Inside the Beltway: TV off: Biden’s not watching the trial

America was not particularly interested in then-President Trump's first impeachment trial in 2020, according to the TV ratings at the time.

"Within the Senate chamber, lawmakers were doing their best to endure the long hours of the Trump impeachment trial's first two days, bringing crossword puzzles, falling asleep, and flaunting ...

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Inside the Beltway: Trump trial: The short version

Many analysts and pundits are already predicting the content, tone and outcome of former President Donald Trump's impeachment trial, which opens Tuesday. Some are savoring the possibility of a gloomy conclusion for the 45th president. Then there are the concise few who help explain things.

"After spending four years telling ...

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Inside the Beltway: Will Joe Biden pardon Donald Trump?

Now here's a simple question with a complex answer as the presidential impeachment melodrama continues. Will President Biden pardon his predecessor?

Legal scholar and Harvard University professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz has predicted for weeks that there will be no actual trial of former President Donald Trump because the Constitution only ...

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