Democrats Rush To Use Obama In Campaign Ads

By David Kamioner | February 11, 2020

Six of the Democratic candidates battling for the presidential nomination in New Hampshire have used old clips of the disgraced 44th president in campaign ads.

Joe Biden, Tom Steyer, Michael Bloomberg, Liz Warren, Deval Patrick, and Tulsi Gabbard have all utilized Barack Obama to prime the pump.

The quotes in the spots are from years ago when they were running for different offices or engaged in other activities. But the spots are cut to make it appear that Obama is endorsing them today. To date the former president has said kind words about several of them. However, he has officially endorsed no one.

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In fact, he may not endorse anyone until the convention or until there is a definite front runner with a clear path to the nomination. He and his wife are holding their fire so they upset no one, lest those not endorsed not endorse Michelle Obama for her possible upcoming statewide run in Illinois.

But the larger issue in using Obama highlights the fact that the Democrats are caught in a bizarre time warp/echo chamber where the hits from yesterday are playing to a much too appreciative audience.

Part of the reason is our old pal GOP political incompetence. Also bad timing was at play. The 2008 McCain presidential effort was shoddily run and it happened to coincide with national economic calamity. But the Democrats ignore those factors and think Obama pulled off an electoral miracle. Saying, for argument’s sake, that Obama did pull a nice stunt, it was over ten years ago. The nation has moved on.

And in 2012 they ran against Mitt Romney. Need we say more?

Do the Democrats really want to compare the economic and national security records of Obama and Trump? The Obama administration brought us a slow as molasses jobless uptick. Trump has brought economic boom.

In national security the prevailing Obama images are American sailors being taken prisoner by the Iranians and in response Obama flying billions in last minute pallets of cash to them just before he left office. The Trump defense record so far has an overriding image as well. Qassem Soleimani eating a hellfire missile.

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Given these examples, why in the world would the Democrats want Obama’s endorsement? Sure, it’ll play well in the primary season and especially well with black voters on Super Tuesday.

Nevertheless, by seeking it they go down a tone deaf and anachronistic path that will serve them ill in the fall.

Let’s hope they don’t realize it until next winter.

This piece originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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Tulsi Gabbard Despised at CNN, Shut Out of Town Hall

By David Kamioner | January 29, 2020

When Army combat veteran and telegenic Democrat member of Congress from Hawaii Tulsi Gabbard showed guts by voting “present” at last month’s House impeachment vote, she must have known she would pay a big price from her fellow Democrats and their lapdog pals in the media.

She was right.

Hillary Clinton, a woman who not only never served her country in uniform but has actively campaigned against U.S. combat troops in the field, called her a “Russian asset.” I believe psychiatrists call that “projection.” Though Hillary’s case would be ex post facto.

The Left in general has called for her head on a pike, expulsion from the party, and worse, making her attend a beer bash hosted by Elizabeth Warren.

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The latest slight is Gabbard’s exclusion from a CNN town hall scheduled only a few days before the New Hampshire primary. Now, there are rules for town hall inclusion that have to do with poll numbers. Gabbard is polling 5% in the Granite State. She is not included. Yet Democrat Governor Deval Patrick and limo leftist Tom Steyer, who are polling lower than she is, are included.

Here’s Gabbard:


CNN refuses to comment on the topic.

Yeah, I bet they do.

It would be tempting to put on the leftist frock for a moment and scream, “Sexism! Misogyny!” But the actual reason is much easier to ken.

The Democrat media grupenfuhrers will truck with no rebellion, no opposition, or no independence. This is especially true if the rebel has a national stage and makes a good impression on camera, thus guaranteeing her an audience.

However, Gabbard goes farther in offense than that.

Her manner is not hysterical, her tone is not histrionic, her judgment seems sober and reasonable. While she is too liberal for my taste, what she is doing in the modern Democratic Party is a mystery.

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She represents what that party used to be. The party of Harry Truman and John Kennedy that was driven into exile long ago by the likes of George McGovern, Ted Kennedy, and now by Democrat national de facto leader Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

She may not be as moderate or even conservative on many issues as were Truman and Kennedy. But she has guts. She seems to, by her own lights, love this country.

And that’s something not many modern Dems can understand or tolerate.

This piece originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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