Here’s a list of all the times Trump’s tried to ‘cancel’ everybody in mythic ‘cancel culture’

Deep into August, Donald Trump has found a new company/organization/concept to boycott in the name of his, and other conservatives’, mythical battle against “cancel culture.” Goodyear, calling for equity in the workplace, has brought down the MAGA monster. A company that employs more Americans than the entirety of the coal industry is under attack from the famed billionaire faux job creator. Cancel culture is the new bugaboo term for “political correctness,” which is soooooo 1990s. The misleading idea behind cancel culture is that people who are targeted for not believing in liberal social justice policies are constantly under threat of being “canceled.” Being canceled means that you lose all of your First Amendment rights! Not really, but as dozens of very free to speak and make money off of that speaking people will tell you, they are being canceled all the time. In fact, it seems that there is a lot of money to be made telling (mostly) white males that they are being oppressed and canceled and their freedom of speech is under attack.

In fact, if you just continue to talk about it enough, freely and without any chance that the government is going to throw you in jail for saying whatever hypocritical bullshit comes into your mind, you might be able to make lots of money—or at least find a right-wing piggy bank to float your boat. Or you can be the president of the United States and actually represent very real attacks on Americans’ freedom of speech. Below is a rough list of all the companies and people Trump has dismissed, fired, or tried to cancel through boycotts and the like. 

For the purposes of this list we will count all of the “resignations” in our government, like former Attorney General Jeff Sessions, as dismissals or firings. These are times that Donald Trump canceled the people he had ostensibly hired to help run the government for the American people. The turnover of Trump’s White House staff in the first year of his reign was considerably higher than the previous five most recent presidents, as the Brookings Institute has chronicled.

According to Wikipedia, since the end of May of 2020 there have been 415 unique names dismissed and/or resigned” from this Trump administration. That includes all those names that seem like a billion years ago now: luminary opportunists like Reince Priebus, John Kelly, H.R. McMaster, John Bolton, Scaramucci, Omarosa, and James Mattis. That’s just a handful. And most of those people were detestable in the first place. Then there’s the list of people like former Army Lt. Colonel Alexander Vindman and climate scientist Joel Clement, who seem to have been trying to work in the government under the mistaken belief that they should be proud, honorable, and have integrity in their work.

But back to Trump trying to use his position of power, both before and after becoming president, to destroy his perceived enemies for … usually demanding justice for humans. 

Trump has called for boycotts against and/or firings of:

Media sites:



Fox News

Rolling Stone magazine


New York Magazine

Vanity Fair magazine Editor Graydon Carter

The Wall Street Journal’s entire editorial board

The Dallas Morning News and seemingly all local Arizona newspapers

Organizations and businesses:




Harley Davidson

Glenfiddich (the Scotch)

AT&T (with twofer that includes CNN again)




Bill Maher

Megyn Kelly

Charles Krauthammer

Katy Tur

Karl Rove

Any and all athletes who kneel during the playing of the National Anthem

Debra Messing

Paul Krugman

Chuck Todd


The country of Mexico

The country of Scotland

The country of Italy

Chinese products

This is not the definitive list. But I think I may have developed carpal tunnel syndrome just typing it. I’m sure you can add more below.