Jamie Raskin announces cancer diagnosis

Rep. Jamie Raskin announced on Wednesday that he’d been diagnosed with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma, “a serious but curable form of cancer.”

“With the benefit of early detection and fine doctors, the help of my extraordinary staff, the love of Sarah and our daughters and sons-in-law (actual and to-be) and family and friends, and the support of my beloved constituents and my colleagues in the House, I plan to get through this and, in the meantime, to keep making progress every day in Congress for American democracy,” the Maryland Democrat said in a statement.

The congressman said he was diagnosed after “several days of tests” and would “embark on a course of chemo-immunotherapy on an outpatient basis” at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital. He added that the prognosis for most in his situation was “excellent” after four months of treatment.

“I expect to be able to work through this period but have been cautioned by my doctors to reduce unnecessary exposure to avoid COVID-19, the flu and other viruses,” Raskin said. “In addition to destroying cancer cells, chemotherapy impairs natural antibodies and undermines the body’s immune system. I am advised that it also causes hair loss and weight gain (although I am still holding out hope for the kind that causes hair gain and weight loss).”

Raskin, who was sworn in to his third term in Congress in 2021, has cemented himself as an influential House Democrat and seen his national profile rise after taking on the role of a manager in President Donald Trump’s second impeachment, and after becoming a Jan. 6 select committee member. Just last week, he landed the top Democratic job on the influential House Oversight Committee, where he’ll serve as a ranking member in the new Congress.

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Marco Rubio: It’s ‘arrogant’ to impeach Trump

Sen. Marco Rubio on Sunday said the argument that former President Donald Trump should be impeached so that he can’t seek public office again is “an arrogant statement for anyone to make.”

When “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace asked the senator about the idea that Trump should be impeached to ban him from running again, the Florida Republican quickly shot down the argument.

“I think that's an arrogant statement for anyone to make. Voters get to decide that. Who are we to tell voters who they can vote for in the future?” Rubio said. Trump's second Senate impeachment trial starts Feb. 8, and a conviction would disqualify him from running for president ever again.

Legal scholars, including members of the conservative Federalist Society, have presented this disqualification argument, countering Republicans who say that impeaching Trump after he has left office would be unconstitutional. The scholars wrote in a letter on Thursday that the Constitution’s impeachment power must be extended to former officials who could try to run for reelection.

Senate Democrats are expected to vote to convict Trump, arguing that he incited deadly violence after a pro-Trump mob stormed the Capitol on Jan. 6. But at least 17 Republicans would need to join all Democrats for Trump to be convicted, and GOP senators have recently united around a bid to shut down the impeachment trial.

Rubio echoed that argument on “Fox News Sunday,” saying the impeachment trial is “counterproductive” and will “continue to fuel these divisions that have paralyzed the country.”

“The first chance I get to vote to end this trial, I will do it, because I think it's really bad for America,” he said.

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Toomey says Trump ‘committed impeachable offenses’

Republican Sen. Pat Toomey on Saturday said President Donald Trump has “committed impeachable offenses” by inciting a deadly riot at the U.S. Capitol, as dozens of Democratic lawmakers demanded his removal from office.

“I do think the president committed impeachable offenses,” Toomey, who is set to retire in 2022, said in an interview on Fox News’ “The Journal Editorial Report.”

Toomey (R-Pa.), who has repeatedly spoken out against Trump’s efforts to overturn the presidential election results, said he was “horrified” at Trump’s Wednesday speech at a White House rally, given shortly before a mob of rioters stormed the Capitol.

But Toomey added that he doesn’t know whether it’s “possible or practical” to move ahead with impeachment proceedings, given that Trump only has 11 days left in office before President-elect Joe Biden is sworn in on Jan. 20.

“I'm not sure it's desirable to attempt to force him out, what, a day or two or three prior to the day on which he’s going to be finished anyway,” Toomey said. “So I'm not clear that's the best path forward.”

Toomey said he didn’t know whether articles of impeachment would land on the Senate floor before Inauguration Day, but he expressed concern that House Democrats might “politicize” the issue.

“I don't know what they are going to send over and one of the things I am concerned about, frankly, is whether the House would completely politicize something,” he said.

House Democrats are quickly moving toward impeachment, with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on Friday urging Trump to resign but saying Democrats would "preserve every option" if he did not.

While Senate Republicans have been largely opposed to the push for impeachment so far, Toomey is not the first GOP lawmaker to express openness to the idea.

Sen. Ben Sasse, (R-Neb.) said Friday he would consider Trump’s removal, and Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) called on the president to resign, though she didn’t mention impeachment.

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