Trump’s lawyers make Adam Schiff’s credibility part of defense strategy

President Trump's defense team hit lead impeachment manager Adam Schiff over his contacts with the alleged whistleblower Saturday, suggesting Mr. Schiff's conduct at the start of the impeachment inquiry in the House will be a sticking point in the defense's strategy.

Patrick Philbin, deputy counsel to the president, referenced a ...

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Key GOP Senate jurors pass note at Trump impeachment trial

Two of the most closely watched moderate Republican senators during President Trump's impeachment trial were seen passing a note during the president's counsel's arguments Saturday.

When Jay Sekulow, the president's personal attorney who is serving on the defense team, referenced a report issued in December from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance ...

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Trump team opens defense blasting Dems for ‘massive election interference’ with impeachment

White House Counsel Pat Cipollone on Saturday opened the defense case at President Trump's impeachment trial by accusing the Democratic prosecutors of attempting the biggest election meddling scheme in U.S. history.

Mr. Cipollone, addressing the Senate a day after House impeachment managers completed nearly 24 hours of presenting their case, ...

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Democrats weave closing argument at impeachment trial: ‘This is Trump first, not America first’

On the last day of presenting their case for removing President Trump from office, House impeachment managers weaved between arguments for the two charges and called on the senators to do their "constitutional duty."

Impeachment manager Rep. Jason Crow hammered home the argument that Mr. Trump withheld military aid to ...

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‘Schumer is the devil,’ impeachment protester yells

One protester erupted inside the Senate chamber on Wednesday during President Trump's impeachment trial, yelling that Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer is the "devil."

The man, who the press was restricted from viewing, was promptly arrested.

Capitol Hill staff identified him as Rive Miller Gorgan, a preacher and anti-abortion ...

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