Cuomo impeachment probe scrutinizing NY nursing home crisis as well as alleged sexual harassment

While recent findings that New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo sexually harassed at least 11 women have dominated talks about an ongoing impeachment inquiry against him, the embattled Democrat will also face intense scrutiny over his handling of the state’s nursing home crisis during the coronavirus pandemic.

Romney receives JFK ‘Profile in Courage’ award for voting to convict Trump on first impeachment charge

Sen. Mitt Romney, R-Utah, received the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation’s 2021 “Profile in Courage” award on Thursday for what the organization described as his “historic” vote to convict former President Donald Trump during his first impeachment trial last year.

NY probe on potential Cuomo impeachment could take months, state lawmaker says

A New York State Assembly probe into whether embattled Gov. Andrew Cuomo should be impeached for alleged sexual harassment and misconduct will likely take “months” to complete, according to a prominent assemblyman.

Trump endorses Max Miller in primary against GOP Ohio Rep. Anthony Gonzalez, who voted for impeachment

Former President Donald Trump on Friday endorsed his former aide, Max Miller, in his primary challenge for incumbent Republican Ohio Rep. Anthony Gonzalez in the state’s 16th district.

GOP Sen. Portman cites ‘serious constitutional questions’ with Trump impeachment trial

Portman asserted that Trump “bears some responsibility” for the events of Jan. 6, when his supporters stormed the Capitol complex as lawmakers met to confirm President Biden’s election victory. However, the Ohio senator argued that impeachment, as detailed in the Constitution, is reserved for elected officials who can still be removed from office.

Six GOP senators vote that Trump impeachment trial is constitutional and can proceed

The Senate agreed to consider the case against Trump by a 56-44 vote following hours of arguments by the former president’s legal team and House impeachment managers.

Trump impeachment manager Raskin delivers tearful speech on family’s experience at Capitol riot

Rep. Jamie Raskin, the House’s lead manager of impeachment proceedings against former President Donald Trump, cited the terror experienced by members of his family during the Jan. 6 Capitol riot during a tearful argument in favor of conviction on the Senate floor on Tuesday afternoon.

Schumer says Dems could censure Trump if impeachment trial ends in acquittal

Few Senate Republicans have indicated a willingness to vote against Trump, making the 67-vote threshold required to convict him a dim proposition for Democratic leaders.

House Democrats present Trump impeachment charge to the Senate, allowing trial to begin

House Democrats presented an article of impeachment against former President Donald Trump to the Senate on Monday night, kicking off proceedings on an unprecedented second trial that could have major consequences for the Republican’s future political prospects.