‘Thanks Joe Biden’ trends on X, with glowing reviews of the president

President Joe Biden has been busy doing things in the hopes of making Americans’ lives better. Whether it is announcing an ambitious job-training program, passing infrastructure legislation, or working to bring down drug costs, his administration has legitimately attempted to not only undo much of the damage caused by the last administration but also change the trajectory of our country’s inequalities. There are a million things that still need to be done, and bigger, more ambitious policies that must be pursued, but when the last administration’s crowning achievement was exacerbating the country’s wealth inequality with a huge tax giveaway to the rich, Biden’s attempts to make government work for average workers is a step forward.

Late Thursday, “Thank Joe BIden” began trending on X (formerly Twitter), and it became something epic, pointing out the positives of Biden’s administration, while frequently comparing it to the Trump-ternative.

Thanks Joe Biden! Thanks to the POTUS!! https://t.co/sPCUVzGHW0

— Peter Blue 2024 (@PKRIDESAGAIN) September 20, 2023

And the comparisons.

Thanks Joe Biden pic.twitter.com/GFYSLpHoYw

— Mark my words - Trumps Going to Prison! (@TFGLiedUSADied) September 21, 2023

Thanks Joe Biden pic.twitter.com/WGPrndyLea

— 🇺🇸 Geo Is Still Pissed 🇺🇦🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧🌊🐕🌎🍷🌿 (@Geo_Is_Pissed) September 21, 2023

This one is a little blue.

Thanks Joe Biden pic.twitter.com/eXVw9c5hOr

— Mark my words - Trumps Going to Prison! (@TFGLiedUSADied) September 21, 2023

This one is sort of mesmerizing.

🫶 "Thanks Joe Biden" “No Thanks Trump” pic.twitter.com/hd1NVOdbtz

— 1 & only👉SilverAdie Art 🌈 Parody—other 1 is fake (@SilverAdie) September 21, 2023

Here are a few that take advantage of also making fun of New York Times columnist David Brooks and his airport bar tab.

I just paid $78 for two slices of buttered toast, thanks Joe Biden pic.twitter.com/HCZNg3vKT9

— En Buen Ora 🆗 (@EnBuenora) September 21, 2023

It’s true, you guys. My family has had to cut back to only eating at airport restaurants 4 nights a week. THANKS JOE BIDEN!

— Jay Black (@jayblackisfunny) September 21, 2023

Here are a few million people that are probably happier Biden is president.

Thanks Joe Biden 😎💙🇺🇸👏🏼pic.twitter.com/CMflneWXTT

— PCali68 💙🌊🟧 (@SCRCali68) September 22, 2023

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