid by the entertainment world for decades, Streisand never has to worry about being impacted negatively by the economic policies of a president. That’s why she is so quick to hop on the radically leftist bandwagon: she doesn’t have a horse in this race!

The more ignorant Hollywood celebrities like Streisand try and take Trump down, the more the rest of us are reminded why we need him in office more than ever.

This piece originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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