Fox News Politics: Losing to ‘none of these’

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What's Happening? 

- Senate tanks border deal

- McConnell scoffs at GOP critics as deal collapses

- Biden leads Trump in 2024 poll if the former president is convicted

During Nevada's unusual dual primary-caucus election, Nikki Haley was the only candidate on the GOP primary ballot. Despite that, she suffered a landslide loss against another option on the ballot as about two thirds of Republican voters selected "None of these candidates." 

Nevada's Tuesday primary had a Democratic and a Republican ballot, but the GOP isn't awarding any delegates from the election. Instead, Nevada Republicans will hold its traditional caucuses on Thursday — where Haley will not be on the ballot.

Haley's did not spend any measurable money or resources on campaigning in Nevada, but the symbolic loss was quickly used against her.

A number of Trump's supporters took to X to rub salt in Haley's wound, including former 2020 Trump campaign official Marc Lotter, who wrote: "Nikki Haley lost New Hampshire by 11% to Trump. Nikki Haley lost Nevada by 30% to LITERALLY NO ONE! Nikki Haley is losing [her] home state by 27%. How does she go on?"

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