Capitol assault brings Democrats to a boil. 191 now say they support second impeachment

The right-wing insurgent assault on the nation’s Capitol—with its calls for lynching the vice president, the killing of a police officer, the beatings, the thefts, and the vandalism, all directed at smashing democracy and incited by Donald Trump—has kicked the needle of the Democratic anger gauge deep into the red zone. The outrage has persuaded 191 House Democrats to publicly support impeachment—according to an ongoing tally by Daily Kos Elections—and sparked some unusually furious responses to Republicans trying to downplay the gravity of the attack.

For instance, here’s the representative from Pennsylvania’s 2nd congressional district giving the junior senator from Texas F-bombed advice to stop spreading manure on Twitter:

Dear @tedcruz - Just stop. You know better. I know you know better. It’s not a fucking game. 5 people were killed. What the fuck is it going to take for you to end this shit? How many more 20-yr old staffers do you want to be terrorized and hiding in our offices?

— US Rep Brendan Boyle (@RepBrendanBoyle) January 9, 2021

As Cruz knows, calling Nazis Nazis isn’t what’s tearing the country apart. It’s people behaving like Nazis.

And then there’s Sen. Sherrod Brown from Ohio:

Both @HawleyMO and @SenTedCruz have betrayed their oaths of office and abetted a violent insurrection on our democracy. I am calling for their immediate resignations. If they do not resign, the Senate must expel them.

— Sherrod Brown (@SenSherrodBrown) January 9, 2021

And Rep. Haley Stevens from Michigan’s 11th congressional district:

If you are an elected Member of Congress or any office, and encouraging or excusing an insurrection in the U.S Capitol, then you are a traitor to this nation & the oath that you took. And if you were trying to overturn the election, you are as well. You just weren’t successful.

— Haley Stevens (@HaleyLive) January 8, 2021

Some Republicans want Democrats to chill out for the sake of the nation. That at least is the message of a small group who sent a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Friday night:

The lawmakers, led by Representative Ken Buck of Colorado, warned in a letter to Biden on Saturday that Trump’s impeachment would inflame his supporters anew, and damage Biden’s efforts to unify the country.

“In the spirit of healing and fidelity to our Constitution, we ask that you formally request that Speaker Nancy Pelosi discontinue her efforts to impeach President Donald J. Trump a second time,” they wrote. [...]

They added that impeachment “would undermine your priority of unifying Americans, and would be a further distraction to our nation at a time when millions of our fellow citizens are hurting because of the pandemic and the economic fallout.”

These lawmakers want everyone to forget that if they and a solid minority of their colleagues had supported the first impeachment, Trump wouldn’t have been around to make the pandemic and economic downturn as bad of disasters as they are. The incredible notion that Rep. Buck and his compatriots are putting forth is that if Democrats just lay off the guy whose incendiary efforts incited a lethal operation against the seat of American government, then the healing will go smoother is as delusional as the guy still squatting in the Oval Office for the next 11 days. They seem to believe there will be no second attack on or before Jan. 20. They pretend these thugs and their thug mouthpiece in the White House are finished with their insurrection.

Trump isn’t going to just fade away. Yes, he’ll be evicted Jan. 20, but that doesn’t mean he’ll be gone from public life unless an impeachment conviction bars him from running for elected office in 2024. Yes, getting that conviction is a huge long shot as the first impeachment obviously showed. But the tough odds are not an excuse for failing to even try.

Happily, 191 Democrats have publicly given support for moving ahead with impeachment. That’s good news. Not a distraction. Not a mistaken tactic. A necessity. The last thing Democrats should do right now is chill out.