‘Leaving us too soon’: Watch Rep. Jared Moskowitz’s hilarious tribute to Santos and McCarthy

For years now, Democrats have relied on Rep. Katie Porter’s whiteboard and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s ninja Xwitter skills for a welcome boost of social media morale, but now we have a new rising star—one who burst on the scene during the Republicans’ fake impeachment hearing in September.

Democratic Rep. Jared Moskowitz, the rare Florida Man who’s actually funny on purpose, has been capturing the hearts and minds of his constituents through humor—instead of through Venmo, like some other Sunshine State reps we won’t mention (but will link to).

And now, through the power of video, Moskowitz is taking aim at the growing Republican dysfunction that’s prompted a recent spike in departures among GOP House members.

This is truly hilarious. Enjoy:

IN MEMORIAM: “To all the Members of Congress who are leaving us too soon. They are gone but not forgotten.” pic.twitter.com/QAWydMHXDz

— Jared Moskowitz 🟧 (@JaredEMoskowitz) December 8, 2023

The video—set to Sarah McLachlan’s iconic “Angel,” the universal anthem for forlorn puppies (like George Santos and Kevin McCarthy) who’ve been surrendered by their owners—begins with a cheesy “in memoriam” title card before showing a still of Santos, another of McCarthy, and a video of Patrick McHenry forcefully banging his gavel. It then transitions to more stills of Santos, identifying him by his aliases Anthony Devolder, Anthony Zabrovsky, and Kitara Ravache, before signing off with a heartfelt “Gone But Not Forgotten” title card.

And while one might typically give a hat tip to the congressman’s staff for assembling such an Oscar-worthy montage, this seems to have Moskowitz’s fingerprints all over it. After all, the guy is simply funny. And blunt. And effective.

Here he was on Sept. 28, tearing the rotten heart out of the GOP’s Biden impeachment initiative. As the former head of the Florida Division of Emergency Management, he starts out by observing, “I know a disaster when I see one,” and it builds beautifully from there.  

Then again, maybe you prefer conservative “humor.” If that’s the case, we’ve got you covered:

As we head into another fraught and stress-filled election year, comic relief will be ever-more important. And if we get some good, useful information to go along with our yucks—hey, that’s just gravy. 

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So keep it up, Rep. Moskowitz, and …

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