Fox News Politics: Deal Hunter

HUNTER FALLS PREY: President Biden's son Hunter Biden agreed to plead guilty to tax misdemeanors and a felony related to illegally purchasing a gun as a drug addict… Read more: Hunter Biden agrees to plead guilty in federal tax, gun case

DEAL HUNTER: Hunter's plea agreement caught Trump's ridicule as Republicans claim it smacks of corruption… Read more: Trump says Hunter Biden got off with a ‘traffic ticket,’ slams ‘corrupt’ justice system

SON BURN: Biden previously said his son Hunter did nothing wrong… Read more: Hunter's plea deal flips Biden's past comments about investigation on their head: 'Great confidence'

HUNTED BIDENS: Trump's former attorney general calls for more transparency on alleged Biden bribes… Read more: Bill Barr: DOJ should release FBI doc alleging Biden bribery scheme to Congress

PARTY DOWN: Hunter Biden's dealings with Ukrainian energy executives included Joe's birthday party… Read more: Hunter Biden, Burisma-linked associates attended dad's holiday bash days after infamous 2015 Ukraine trip

CONFUSION: Biden touts strange accomplishment… Read more: Biden oddly claims his administration 'will have conserved 30%' of all US lands and waters by '2020'

WIPEOUT: Judge sides with Maine lobster fisherman against Biden admin's regulations… Read more: Maine lobstermen catch big court victory against Biden administration's 'egregious' regulations

‘HELL TO PAY’: Trump claims he personally stopped Russia invading Ukraine while he was in office… Read more: Trump claims conversation with Putin delayed Russian invasion of Ukraine: ‘Don’t do it'

ONE CHINA: Secretary of State Blinken recommits to key Chinese stance in visit to communist country… Read more: Blinken says US 'does not support Taiwan independence' during China visit

'FLIPPING THE BIRD': WH officials who flagrantly violate ethics rules 'should be fired,' Dem expert says… Read more: Dem expert puts KJP, Bates on notice, says officials who keep breaking Hatch Act 'should be gone'

COURT PRESS: Republicans are working to restore congressional power over regulations… Read more: House strikes blow against federal regulations, votes to overturn controversial Supreme Court ruling

BIDEN-PEACMENT? Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert floats impeachment over border record… Read more: EXCLUSIVE: Boebert introduces new impeachment articles against Biden over border crisis

DREAM TEAM: Pennsylvania Sen. John Fetterman tripped though remarks at an event with Biden… Read more: Fetterman stumbles through remarks with Biden, PA officials while wearing hoodie and shorts

PROUD TO BE AMERICAN: Senate Republican aims to enforce flag rules to prevent LGBTQ pride flag from supplanting the stars and stripes… Read more: Feds banned from flying non-US flags under new GOP bill after White House flies Pride flag

STRONG SUPPORT: Trump maintains strong polling lead in 2024 GOP presidential race after federal indictment… Read more: IN OR OUT? New poll reveals where Republican voters stand in support of Trump after second indictment

CAMPAIGN TRIAL: A judge has set a date for Trump's trial on federal charges, though it could be pushed back… Read more: Judge in Trump classified documents case sets preliminary trial date

NO DILLY-DILLY: DeSantis pulled the taps at a campaign event but refused to pour one kind of beer… Read more: WATCH: Ron DeSantis gets bar crowd laughing with Bud Light quip: 'I'll serve you anything except...'